Florida Execution Reignites Death Penalty Debate

    February 13, 2014
    Lacy Langley
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The Florida execution of a confessed murderer yesterday has again caused tempers to flare on both sides of the death penalty debate.

In fact, a last minute, last resort appeal was made on behalf of the confessed murderer, Juan Carlos Chavez, by his lawyers, but was unsuccessful.

The accused confessed to the 1995 rape, murder, and dismemberment of 9-year-old Jimmy Ryce.

The young boy was kidnapped from his school bus and led at gunpoint to Chavez’s trailer. Chavez then raped the young boy and shot him when he tried to escape. Chavez panicked, and proceeded to cut the boy’s body into several small pieces and hid the pieces in cement planters. All this happened while his parents and search parties were combing the area in desperation to find Jimmy.

Some say that the death penalty is wrong, no exception. Others say that people like this deserve to die. They say that monsters like this should not even be given the slightest glimmer of hope that they will ever be free to hurt anyone again.

One person who believes the latter is Jimmy’s brother, Ted Ryce, who attended the execution of his brother’s killer, according to the Sun-Sentinel.

“Many people have asked why I decided to come today. I did not come today to celebrate Juan Carlos’s execution…. Many people did not believe that Juan Carlos Chavez should be put to death for his horrible crime of raping and murdering my brother Jimmy Ryce. I believe this comes from a place of weakness, not strength. It comes from not being able to face the atrociousness of some men’s actions and punish them on a level commensurate with their crime.”

He added, “But we must be strong. We must do what it takes to send a clear message to other child predators that if they go after children, if they kill children, that they will die at the executioner’s hands. Today will bring no closure for my family. As my father has stated, ‘Closure does not exist,’ but the justice served this day after a painful 19 years will end the chapter on this part of our life and now we look forward to moving on.”

What do you think about the death penalty for murderers like Juan Carlos Chavez? Do you think people who rape and murder children should be allowed to live, or should they be killed so that there is no chance of them ever being a danger to society again?

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  • jah6

    I am in favor of the death penalty, and wish it didn't take 20 years. At least Florida is still doing it unlike CA where we have over 700 on Death Row.

    • Ducky 111

      There is one bad boy sentenced to death 29 years ago on San Quentin's death row!

    • Beyond_The_Political_Spectrum

      …and I'm sure that after every execution, you will be able to sleep with your doors and windows open…

      • esantaclaus

        You betcha!

      • NotTelling My Realname

        So you're saying we should kill more?

        • http://beyond-the-political-spectrum.com/ Beyond-The-Political-Spectrum

          I’m saying it doesnt do any good or make you any safer.

      • Tom Tucker

        I have no problem sleeping with my doors and windows open at any time.

    • cranky_1970

      California should outsource its executions to Saudi Arabia and Iran.

      • toooldsmart

        soloero already has done that, to OUR children.

  • JC

    I have always heard & read about the do gooders who want prisoners to live off the tax payers until they die!!! Why? Don't we have enough debt now without supporting those on death row forever? I have never heard anyone volunteer to take any of the people on death row & bring them into their homes or neighborhoods. If this will solve some of the overlay of prisoners & all attempts are made to make for sure they are guilty, then let the death penalty be done. Closure should be allowed for all those who were murdered, mutilated.. Let justice be done once & for all…..

    • will36

      For those that argue that the Death Penalty is not a deterrent-I have incontroversial evidence that the executee will never repeat his/her crime again and is permanently deterred for any future crime. Now THAT'S a deterrent

      • Fred

        #1: If he spent the rest of his life in prison, he wouldn't be able to rape and murder any other small children, either.
        #2: The argument about the expense of keeping a prisoner alive for life is specious. While the actual numbers depend on the life span of the prisoner, in most cases it's far more cost effective to sentence somene to life without parole than it is to execute them.
        #3: There is absoultely no credible evidence to suggest that the existence of a death penalty in a state (or the actual implementation of executions) acts as a deterrent for anyone.
        While your arguments are very appealing on an emotional level, they don't actually agree with reality.

        • Todd

          Jail doesn't detour anyone, at least we aren't paying for them to eat three square meals per day, cause harm to prison guards, and eat up our tax dollars.
          Would you like kennel these killers in your home instead?

        • Erick

          The expenses for keeping a prisoner on death row are more attributable to the huge legal fees taxpayers and the government must pay for attorney fees that must be paid for the unending appeals that drag on for years. If a guilty person is executed within 30 days after having been found guilty then we wouldn't have these huge expenses. Secondly, it's a moot point as to whether the death penalty is a deterrent or not. For some people it would be and for others it wouldn't. If you take a human life, you pay with your own life. Taxpayers shouldn't be responsible for supporting someone for the rest of their life after they have taken someone else's life.

          • biglt

            The ever increasing exoneration of convicted "killers" – often decades after the fact – puts the lie to "swift justice." A civilized society should be making decisions based on it's own ethics, and not be driven to despicable acts by the actions of a few. There is no moral justification for the death penalty. The escapes from super-max prisions is virtually zero. That is an acceptable risk, as opposed to a supposed civilized people executing innocent people.

          • disqus_uJdb6Tuzcx

            perhaps innocent persons being executed would be less often if a moral crowd operated the judicial system instead of amoral lawyers, ever notice lawyer advertisements, if they are not suing insurance (auto) to intercept what would be the beneficiaries of funds , they are ripping off state indigent defenders fund in the auspices of effecting justice for the criminally in poored

          • Sandra

            Erick….you are spot on…….Fred is living is lala land….

