Florida Lotto Murder: Did This Man Die For His Money?

    November 30, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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A Florida woman who stands accused of shooting a lottery winner and burying his body in the backyard still maintains she had nothing to do with his death, despite the growing evidence mounting against her.

Dee Dee Moore allegedly befriended Abraham Shakespeare in 2009 after he won $30 million in the state lottery. Shakespeare bought a mansion and helped his friends and family pay off their debts, burning through his millions at a rapid pace. When Moore offered to help him get his finances back on track, he happily accepted.

But prosecutors say she had a deadly motive; Shakespeare’s body was found buried beneath a concrete slab in January of 2010, some nine months after he went missing. He wasn’t reported missing until November of 2009, however, a fact which continues to puzzle the jury. There were two bullet holes in his chest; ballistics tests have so far been inconclusive.

Prosecutors say Moore has been lying from the start; police obtained surveillance video of her buying plastic sheeting and other suspicious supplies around the time Shakespeare went missing, and introduced audio to the jury recently which allegedly has Moore trying to bribe a friend into lying to the police. She is also accused of sending money to Shakespeare’s son for his birthday and used the victim’s cell phone to communicate with his family, claiming to be him.

The most recent development in the case is that Moore has been admonished by the judge several times for attempting to communicate with the jury by facial expression. If convicted, she faces life in prison.

  • dj

    Burning through your millions at a rapid pace. Some people dont deserve good fortunes.

    • donna

      dj, did you not notice that he “burned through his millions at a rapd pace” due to HELPING FRIENDS? While I wish for HIS sake he had been more careful with his money, it is good people like him who DO deserve good fortunes…certainly not those whose greed allows them to sit on their piles of money never spending a dime to help another person.

      • Tiff

        Well said Donna, U speak like a person with a heart..

      • guest

        Donna, You are the most intelligent person ON EARTH!

      • http://yahoo.com Twila Davis

        Well said. Well said.

    • TM

      Sounds like a bit of jelousy DJ its his money and not yours he could do whatever he pleases with it and bottom line its none of your business.

    • http://yahoo.com Twila Davis

      why is burning through his money your business? Why some people don’t deserve good fortunes? They only people who don’t deserve good fortunes are the selfish. This is why the woman killed him, like you, she didn’t think he deserved it; got close enough to him, and now he’s dead. What a mean thing for you to say. At least some people were helped. He didn’t deserve to die. I think he still had a lot of money.

  • AJ

    Just because someone doesn’t know how to handle getting a windfall of money and burns through it at a rapid pace, doesn’t mean they deserve to die for it either.

  • sas

    dj – If someone wins the lottery they can do whatever they want with it. Including burning through it at a rapid pace. And not that it matters either way, but it seems he knew that he did not know how to manage his fortune, and wanted help, but trusted the wrong person. Geez! He was murdered by a greedy person, and all you can say is that?

  • AJ

    Just because some people don’t know how to handle a windfall of money and burn through it at a rapid pace, doesn’t mean they deserve to die for it either. That woman didn’t deserve him as a trusting friend. She should get life in jail.

  • Laurie

    This black widow needs to be squished.

  • http://yahoo.com Shannon

    I agree w/AJ-this man did not deserve to die. He paid his friend’s bills and tried to help others. I heard about this case earlier this year, he is mildly mentally retarded or developmentally delayed. He could not read nor write. She really took advantage of a vulnerable person. She will get her just desserts.

    • Tiff

      @ Shannon,U said a mouth full..Now i saw that program last year too an I do believe she killed that poor man..I hope they stick it to her..U don’t pretend to care about someone and then kill them for money..(with her BLACK-HEARTED A$$..

    • http://yahoo.com Twila Davis

      It’s really sad how people insert themselves into the lives of others; now he’s dead and she’s gone away for good I hope. This is Florida. Like the man who just killed the teen Davis boy. He should have stayed in his car, now he’s imprisoned for not minding his business.

  • Ron Cromer

    It’s Florida. Why isn’t this piece of trash getting the death penalty?

    • Mike LVNV

      She is claiming the Casey Anthony defense. : )

  • http://www.Instant-Affiliate.com Kelly J Mistretta

    Wow. People stop at nothing for money. I still beieve in an eye for an eye. If you kill someone and are conviced.. You should meet the same fate.

  • kg

    You know and I know why she isn’t getting the death penalty and that c**t Nancy grace knows too. A white woman killing a black man is barely a crime let alone a death penalty crime. I’m surprised they even charged her.

    • Devin

      That is the dumbest thing I have ever seen anybody say. Ever. You ever hear of a guy named O.J. Simpson, you ignorant twit?

