Follow Google’s Advice for Better AdSense Performance

    November 19, 2008
    Chris Crum

Google has been providing tips for optimizing AdSense ads to enhance their performance. The company has provided a three-part video series on this subject, which it has just released the final installment for.

The key items to note in this final video is that when positioning your AdSense ads for performance:

– Ad units placed at the bottom of the page don’t perform as well.

– Place Your Ads Where Users Will See Them

– Ad Units Perform better when they are placed above the fold

"So remember, position your ads above the fold and where users are more likely to see them," says Google.

Going a bit further, Google has put together a "heat map" to further emphasize good AdSense placement:

Google AdSense Heatmap

Looking back at the other installments of the series, part one talks about the size of AdSense ads. Google suggests using the following sizes:

– 300×250 medium rectangle
– 728×90 leaderboard
– 160×600 skyscraper

For more on AdSense optimization through size, view the following video:

Part two of the series looked at the color aspect (coverage here). Along with the video (below), they offered these tips:

– Use colors that either blend with or complement your site’s colors. Make the ads a part of your site.

– Use lighter colors for borders, or no border at all.

– Try rotating colors or occasionally switching the location of your ads on the page.

– Save sets of frequently-used colors as a palette.

This video series has provided an educational look at getting better performance from AdSense ads, right from the horse’s mouth. Google stands to gain from your ads working, so advice they give is likely to be in the best interest of all parties involved. If you have any other tips for AdSense performance that Google did not touch upon, please feel free to share them in the comments.