          • disgruntled

            Executions 30 days after verdict would result in many more innocent people being executed. Would you still make that argument if you were the one who was wrongly convicted? Don't be naive enough to say it never happens.

          • Robert LeClair

            Let god sort out the scum. !!

          • Griffith Daniels

            Who should die when we execute an innocent person – you?

        • Big Bill

          Fred and those that think like him, you have been LIED to!!! Prisons are NOT perfect. Prisoners ESCAPE on an almost daily basis. 99+% of the expense to execute a murderer is in LEGAL FEES! Why do you think these leaches always make appeals WITHOUT the murderers permission? The ABSOLUTE EVIDENCE that the death penalty works is that:1) no executed pos has ever hurt another person 2) How many times have you heard of a pos saying "If you leave the death penalty on the table and take that life without parole thing off, I'll confess"?

        • fat_freddy

          Everyone who goes to prison does not stay in prison.


        • Michael Robinson

          #1 Unless he escapes, or some idiot releases him
          #2 The cost of a 45 caliber bullet is about $1.00 dollar. That is the cost of an execution. The added expense in the USA is from what we as a society define as "Due Process". Anything defined by man, can be redefined.
          #3 I don't care. Gravity does not exist to punish individuals who climb cliffs. It is ubiquitous to the world in which we live. Some will garner thrills from climbing rocks to see what they can get away with (Some of those will die), others will develop a fear of heights. either way gravity does not care.
          It is preposterous for a society that designed, built and implemented a weapon system like the TRIDENT SUBMARINE to even be debating the ethics of capital punishment. Under the right set of circumstances, we could end ALL life on the planet. We need to stop the inane chatter about the death penalty, and start implementing it. The time to do so is growing very short.

        • Matt

          @Fred the fees attributed with keeping death row inmates incarcerated are just about as much as it is to kill the prisoner but the cost is due to the many appeals and the method of lethal injection itself. It is the red tape that costs the most money. These people are not only criminals they are inhumane pigs that need to be disposed of. I, for one, do not need to waste my money on someone that has committed such an attrocious crime. They felt no sympathy toward the indivual they were harming so why should we, the people, feel any remorse or sympathy toward them? The prision system in America is already over-crowed and prisoners out number our guards as it is. How is it cost effective to build new facilities to hire new guards to support more criminals that are just going to sit in a cell and occupy space when one can put a bullet in their sick and disgusting heads and end it right there. There are alot of people that would not agree with an "inhumane" form of execution but how is that inhumane? It is for sure cost effective and one bullet to the head is quick and painless. And i am sure that there are alot of people that would step up and have no problem, knowing what these monsters have done, shooting the criminal. The only real problem with the it is that the courts need to be certain they are trying the correct individual. But in all honesty there are only a very small percentage of wronly convicted criminals that would fall in the death penalty catagory. Enough said lets rid the world of these disgusting disgrace to humanity pigs you call our fellow man.

        • jbob

          Of course people convicted of murder have killed others while in prison, or have escaped and then killed again. The death penalty does indeed prevent the people executed from again committing murder – as should be obvious.

        • rackman

          But Fred, what is the argument to keep a guy like this alive? Do we value the life of that poor little boy so little that we should keep this killer alive?

        • wireline

          News flash for Fred yes it does deter at least one person, from ever harming anyone ever again. And that is the person executed, he can never do any despicable acts against anyone else ever again. As far as the rest of them go it could deter them also, but the wheels of "real" justice grind ever so slowly. Think about it taxpayers fed this guy and housed him for 19 years before his final act. Way too long and most know they will be able to keep it in the courts for a long time in any event and sometimes manage something that may even save their miserable life. Which again for these kinds of crimes should never happen. Justice needs to be swift and sure, and in reality pubic executions may also be something to consider. Once upon a time it was done in the public square where all could see what happens to criminals who seek to harm others.

        • esantaclaus

          But it sure is a deterrent for the ones on death row!

        • Mel

          Many of those guilty of crimes that are eligible for the death penalty are terrified of it. They will plea bargain to avoid it, file appeal after appeal if sentenced, and apologizing saying they found God so please spare their lives. If it wasn't a deterrent then logically speaking these things wouldn't happen. If they are scared of it and try to avoid it- it's a deterrent. The only reason it isn't more effective as a deterrent is because of cases like this where someone can be given the death penalty and live for an additional 18+ years.

        • believes in death penalty

          And would you feel the same way if it were your brother. Or better yet why don't you volunteer to take the next person like this into your home, around your loved ones so that the poor soul won't have to be concerned about being executed.
          He died a less traumatic death than the child that he killed, wouldn't you agree…..????

        • k

          People get out of jail asshole….they don't get off the death table!!!!

        • toooldsmart

          Fred correct and murder is murder, no matter who is doing the murdering.

        • AnonymouseIsAWoman

          #1 – but he might rape and murder inmates, guards, prison staff, visitors, wardens, etc.
          #2 – Irrelevant.
          #3 – Irrelevant.
          Your arguments are completely irrelevant to the subject at hand, since they don't address the issue of punishment. There are some offenses so egregious that the only possible penalty is to deprive the offender of that which he showed such contempt – human life.