      • Andre

        Wasn’t there a serial killer who just confessed to the O.J Simpson crimes.. never the less he was found innocent buy a jury.. what will it take for morons to stop using O.J Simpson for a basis of argument this country is full of racist, moron, greed and stupidity that will never change ever.. this is why our countries ranking continues to fall 13th best place to be born and falling :-\ time to renew the passport

        • Mike

          Andre – You truly are clueless. There was plenty of evidence, including DNA evidence, that proved OJ Simpson killed two people. That serial killer thing is a crock. The only way Simpson relates to this whole thing is that he was acquitted of a crime that he did, just like Casey Anthony, who lived in Florida (where this latest case takes place). There’s is plenty of evidence against Dee Dee Moore, so she will not get off like Casey Anthony did.

      • jess

        I can’t read a portion that identifies the case as “black man killed by the white woman”. Would you like to tell me “how did you realize the issue”?

    • Ko

      Just because it says life right now in the pretrial article does not mean she won’t get the death penalty. Those verdicts are usually handed down at the sentencing hearing AFTER the trial. Stop with the race thing. Just makes you look ignorant.

      • JTWright

        I don’t know about Florida but in the states I’m aware of the DA would have to seek the death penalty and satisfy the elements of such a case for it to be even considered at the penalty phrase of a trial. If they don’t seek it, the judge can’t just apply it. In fact the jury would have to deliberate on that penalty and recommend it to the judge before the judge can hand it down as judgement.

        • patron

          Sad to say i live here in fl and our judicial system is really f’d up here. if they let Casey Anthony get away with murdering her daughter im pretty sure this women is gonna get off. if its not hard evidence it wont fly here in fl.

          • http://yahoo.com Twila Davis


      • http://yahoo.com Twila Davis

        I think the problem with the Death Penalty cases in Fl. Is the all or nothing thing. If they had options the juries would surely use a lessor option if they could. I think that’s why casey got off. They didn’t want to put her to death. I could be wrong, it’s been quite a while.

    • JJ

      Seriously? Playing a race card for this? Save your ignorant remarks for a Jessee Jackson Motivational Speach!

      • Wildflower

        KG you touched a nerve. White people don’t like to be called out. They much rather hide behind sheets and computers to do their dirt. You only stated the facts. And Devin why are you bringing up OJ? We are all aware at how white America will lock up an innocent minority in a NY minute. Kg said when a white commit a crime against a black. That crackwhore Nicole was killed by one of her white Johns.

        • corina m phillips

          you come across as VERY ignorant. FACT more black males are in prison than white. FACT more serial killers are white.

          • Tabitha

            there’s more blacks in jail because drugs/robberies outnumber murders

      • http://yahoo.com Twila Davis

        Jesse Jackson? Oh like racism wasn’t why she thought she could get away with it anyways. She wouldn’t have done this to the white man.

    • JTWright

      KG, I have to agree with you. I too wonder if race is a factor because if the facts are true the Death would be an appropriate sentence, surely captial murder. She committed murder in the act of other felonies, fraud and thief and robbery. The murder was to cover up her crimes, which makes if agravated murder. She even moved into his house after she knew he was dead. However, it’s possible that they don’t want to have another Anthony case on their hands. With the evidence, a case of life is more assured and the jury would be more likely to give it to her without sympathic thoughts for her and yes the fact that she is a white women and he is Black could cause them not to want to give her death. Like it or not, that’s the world we live in.

  • Maria

    what I like is how many commenters are using the phrase ”burning through his money at a rapid pace” there I used it too. lol. But in all seriousness this is a disgusting crime, she should get life in prison. What a sick b

    • den

      Boy those are some strong words. You know a man can commit the same crime. All woman are not the same. Take your hatred for women in general out on all won’t you! You say you’re Happy and Single. But sounds like deep down you are lonely and miserable! I really feel sorry for you!!!

  • Happy and Single

    lock her up and throw away the key vicious conniving b*tch she should rot in prison for the rest of ther life…let this be a lesson to wealthy men everywhere large amounts of money and women are a volitile mix. no matter what they say they don’t love you and they only with you to serve their best interests.Paradise was lost the moment eve stepped into it and its been that way ever since.

    • Liz

      If EVE didn’t exist, neither would you. I think “Bitter and Single” would be a better name for you.

      • http://yahoo.com Twila Davis

        I’m a woman and I found nothing he said offensive. Their are some evil women out there that get men killed everyday. What’s the problem?. He wasn’t talking about you or me, he was speaking of evil women. G.M.A. Break.

