Food Stamps: Benefits Cut By $5 Billion

    November 1, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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An automatic cut to the food stamp program–known as SNAP–will go into effect today after the temporary expansion from a 2009 stimulus expires, meaning about 47 million people will need to dramatically alter their food budgets.

The program may see more cuts over the next several years as well, as lawmakers intend to tighten restrictions on who can qualify. House Republicans have already voted on a bill that would cut around $39 billion from SNAP over the next ten years. According to the Washington Post, there would be two major changes:

First, it would reinstate limits on benefits for able-bodied, childless adults aged 18 to 50. These recipients would only be able to collect limited benefits — up to three months over a three-year period — unless they worked more than 20 hours per week or enrolled in job-training programs. The second big change is that the House bill would restrict states’ abilities to determine a person’s eligibility for food stamps based in part on whether they qualify for other low-income benefits. This is known as “categorical eligibility” and has generally allowed families just above the poverty line to receive food stamps if they have unusually high housing costs or are facing other hardships.

The way the cuts affect individuals will vary, because there is no set amount per family, but it’s estimated that families will see a reduction in their benefits by 5 to 8%. Several states have started referring residents to churches and food banks to fill the gaps, but those organizations are already stretched to the limit.

“Food banks are really being hit,” said Lynn Brantley, president of the Capital Area Food Bank in Washington. “With the drop in commodities, the higher cost of food and the higher cost of gasoline, we have to be ever-creative at working at ways to fulfill a tremendous gap.”

  • Help The Poor

    The poor in this nation are always the ones to suffer. They are the ones who struggle, go to prison, and fight our wars. I know there are those that think we are a welfare state and yes, some people abuse the system, but the reality is that many people need help. The reality is that many people and children go to be hungry every night in a nation that has an abundance of everything. The reality is the disparity between the haves and have nots is vast. The needless government shutdown that occurred cost this nation 24 billion dollars. That could have been used to fund the food stamp program for well over 5 years. The politicians just literally wasted money.

    Christ asked us to give mercy and help the poor. We must not shrink from this. No one should ever go hungry. So what if a few people abuse the system, I assure you that there are many many many more people that need the help.

    I know what drives the anger over helping the poor. People feel like they are sharing more of the burden than those on welfare. They feel like things aren’t fair or equal. They lose their compassion for people. They want to strike back and say —- I did it the hard way and so must you. These people fail to realize that they things they have are simply because God blessed them in some way. God blessed those people so they can help others.

    Help others and make sure that people don’t go to bed hungry in this nation. The government wastes your money on stupid things all the time. We keep building nuclear bombs even though we have enough to destroy the world twenty times over. We should actually use our money for good things like feeding people. Trust me, when you die, your conscious will be clear and you will be at peace if you do good things.

    Give up going out to eat at an over priced restaurant just once a month and we could easily fund the food stamp program for 20 years.

  • http://devourcatering.com Calgary Caterer

    I can’t believe they are letting people go hungry.

  • http://theharvestseason.weebly.com/ William Beale

    For the first time in our history have we seen some real changes in America, from the first wake up call back in 2008. When congress stole billions of dollars from the World economy, this included bankers and investment firms all across America. The final conclusion was thousand of business’s had layed off employees, unemployment regulations are out dated, and millions became homeless and had to use food stamps to get by. The Second attack came 5 years later when the government was planning a shutdown, but they said it is because of the Obama health care bill. (Strange) in 2008 we had the same issues with health care but nobody really focus on that back then, and just today they are cutting 47 million dollars from the food stamp program. Strike number 3; if you don’t eat then you won’t be haelthy anyway so why worry about health care anyway, it seems like the republicans are trying every way possible to destroy the American people. Of course I was only born here so am not really an American, but those special people and we know who they are? Still believe that its my state, my town, my police-force,and my pocket. While others are suffering everyday, the land of Milk and Honey? Now they have pasted the word out cut everybody off, we don’t care anymore. Jobs, retirement, insurance, government workers, it doesn’t matter to them. So as people who still believe that our country was founded in the of Jesus Christ our LORD and almighty God its time to stand-up, its time ti live the dream, its time to say Robert Kennedy was right our government is corrupt. And we pray that God would remove these people from the face of this Earth, in the name of Jesus Christ we pray for your help in this matter. So lets see what happens now, lets say positive things to overcome the situation don’t allow anyway to stand in your way for LIBERTY and JUSTICE We the people has had enough of this type of Hardship it isn’t fair to the public and we don’t deserve to be treated this way in America.