Forbes Could Acquire Clipmarks

    August 10, 2007

Forbes may soon acquire Clipmarks, a social bookmarking site.  According to one of Clipmarks’s co-founders, the deal hasn’t yet gone through, but it looks as if the two companies are getting pretty cozy.

“[F]or the past few months we have been meeting with people at all levels of Forbes and the excitement and support they have shown for what we’re creating has been very meaningful to us,” wrote Eric Goldstein.  “As many of you have probably seen already, a number of their writers are already clipping and our technology has been integrated on”

He later continued, “In Forbes, we feel that we have an experienced, highly enthusiastic and hungry team of people who understand and appreciate why clipmarks is special.  I believe they will be very helpful to us in fulfilling our potential.”

But Goldstein also added, “That said, we’re still working to make this happen.”

Credit goes to VentureBeat’s Eric Eldon for causing this disclosure – Eldon broke the story about the acquisition, and Goldstein referenced Eldon’s article in his post.  And CNET’s Caroline McCarthy deserves recognition for spotting Goldstein’s comments – rather than being located on the official blog, they’re floating free within the general Clipmarks site.

One last note, although you probably already guessed as much: potential dates and dollar amounts remain unknown.