Follow-Up: Apple Not Launching Anything At MacWorld


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This morning we reported on a couple of rumors surrounding the iPad 3. One was that the next generation tablet would be getting a sizable boost in battery capacity - more than double that of the current iPad. The second was that Apple would be launching two separate iPads, and that it would be doing so at the MacWorld Expo in late January. While the first report is interesting and quite possible, I concluded that the second was unlikely in the extreme. Apple hasn’t been to MacWorld since 2009, and has no plans to attend the 2012 show.

It seems others were skeptical, as well. Jim Dalyrimple, a respected source for Apple news, wrote on The Loop early this afternoon that he had contacted his sources at Apple, who absolutely denied that Apple would be releasing anything - iPad or iTV - at either MacWorld or CES (which Apple has never attended, and from which Microsoft just announced it was withdrawing as well).

Now, this doesn't mean that Apple won't be launching an iPad 3 or an iTV, nor does it mean that they aren't splitting the iPad line in two (though I doubt they will). It just means that they won't be doing it at either MacWorld or CES. That, of course, should not come as a surprise. The surprise would have been if DigiTimes had been right and Apple did decide to show up at a tradeshow it abandoned two years ago.