  • Jeff

    I’m gonna do a jig in the middle of the street when this evil perverted pig gets convicted. Throw this disgusting c u n t in prison forever.

  • Tina

    She will get what she deserves, what bothers me even more was the fact this man was mildly mentally disabled and she attempted to take advantage of this man who was so generous by helping friends and family with his winnings. Greed!!

  • http://mca.biz/champion Charice Champion

    I seen this story on the E channel it was called Lottery Curse. Many people win lottery and even people who you will never think will backstab you over money they will. I think if I ever won the lottery and I will try and keep it to myself and contact a lawyer to handle finances. There was also another story when this man won the lottery his own brother was plotting to kill him. The crazy part was this man help his brother will millions but he was not satisfied people are just greedy.

    • http://yahoo.com Twila Davis

      So they caught the brother right. I have to find that show online if I can. The Lottery curse ha?; The problem with people is they feel that the goodfortune should have happened to them. Your’e right. I said the same thing, If I won some money, just send out secret checks to people and let them wonder who. Live modestly so they just don’t know it’s you.

  • Ryan

    she was on an episode of lock up on msnbc as well saying the same thing

    • Christy

      she was using his phone to text the family, therefore they had no idea that he was missing.

      • http://yahoo.com Twila Davis

        But after so much texting somebody should have insisted on hearing his voice. Should have stopped by his home.

  • K Zee

    9 months before anyone reported him missing? Where were all the family and friends he gave money to? They knew his mental abilities. Or should I say disabilities. Where were they when HE needed them?! They can rot in hell along with his killer IMHO.

    • Jay

      Thank you. You saved me time from having to respond to her. Good to know there’s still thinkers.

      • guest


        You misunderstood. His body was found nine months AFTER he went missing. The family didn’t wait NINE months to report him missing.

        • http://yahoo.com Twila Davis

          Now that makes sense to me. The article kind of skipped through that part. They could have worded the article better there.

    • http://yahoo.com Twila Davis

      Yes where were they?

  • Sherri

    “Shakespeare bought a mansion and helped his friends and family pay off their debts, burning through his millions at a rapid pace. When Moore offered to help him get his finances back on track, he happily accepted……”

    OK, sure…there does seem to be strong circumstantial evidence against her. But, in regards to the above statement, why would she want to kill someone for their millions if their ‘millions’ were already gone??

    • http://WebProNews Diane

      You are so ridiculous! He didn’t burn through all of the millions. Just some. People have killed for far less than even One Million Dollars! She had slickery motives from the beginning. No one does anything for nothing. Especially when this guy had “millions” left. She did it. She couldn’t help her greedy self. I say “give her the needle!”
      Your question is so stupid. Why would he indeed need financial advice if he had no money left? Use your noggin sister.

      • Eric

        Do you feel better now that you’ve hurled insults at someone who just needed a bit of clarification? Has your inferiority complex been sufficiently soothed? I daresay that stupidity is not in asking a question, but in the obviously desperate and really quite pathetic way in which you responded to it. You have not proven the OP’s stupidity, only your own desperate need to pretend that you are somehow superior to someone you know nothing about. I certainly hope you don’t have children, because how you would treat them is made clear by how you treat others here, and I, for one, believe that abuse is abuse, be it verbal or physical. I suggest therapy to deal with your latent and obviously unmanaged hostility and hatred of your fellow man before you do yet more damage to your already inconsiderable reputation.

        • http://Yahoo troy

          eric shut the f up please.

    • http://yahoo.com Twila Davis

      Totally agree.

  • Brent Rankin

    Damn. Remind me not to move to Florida.

    • http://yahoo.com Twila Davis

      Florida is a wicked place. With some wicked white murderers. I don’t even want to go to Disneyworld now. Ah,Ah. Now another Trevon Martin situation going on.

  • Kenny

    Florida and Texas are two really weird states when it comes to inter-racial crime.

  • Sarah

    It doesn’t matter if he blew his money or not- this man helped others. Then a heartless woman came along and took away his life. He’s gone. Never coming back. I wonder if no one thought of him missing, then was she spending his money while he was dead in the ground? Some people are just evil in their actions. R. I. P. Good Sir

  • Robert

    Its sad what people would do for money.

  • Lynn

    Like my very wise grandma used to say “There is a hot place for people like her.”

  • Andre

    this B*tch should be water boarded repeatedly for years then sentenced to death. and then water boarded some more

  • http://YAHOO MR. “A”


  • Dolores

    That’s why you never say what you have or what you have won because people do crazy things when it comes to money.What is sad he probably would have helped her out but she got greedy. This poor man lost his life over a true blessing. I hope she is found guilty and is given a sentence she deserves.