      • foolish reply

        Incontroversial is not a word…and it is supposedly a deterrent for other people, not the convicted murderer. It is not a deterrent at all, if it were people would not continue to kill. People kill because they are insane or make a poor decision under duress and nothing will deter that.

      • Kathie Eddleman

        I believe the word you want is "incontrovertible".

    • toooldsmart

      JCit is not about the money! It is about JUSTICE! Life in a prison is a lot worse than an easy death!

    • toooldsmart

      JCeven Your taxes probably don't even support you!

    • disqus_uJdb6Tuzcx

      and then, if when these criminals are in thier infancy of crime as jueviniles they would instead be incarcerated for life at that phase as dr wolf indicates we would spare not only the ill life of theperpetrator but also the victims paying dearly for a useless system

  • bjp

    The Bible's words "an eye for an eye" extends to a "life for a life". There can be little doubt that this person would, given another opportunity, do exactly the same thing he has already done. The only question in my mind is "Should we continue to subsidize this person's life in prison when he has been such a malignant force on society?". I think not.

    • jr

      an eye for an eye was an old testament law that was rescinded by Jesus when he spoke his sermon on the mount. Please know your bible before quoting it or hiding behind it

      • BB

        You are a Bible Blockhead!! Capital Punishment is Before the law, under the law and after the law in th3 Bible!!!

      • Vindicator

        Who gives a rat's asz about what the bible says? Common sense trumps the bible any day of the week! Let these vermin who have been convicted of capital crime hang! God bless!

      • derf

        bjb Actually, you do not understand the Bible yourself…before you start preaching on old and new testament law ..KNOW THIS Christ and his teachings in NO WAY CHANGED ONE JOT OR TITTLE OF THE LAW..That means not the sound or the meaning… brush up a little on your Greek and Hebrew BEFORE you open your keyboard

    • Griffith Daniels

      An "eye for an eye" makes us all blind – a quote by Jesus.

      • bjp


        From Brian's iPad

  • Pete

    Best feel-good story of the day!

  • DeeDee

    The rapist-murderer did not care about his victim, a child, never thought twice. Execution should be immediate.

  • Yosemite Sam

    Anyone in their right mind knows that this POS deserved to die! I imagine the parents hear their child still screaming from this monsters' rape! If you know he did it. Terminate him! It's not about his rights! It's about exploiting the system ! In other words: Murderers and Lawyers walking hand in Hand! I was a patrolman for 15 years and I KNOW!

  • Tall, Dark and Handsome

    Juan Carlos Chavez can be seen via a search of, " Florida Inmate Locator".
    Bye, dirt bag……………..

  • Rosa

    Finally JUSTICE!!! although it took a long time and our money to keep this bastard alive. Should have been done after his confession. Anyway one less ass hole in the world. Chavez destroyed a beautiful family for ever very sad!!!

  • James Crooke

    I am a proponent of the death penaty. However, I do believe that now with the appeals process it has become to expensive and mistakes are made. It now cost close to 4 million to put 1 person to death. Why not send them to prison, and tell them they do not leave the prison until the day after their death if then. Your family has 1 day to claim your body, after that we'll cremate you and that heat will provide warmth to the rest of the prison. If you can go back 140 years and KNOW categorically they are the guilty party then give them a week to appeal and execute them 10 days later.

    • Keith A. Bryant

      Dead people don't escape prison and kill again.

      • what?

        Live people rarely do either.

        • Big Bill

          WRONGO!! Happens once or twice every decade that a murderer escapes or is paroled and goes back to kill again!

          • biglt

            And this makes it okay to execute innocents? Sicko.

          • wireline

            bigit: What innocents are you referring to? You mean like a little 9 year old boy who is raped and murdered then dismembered? I hope you can clarify

          • biglt

            Society had nothing to do with the actions of the slimy killer. I am referring to when society executes innocent people. THAT is something we can control. By outlawing the death penalty.

          • esantaclaus

            who said they were innocent. You're the yellow-bellied sicko coward!

          • biglt

            DNA tests, for one. The exoneration of "convicted" death row inmates proves that (some) are innocent. What makes me a coward? Standing up to bullies like you? Or by my relying on verifiable facts? Did you learn those names in third grade or fourth? You'll learn more next year.

          • esantaclaus

            For your information jerk, my Father was murdered when I was 14! Don't tell me about innocence. His killer confessed and live 16 years more than my Dad! And, yes you are a coward! Walk mile in my shoes! As far as education, I am retired and am a college graduate! I'm a bully for believing these dirtbags don't deserve to live? Go to Hell Arsehole, you are taking up too much oxygen!

          • biglt

            You have made it quite clear that you prefer that some innocents be executed, rather that have a guilty party live – even temporarily. I suggest you seek professional help with dealing with your (justifiable) anger. Name calling is not an effective salve for the wrong of losing your father. It is clear that the you have allowed your emotional shock to keep you from progressing into adult ways of dealing with anger.

        • Keith A. Bryant

          Rarely isn’t 100%, dead is.

  • DoofusAroofus

    There are some crimes so heinous that the death penalty is appropriate. It is appropriate justice not only for the victims but the victims families and society at large. Why should they be punished by placing the culprit into incarceration for life and costing us $80,000 a year or more to hold them? We are simply flogging ourselves instead of dealing with the monsters.

