Focusing on What is Important

    March 28, 2007

Recently I was asked to be interviewed for a new blog that is being created.

So what, right?

I am not tooting my own horn, but many of the questions were very thought out. I would like to share one of them:

Q. Why do you blog? friends, networking, verification of information, recognition?

A. I have a few reasons for blogging:

First, I blog for myself. It has a purpose and direction. It helps me stay committed to keeping up with my industry and staying on top of my game, plus I can share a thought process and refer to it in the future, like a journal.

Second, I blog for others. I like to share my experiences in my industry and hear responses from others. I do not look for validation however, the conversations that I like most are the ones that have meaning and fuel my thought process.

Third, I blog for networking. I like the fact that I can write something that is on topic with my industry and get visits, feedback and links to my research.

This certainly isn’t front page news, and won’t be covered by other “A-list” bloggers, however, it really got me thinking.

There are a few things that I value and want everyone to know about them:

1. my readers – I want them to let me know if I step out of line by posting to post or getting snarky on less relevant topics.

2. my comments – I want others (not the 500+ spams per week) to feel comfortable to speak their minds and share with others in my space. However, I do reserve the right to remove comments that are either not relevant or not thought out.

The other thing that came to mind when thinking about the interview was the plan. The interviewer is looking for content for a blog that isn’t published yet. So far, it appears to be a blog about bloggers, but it still remains to be seen. He has a plan and a purpose.

How many times have you started something and not fully thought out the idea before jumping in? I will be honest, I have a rather numerous list of potential blog posts, thoughts, ideas and notes on projects and such. Oh to have the time just to review all of these great ideas that I have been cataloging over the years.

So, readers of SEOPittfall, what do you think about my blog and my posts? I would appreciate any feedback that you may have.

I must also thank all of you that have visited, commented, subscribed and continue to come back for more!