Follow-up On DoubleClick Click Rate Ad Survey

    May 12, 2004

Yesterday, WebProNews reported on a survey conducted by DoubleClick that indicated internet-based ads have had an increase in click through rates. The largest click through rates came from rich media ads, which received a click rate of 1%.

DoubleClick has responded to the findings of the survey, and they do not expect these higher click rates to continue. DoubleClick’s survey indicates that the volume of rich media ads inflated the click rates.

Kathryn Koegel, DoubleClick director of research and industry development said, “We all know that when banners were introduced they had outrageous response rates. Part of the novelty is wearing off”

The survey followed a the click through rates of rich media ads and it found that clicks for this style of ad decreased 2.2% from the 2003 first quarter to 1% for the first quarter of 2004. Because rich media ads usage increased by 50%, overall click rates were up, but the ads used generated a lower amount of clicks.

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