    • your facts are wrong

      It costs far more to execute them. The cost is a lame argument for the death penalty. try again.

      • Big Bill

        99% of the cost is in legal fees. If it weren't for the leaches, the cost would be less than keeping one of them locked up for a week!

        • Avatar910

          I think the word you want is leeches (the bloodsucking animal). "Leaches" would best refer to a sewerage pipe leach field's intended purpose..

          • disgruntled

            Actually, either form of the word probably fits.

        • biglt

          Being civilized means that even the scum get proper representation.

          • wireline

            that is right prove them guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt, then don't prolong it or drag it out for years. Have the execution then we can cut our losses on feeding them and housing them at taxpayers expense

          • biglt

            Doesn't it bother you to find out that so many "confessions" were wrongly coerced? And then DNA incontrovertedly proves they were innocent? Where does "shadow of a doubt" fit into this reality. Ans: It doesn't. The system is broken, and killing inmates is not a solution, it is the problem.

  • james w

    The trouble with those who say Life without parole does not hold up to the real legal system. In News where in one texas a judge ruled life without parole was Cruel And unusual punishment and max penalty had to ne 25 to life. So after in a different case a judge ruled anyone who had finished 1/3 of a sentence was to be paroled as prison were overcrowed. This say's nothing of Governor's or President's givin a pardon. As been reported why some jury's will vote for death penalty are afraid person will get out some day

  • Michael

    Who the hell can have sympathy for someone who rapes and murders a 9 year old child? This guy was clearly guilty – he even led police to the dismembered body! I won't feel a moment of pity for this piece of garbage who is now where he belongs.

  • Penney Nile

    I am not particularly fond of the idea of taking the life of any human, but believe that if a person has REALLY been proven guilty beyond the shadow of a doubt, the appropriate sentence should be carried out. My biggest fear is that a person who is innocent may be convicted and executed; otherwise, I don't oppose the death penalty.

    • Avatar910

      The standard is "beyond a reasonable doubt – to a moral certainty". Mistakes can be made, the death penalty opponents fall into one of two general camps: (1) those who believe it is morally wrong, ever, to take life. I can understand (but not agree) with them; and (2) those who believe our system is so flawed that the chance of a wrongful conviction precludes the implementation of such a penalty. I believe these people have taken steps to increase the time frame of implementing the death penalty to the extent that it becomes irrelevant to deterrence (as a result of the temporal disconnect between the event and the punishment) and to increase the cost through multiple appeals and habeas petitions in both state and federal venues which create taxpayer funded lengthy incarcerations.
      Perhaps there should be a way out of this, but we have not been able to find one. I suspect that a tyrant could eliminate the latter which would substantially decrease the former, however that would alter the judicial system. How about this?
      Perhaps the number and type of crimes for which the death penalty can be invoked could be reduced and the evidence need to be more concrete (e.g. no reliance on eye witness testimony only). Where someone confesses, such as here, give them a trial if they plead not guilty, all the DNA and scientific evidence investigation they want and establish a battery of psychiatrists to evaluate their mental capacity. Once that is put into place, one appeal to the state supreme court only, and no federal intervention unless there has been a manifest injustice in the State system, with some constitutional guarantees under the Bill of Rights.
      Then if there is a reason to move into the federal system, an expedited proceeding with a panel of three district court judges appointed by the Judicial Panel on Multistate Litigation or a similar body established by the Federal Judicial Center for criminal proceedings. all issues raised at that one proceeding, combining a habeas and whatever issues should be raised in a direct appeal. If they affirm, the Supreme court gets the petition for cert and either hears the case or not. If SCOTUS denies cert, one application for clemency to the governor of the state (or the President if a federal crime).
      Once those are exhausted, an execution date is put into place within 7 days and the method of execution is determined by a random number generator (e.g. firing squad, hanging, lethal injection, gas chamber, or electric chair). I am not of the opinion that any of these are violations of the Eighth Amendment. No stays of execution are allowed or imposed.
      If we limit these sentences to those acts, such as this, which are especially heinous (e.g. multiple murders, murders of government officials, kidnapping and murder, etc.), we would reduce the volume and perhaps the delay between sentencing and fulfillment of the sentence which might have a deterrent factor. We can also televise them on cable and pipe the execution into every jail cell, prison, and juvenile facility nationwide with mandatory attendance (al a "A Clockwork Orange").

    • disgruntled


  • Lari

    These savages need to be put down right after their verdict.

  • Gene Smith

    I definitely think that the death penalty is appropriate in the majority of cases; especially murders such as this one committed by Juan Carlos Chavez. My disappointment in the matter is that the maggot got to live too long after the murder of that dear child by his hands.

    • Joyce

      Gene, you said it exactly the way I would have.

  • Yilka Mendoza

    This was too little too late. He confessed to the crime, the needle should have gone in the following day. I believe in the death penalty, I do not believe in feeding these scumbags until they exhaust ALL those last chances they seek. Who knows how many children had died at his hands. May hell be his resting place.

  • squabstew7

    Delays in death penalty average at least a decade is not necessary considering the costs 16 million per year to house these offenders – lower courts need to dispose of the appeals and curb the length of time until executions of justice.

  • larry

    I wonder about the logic of those who cry for the killer while carrying signs that say, "Execution is Murder", and the next week carry a sign saying. Abortion is a right".