    • AR

      How do you get around it? There are few states that allow you to win the lottery and stay anonymous. I think Maryland is one of those states. But for the most part if you accept the money you accept the notoriety. It’s sad.

  • kimosabe34

    Woah!!!! She needs to see the chair up close and personal..

  • Bruce

    I remember this from that lotto channel on TLC years ago. They finally prosecuted this ugly bitch. I hope she rot. Buddy was homeless and still cant have shit. RIP brother!!!

  • cee

    so sad that a man who HELPED people to the extent he did is cruelly robbed of his life. i hope she gets what she deserves, which is to never know joy or love or kindness again.



    • the jedhi

      No, they do all people, black or white, who happen to fall into the growing base of lower income earners, dirty in Florida. They have no consistency in rules, policies and procedures. My son, struggling with bi-polar disorder and Tourette’s syndrome was repeatedly targeted for his appearance…he has several tatoos, wears the low hung jeans w/boxers showing, the skull caps, the hoodies…police constantly picked on him and picked him up for the stupidest reasons. His fines continued to mount up since he was unable to pay them while still providing for himself or his family, resulting in a felony Violation of Probation, which sent him to prison. Florida has the largest population of incarcerated persons of any state in the US. My son served 1 1/2 years while people in the same work camp were serving the same amount of time for being drug traffickers and volunteer manslaughter. He, and others like him ended up there as a result of being unable to pay the massive fines in these terrible economic times. I can only pray that their questionable legal system will hold this horrible woman/predator accountable for her actions and that she will spend the rest of her miserable life behind bars, die in prison where she will finally stand before the Almighty to be damned for eternity. thejedhi

  • Denise

    “”BURN HER A**!!!!””

  • Vana

    If that woman killed him I hope justice will work well this time, and for the dead man he seemed to be a nice person.

  • http://news Nene

    They claim he stole the ticket from a friend. But anyway he still didn’t deserve to die.

    • tina a brown

      I saw this on that show that talks about the misfortunes of lottery winners and they never said anything about him stealing a ticket from anybody. I believe they even insinuated he was ‘slow’. Poor man didnt stand a chance against that lying, thieving, murderous white woman!!!

  • http://www.meetyourmom.com Your mom

    That BEOTCH should FRY!

    • CINDY


  • http://Yahoo Dave

    There you go. Never trust a Financial Advisor. You might get burnt at best if you are able to live through it.

  • Linda

    Black people should stop using the race issue. They are so many interracial marriages now between blacks and whites and friendships. Fact of the matter is O.J. Simpson used to beat Nicole and there is the 911 tape of Nicole pleading for help as O.J. is trying to break down the door. What about the miscarriage she suffered because O.J. beat her? The jury was not allowed to hear all the evidence and even said they would have found him guilty. Basketball is dominated by blacks and all races are cheering their favorite players. This is simply a case of a greedy woman trying to steal from a man. Period. Race has absolutely nothing to do with it. I am Chinese and live in Florida. I am SICK of Blacks and Hispanics making racial jokes towards me. White people treat me better. Greed knows NO COLOR! Grow up! No one cares what color your skin is. Treat people with respect and there would be no more hatred and wars. Amen.

  • Lola

    So sad, what money does to people. For her to kill someone over money is beyond evil, and ambitious. The victim seemed like a nice man who deserved to win the lotto. Shame on that disgusting woman, and I hope she is found guilty, and rotten in prison forever.

  • phillyguy

    why doesn’t this site have a link to email the article to friends and associates? not everyone is foolish enough to sign up for a free govt-friendly or -sponsored facebook acct ….

  • http://yahoo Inga

    Money is the root to all evil. This woman killed this guy just to
    get his money & she should get the Death Penalty. Life in Prison
    w/o parole isn’t enough punishment for her. I think on this one
    case an eye for an eye she should get.

    • renee

      You are so right! This woman is evil and a repeated liar! Why should anyone have sympathy for her. I believe the fact that she is white and her victim is black has a lot to do with the fact that these people seem not to care, but they should remember what goes around comes around!

  • Eric

    There are so many reasons you should never tell anyone including your family that you won a large sum of money. If the money was won and not actually earned, people will come after you. If you won the money, you need to move away and start a new life and never ever say how you became wealthily.

    It’s a great thing winning tons of money through a lottery, but it is also a curse. If you go out and tell everyone your rich, that is not smart.

    You have to go out and move far away from family and old friends, that is the curse of winning the lottery..