Follow These CEO’s On Twitter

    May 11, 2009

BusinessWeek is reporting on over 50 CEO’s that are using Twitter to some degree or another. Last August the magazine covered just 18 folks of this ilk but apparently there is a lot more to choose from these days.

Each CEO has a profile attached to them that gives their handle as well some some insight as to view of Twitter and who they follow but here are some of the basic stats that may be of interest to you. How do you view the use of Twitter by CEO’s and other important corporate folks regardless of the size of the company? Is there more good or harm that can be done? Here’s some highlights.

Richard Branson, Virgin Group Chairman

Following: 6,589

Followers: 98,382

Updates: 98

Guy Kawasaki, Alltop CEO

Following: 117,520

Followers: 115,583

Updates: 23,866

Pete Cashmore, Mashable CEO

Following: 1,877

Followers: 556,590

Updates: 15,313

George Colony, Forrester Research CEO

Following: 35

Followers: 2,894

Updates: 82

Gary Stockman, Porter Novelli CEO

Following: 18

Followers: 160

Updates: 37

John Battelle, Federated Media CEO

Following: 381

Followers: 14,674

Updates: 2,441

Mark Cuban, HDNet Chairman

Following: 157

Followers: 34,105

Updates: 23

Bob Parsons, Go Daddy Group CEO and Founder

Following: 31

Followers: 642

Updates: 150

Mike Ferrari, SmartyPig Co-founder

Following: 3,024

Followers: 3,137

Updates: 599

Aaron Patzer, CEO

Following: 47

Followers: 608

Updates: 109

Alex Yoder, WebTrends CEO

Following: 645

Followers: 591

Updates: 75

Diane Hessan, Communispace CEO

Following: 2,588

Followers: 3,382

Updates: 1,462

J’Amy Stewart, Infonetics CEO

Following: 56

Followers: 65

Updates: 52

Jay Adelson, Digg CEO

Following: 121

Followers: 4,440

Updates: 498

Kevin Rose, Digg Founder

Following: 173

Followers: 603,6051

Updates: 2,487

Tony Hsieh, CEO

Following: 410,711

Followers: 553,787

Updates: 1,611

Jason Calacanis, Founder

Following: 416

Followers: 66,872

Favorites: 2

Updates: 9,243

Michael Arrington, Co-editor

Following: 688

Followers: 526,362

Updates: 8,306

Loic Lemeur, Seesmic Founder

Following: 573

Followers: 24,439

Updates: 16,682

Jack Dorsey, Twitter Chairman

Following: 460

Followers: 517,830

Updates: 3,721

David Sifry, Technorati Chairman

Following: 594

Followers: 6,253

Updates: 2,396

Christine Perkett, PerkettPR President

Following: 8,346

Followers: 10,220

Updates: 9093

Michael Hyatt, Thomas Nelson Publishers CEO

Following: 20,689

Followers: 21,109

Updates: 5,611

Jonathan Schwartz, Sun Microsystems CEO

Following: 4

Followers: 2,469

Updates: 28

John Lilly, CEO

Following: 134

Followers: 581

Updates: 1,570

Is the CEO at your company using Twitter? How are they doing or not doing with it? Do you even care?