    • MNLoonaTick

      I'm one of those few Democrats that actually believe in a strong death penalty, strong 2nd Amendment rights applied sensibly ( No felons or crazy/dope addicted people) AND abortion rights. ( I am not for using abortion as a method of birth control, though. We have many contraceptives that do the job. As far as 'It's a sin to allow abortion!', let God be the one to decide who goes to hell.)
      Certainly, allow the appeals process to work, because some people DO get exonerated. But after that, a quick trip to the death chamber. Waiting 10 or 20 years is a travesty of justice.

  • cc

    Too bad it took this long to kill this animal. He destroyed this family and innocent little boy. He deserved no sympathy.

  • LF

    I agree with Mr Ryce. There is no celebration of any kind. Yet, you take a life in a heinous crime you give your life. Nine year-old Jimmy Ryce was given no quarter, nor should his killer.

  • BoristheSpider

    Execute them by the same method of the crime. He should be rapped, preferably by a violent sex offender, and then shot. Or, save time and money, get a noose, and hang em out the window. Murder should not be rewarded by a life of free medical, food, education, room. You could argue that they are not free to do as they please. In reality, they are probably more free than us on the outside.

  • fred smith

    People who say the death penalty doesn't deter people from doing terrible crimes. I say that doesn't matter. The death penalty is a PUNISHMENT and if the crime warrants the final punishment I am in favor of it. I agree with Ted Ryce. People who object to the death penalty are weak.

  • Mike Panchon

    People should be allowed too murder each other !Drive unemployment go down !

  • Bigbore

    I wish Michigan lawmakers had the balls to implement the Death Penalty. If this were a perfect world there would be no need. However, there has to be atonement for their crimes and this should be the penalty for their heinous crimes. They can ask for forgiveness and it may be granted by those who wish, but the penalty needs to be there.

  • j_c2008@bellsouth.net

    Death by lethal injection was to good to him. Bring back "Old Sparky".

  • Jack Frost

    He got exactly what he deserved, but far far too late.

  • jon

    When you kill -rape and murder a child you should be put too death in the most horrendous way possible and make them scream in terrible pain until the end!!!All you good doers and lawyers can kiss our asses who want JUSTICE for all that have been through this! Do you think that child said that feels good Do it Again? F —off lawyers and do gooders let this happen in your family and see if you feel the same then!

  • DRE


    • TruthBeTold

      uh…lay off the caffeine, bud.

  • 2eREP

    There are way too many instances of murderers who have been paroled or having their sentences shortened who have committed a second or third…..murder. If murderer's were executed after their first conviction then this would NEVER happen again. This alone is reason enough to execute these scumbag's.

  • stevlovtoply

    The country is broke. Drugs are too expensive. Hanging, firing squad, or the guillotine are green energy and less expensive.

    We need to empty every death row by March 1st and see how much money we can save for these liberal giveaway programs Obama wants. And no more long wait times, found guilty on Monday and its over on Tuesday afternoon.

    Attorney's make way too much money on these death cases and the food we waste then add the medical bills? Stupid.

  • T Michael

    Here is a solution that should make all sides happy, "Party Time".
    The sentence should be changed to a mandatory "Voluntary Suicide". Or to place the offender in a box with no light, no play time, no mail, no TV, no newsp0apers, no contact with another. All and any food or water or clothing or heating or cooling or ? to be paid for by the family of the offender. Life in prison not to be paid by the state nor with taxes collected from the family of the victim. The box would work best if it were the size and shape of a coffin, and to be used as such upon expiration of their miserable life

    • JOHN


  • Vindicator

    Can I be the first one to pisz on his grave?

  • Todd

    This bastard chopped up a little kid and hid the pieces in concrete planters. How does he deserve to stay alive on OUR tax dollars?? How does he deserve to stay alive and eat three square meals per day on OUR tax dollars.
    His ass should be raped with a 16" glass dildo and chopped up into pieces, not drugged.
    Just imagine how little Jimmy Ryce felt during all that?? Did ANYONE consider that???

  • Russell J Apgar

    Simple question, Don't the victims deserve Justice. I am sure that they would rather be among us and did not intend for their lives to be cut short by some deranged individual. Perhaps we should think of the victims here and not turn the killers into victims. It was a choice they made to kill, now the consequences of their choices are at hand. Why should they be given life when the violently cut short the life of another????? You can still forgive but still hold someone accountable for their actions.

  • Always Happy

    He deserved to die after what he did.

  • Jamal Inkpen

    What I don't understand is, Why did it take 18 years for this execution to take place??

  • Liberal

    I am sad about human beings. I am sad that Juan Carlos Chavez was executed. In fact I am sad that this pedophile raped and murdered an innocent child in 1995 and it took our legal system 29 years to execute him. They should have dosed the murderous pedophile SOB Juan Carlos Chavez with sodium pentathlon 28 years ago got a confession then incinerated him alive. That's why a real liberal like me is sad.

  • Amy Jones

    The lengthy appeals process is so that we do our best to not kill an innocent man, which, even with the lengthy appeals process we have done many times.

    Let me pose this question. There are people on here proposing we should kill them within 30 days of the initial conviction, some even advocating we should drag them out back of the court house and execute them. What happens when an innocent man or woman is killed, and it turns out they were innocent and this would have been discovered on appeal? Should those advocating the "Quick justice" solution then be convicted of the murdered innocent, and thus sent to death? Should they then get an appeal?

  • tostevinUSC

    California just executed an inmate. He was convicted in 1986 but was awaiting another trial based on DNA evidence he had killed a woman in 1981. While waiting for the trial to begin he died of old age. This slow form of execution is surely destined to be found cruel and unusual- thus outlawed and soon our backwards society will be forced to keep death row inmates alive by any means possible.

  • toooldsmart

    I think Life in prison would have been worse. THAT is what he deserved, death is too easy for the likes of him.

    • Donna Schott

      You have NO clue. #1 He liked boys. #2 He was in with all guys in the shower. #3 You can support the asshole who killed little boys. I am tired of my tax dollars supporting him. And all the rest of the death row inmates.

      • toooldsmart

        Yes I am the one who has a clue, not YOU. They don't live long there in population. Life in Prison is no walk in the park for a child molester! If their crime is known by other prisoners, they would much rather have the death penaltly.

  • edward

    Why in the hell did it take 19 years to xecute this bastard?

  • Kill the Killers Feed Homeless

    As always, those who don't want the death penalty have not experienced the death of their own parent or child. As always, those who don't want to the death penalty don't seem to understand that a lot of murderers live better lives in prison than homeless people who simply lost their job.

  • Norv

    Hell just got another member, one less piece of crap alive, I am good with it

  • Alicia

    The point here is its 18 years later. Executions for dangerous minds should take place immediately. The guy was sick. He really didnt deserve to live on the system for 18 years. Thats not much of a deterrent. He lived another full 20 years of 3 meals a day plus a prison c@@kie. The child he pulverized liked c@@kies too but didnt enjoy 20 additional years of that enjoyment. I hope hes not reincarnated like so many monsters are. Galatians 5:22

  • Take out the Trash

    Execution prevents a repeat customer of our prison system. Need to find a way to speed up the process though especially on these clear cut cases – should have been taken out of the courtroom and executed immediately.

  • mose

    The death this mas was privileged doesn't hold a candle to what he did to that little boy. I would offer to pay more tax if i knew it was going to go toward truly giving the justice he deserved.

  • zer0nonsense

    Okay so they executed him. But killing Chavez isn't going to bring Ryce back. It seems more like tit-for-tat than justice. If someone killed me, I wouldn't want them to be executed; I would want them to get help. Isn't it called a "correctional" facility because it's supposed to help people become better members of society? To me, there is no justice without forgiveness.

    • Edmond

      You should research how many repeat offenders go back to jail

    • Kitty Mitchell

      You can't rehabilitate a monster that has no conscience. The idea that prison is "correctional" is laughable.

  • Ed

    I am in favor of the death penalty and agree with jah6 it shouldn't take 20 years

  • Edmond

    I think "WE" should also execute any drug dealers caught with an amount of drugs over a certain amount deemed for "personal use".
    PS: glad the basters is dead the only sad pat Is he lived longer than his victim did!!!

  • schr8er

    Let them scum DIE… he confessed… he did it… they found what was left of that poor boy and his family had to go through all that anguish knowing what happened to him… I do NOT feel that providing 3 hots and a cot for the rest of his life does ANYTHING to prevent things like this.. the only solution to an 'infection" it to get rid of it…. permanently…..

  • John Moore

    Anyone who spent their day protesting the execution of a man who raped, killed, and dismembered a 9 year old boy needs to examine their life and beliefs.

  • jc18241

    People that can do this to a child DO NOT deserve to live! I think they need to speed up the death process! It takes to long for these people to meet justice. The people that think the death penalty is wrong won't think that if something like this happened to them or a family member they care about!

  • sid

    I think he should have been put into the general population in prison, and raped by every male who wanted to rape him as many times as they wanted to. THEN he should have been put to death in as painful a way as possible.

  • sven

    Thou shalt not kill – that means everyone including the State

    • jbob

      An eye for an eye…that means everyone, including the state.

  • Steve Webber

    I think the death penalty is terrific. The process should be televised. However, in terms of the ultimate penalty, a life sentence, in the most horrible conditions possible but legal, is much better. The condemned should go to sleep each night, if sleep is even possible, desperately wishing for some way to commit suicide. Every day should be torturous. The same thing to eat at each and every meal, no exercise, no television or radio, no Ipod or computer. Complete isolation and the barest of accommodations.

    The death penalty should be used for less heinous crimes such as drug dealing, slavery, kidnapping, child porn, human trafficking, and child molestation.

    The real bad ones should suffer every day of their remaining lives.

    • Dan Laget

      My response to those who quote the Bible as justification for state sanctioned murder is: "I don't need mythology to give my life purpose." The Myth of Sisyphus is wonderful literature that can help one understand how to cope with life's difficulties – but it should not be taken literally.

      The Old Testament of the Christian Bible is an amalgamation of borrowed myths written between hundreds and thousands of years prior to the life of Moses (e.g. Flood Gen.6 – first told in The Epic of Gilgamesh). Nevertheless, for many, the Bible is deemed Truth for which no logic can confute. To quote Robert Oxton Bolt "A belief is not merely an idea the mind possesses. It is an idea that possesses the mind." Consequently, until the Thumping ceases, savagery will continue in the name of justice.

      PS: The difference between justice and revenge is when Lady Justice removes her blindfold to witness an execution. Dan Laget.

  • kwhit190211

    I am like a lot of people below. I am all in favor for the death penality. But, I think 5 years max should be the longest we get to wait for justice.
    They wonder why we all hate lawyers & all the goody two shoes out there.
    As far as california is concerned. You guys haven't had a governor with B A L L S for such a long time. Or one who actually listens to the people that elected them into the office that they hold. I know, I know, you never know what the crook is going to do until they get in office….

  • Chris

    Even this jerk's last comments were self serving. This man had no right to even LOOK at the family of that poor little boy, let alone try to make them feel guilty by asking Jesus to consider loving them for wanting him to die. He obviously had a psych disorder.

    • cranky_1970

      Juan Carlos Chavez was as sane as anyone. Man is born a predatory animal. Good men overcome their animal natures. Chavez succumbed to dark and utterly commonplace evil. Much like when a pit bull suddenly snatches up a small animal and tears it to pieces out of hunting instinct. My only regret is that Chavez's death wasn't as horrifying and degrading as the one he inflicted on Jimmy Ryce.

      • Kitty Mitchell

        Once again misinformation about pit bulls. It's not their "instinct" to snatch children and savagely kill them.

  • cranky_1970

    People who kill children should be executed in cruel and amusing ways.

  • William Plumpe

    A tough call. I think particularly henious and cold blooded murders deserve the death penalty especially anything involving children or police officers. But for the usual death row inmate the fact that the penalty cannot be taken back once it is carried out makes me think only the very worst cases that are certain beyond a reasonable doubt should be considered for the ultimate penalty. And that penalty should be carried out in the swiftest and most effective means possible. The idea of execution is to provide justice and restore balance. Not to seek revenge. Enough said

  • Linda Brown

    We should execute the ones without a shadow of a doubt that they did it way sooner! Why let these scumbags bleed the taxpayers dry in lawyer bills not to mention the cost of keeping them on death row! I do agree with jah6 and Ducky 111, the wheels of justice grind slowly in CA, that scumbag Richard Ramirez died of natural causes last yr and was not even close to being executed, he had appeals left that would have taken him into his 70's and yet he committed the horrible crimes in the freaking 80's! Had been on death row since 1988 for God's sake's! And that scum Richard Allen Davis has been on death row since 1993! I am pretty sure if they don't change their format, I will be long in my grave before Scott Peterson is executed! He has been on since 2003, come on CA waste these scumbags already, why are you keeping them alive so long? I bet Lacy's parents will be long dead as well and will never see justice for their daughter and grandchild! I am so for the death penalty, I could easily be an executioner, would not bother me a bit and I would not even charge the states, consider it a gift to the victim's families! At least TX does let them linger for decades, they waste them on a weekly basis, so commonplace are executions the town where the prison is, does not even bat an eyelash when notified of executions, they are in the death business there! Yrs ago when old Sparky would be all tuned up, sheriffs and other lawmen would show up and it would be like one big party with food and drink for all! Citizens would also show up and would party down! At least when the chairs were used, the losers would feel some pain before they croaked, LI is a total joke, the 1st shot knocks them out and they never feel a thing afterward. This scumbag here, deserved to die as painful a death as possible,considering the horrible pain that little boy was in as he was raping him, and yet, he gets to close his eyes and peacefully go to hell as I do not believe the Lord lets scum like this into heaven. I hate these scumbags more than anyone else and if it was up to me, ALL child molesters and rapists would receive a death sentence insuring they would not get out and hurt another child, only way I can see keeping kids safe! How many kids in the past 10 yrs have been raped and murdered? So many I can't list them here! So yeah all states that have the DP need to revamp the appeals process so these scum don't sit for decades as some have also died way before the execution date had been set.

  • Mark Mills

    f/.uck carlos chavez, i hope his lawyers rot in hell along with him…………..


    IT'S ABOUT DAMN TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • thelaw

    the only thing I'm disappointed with, that he should've been raped and then shot and then cut into little pieces and put in concrete planters…he got off way easier than the innocent 9 year old boy that he killed….glad he's gone…

  • majortom521

    he got what he had comeing he was a peace of trash i only wish we could dig him up and kill him again child killers do not deserve to live

  • http://batman-news.com Myopia

    Good Riddance. This type of person will never bring good into this world.

  • Ruth

    Lethal injection was too good for this guy. Should have done to him what he did to that poor INNOCENT CHILD.

  • ramoncramon

    Im surprised there is not a DPC, Death Penalty Chanel. All proceeds go to the victims family.

  • MirandaArgent

    This sub-human lived for 20+ years longer than the little boy he murdered. He had food, shelter and medical care paid for by taxpayers. He should have been summarily executed on the day of his conviction. I am glad he is gone from our world.

  • rbprice

    All those who oppose the death penalty have a skewed outlook on life no matter how you look at it. A large majority, if not all of these people hate the death penalty but have no qualms about denying the rights of the unborn. Of course, it is perfectly fine to allow a woman the right to kill her unborn child but, it is horrible to end the life of a person who has been convicted of murder.
    The world turned upside down. Good is bad and bad is good.

  • gerry

    Sorry guys; I think living out your life with NO chance of Parole is a much worse fate. Why let them die EZ when their victims endure so much! I'll help pay for their incarceration! Let them ROT in a cell! – Ger

    • Donna Schott

      YOU pay to support, feed, medical and clothes bills!!! I am tired of supporting these items of wasted space and precious oxygen my children may need.

      • Kitty Mitchell

        Death penalty cases and appeals cost us just as much if not more than just letting them rot. Plus in prison a child rapist and murderer would either be living a miserable existence in population, or miserable in isolation.

  • will

    Chavez got off easy-he should have been executed in a timely manner – at least within a year of his crime

  • Mike Mitchell

    Why do you we have to kill people to prove to people killing people is wrong


    Why did it take so long to send this trash to his maker our system is getting stupid. All these appeals delays for what to spend tax payers money on idiocy.

  • disqus_uJdb6Tuzcx

    should be execution for far less henbious crimes but attorney s make big money yanking society around with thier so called compation, they are comminttin crimes upon crimes, 20 years, now come on shouldn t we be able to set up a judicial system of 5th graders that can out perform this crowd and maybe for some brownies and milk

  • Top Cat

    Personally, as a former law enforcement officer, I have no problem with executing this type of person to death. That being said, I would rather sentence them to life with no chance of parole, and put them in isolation, and out once a day for an hour.
    And let s not take so much time with all of these appeals.

  • Dennis Ratcliff

    After conviction, first guard catches perp looking away, shoot him in the back of the head and bill the family of the perp for the bullet. Solve the national debt.

  • Bil Janski

    In all my years of watching the family members of the victim speak at the execution, I have never seen anyone so convincingly steamroll over the idea that there should be some form of compassion for the criminal as Ted Ryce did in memory of his murdered brother.

    And he did it with more honest conviction than I'd ever seen anyone who takes up the other side.

    This guy's a bold-faced pragmatist, and I have to admit that, in spite of myself, it's actually reassuring.
    Still a bit bowled over by it, though. Can't say exactly what I believe about executions anymore.

  • NotTelling My Realname

    HEY, they shouldn't have killed this man. He just came here to work.

  • NotTelling My Realname

    I've got THE solution. It should be up to the victim/victim's family to determine whether they should get the death penalty. If the suspect gets released and hurts someone else it should THEN be up to the new victim/victim's family to determine the death penalty not ONLY for the guilty, but for the family that let him go the first time. So if he rapes a second person, the second victim can not only put him to death but the family members that voted to have him released.

  • Theo Stall

    To bad they couldn't kill him, bring him back to life and kill him again! Rape, murder and dismember an innocent 9yro child. PURE EVIL has no place on this planet.

  • Senior Editor

    Monster be gone.

  • scumbuster

    Should have murdered him right away,in the same fashion he killed that poor little child. GET RID OF SCUM.

  • justsaying

    You want to talk about cost effectiveness? Talk about the Bible? Where was your money or God when he was raping and killing that little boy. I think he should be tortured to death like the little boy was, but we have to live under the laws of our land. Mans law applies here so leave your religion out I don't know why anyone would
    think these people wont get out of prison, they do and they repeat the same crimes over and over and as for being moral well lets see how moral it would be if it was you child. You need to shut up and really think about what that poor boy had to endure. I could be more descriptive but I wont. He confessed! Everyone has a time to die and he made his choice for the child and himself, just too bad it took so long for him. I really have to wonder what kind of person would even try to defend his actions.

  • Chrissy Frey

    This man didn't " accidently" kill Jimmy Ryce he savagely and brutally murdered the boy and then chopped him up into pieces. I felt justice was done and Chavez deserved to die for this crime.

  • eapos

    Sorry I missed it; would have loved to attend. Too bad it took almost 20 years of wasting our money and valuable breathing air.

  • Chris W.

    Do not let this murderer's new found faith confuse anyone about the death penalty. Justice on earth is served just as the Bible commands and His Grace is abundant enough for him to recieve eternal life. Ones penalties for sin are paid in two ways by you own deeds and by His deeds.

  • tap002

    Kill em All

  • Scam Jones

    Death penalty is great deterrent! This killer won't kill any more any more little boys or rape them and chop up their bodies! May be burn in hell for eternity!

  • James

    I am in favor of the death penalty,"GET A ROPE"

  • Skunkeroo

    Marge Schott was executed in Ohio's electric chair.

  • CaptRon

    Death penalty should be expanded to include many, many more crimes. With DNA and other forensic evidence removing all doubt the death penalty should be carried out within 3 years.

  • AnonymouseIsAWoman

    There are some crimes so grievous, so contemptuous of human life, that the only just penalty is to take the life of the killer. This is not revenge, it is not murder; it is to take from the killer that which he held in contempt and did not value in others, to show that no one has the right to do such things and live among us, in prison or not.
    The crime this man committed was so grievous and egregious that he could not be allowed to live.
    The purpose of the death penalty is not to make us safer; it is to punish those who show complete contempt for the most fundamental right of others, the right to live.
    Arguments that the death penalty should be abolished because it isn't a deterrent miss the point of punishment. Arguments that it is murder miss the point that it is a punishment. Most of these arguments are heavily favored by those facing the death penalty, and are as morally bankrupt as those offenders..

  • Tom Tucker

    Anything more than six months on death row is too long.

  • Robert LeClair

    Most law bidding people would like to see at least 2 a week put down. There is no debate !!!! Just Saying !

  • Kitty Mitchell

    On the fence if we should kill them or like a gentlemen said in one comment, stick them in isolation for life. Personally, I think I would rather get death than have to sit 23 hours a day in a cold, cement box with no human contact for years and years. I think this would be a far more tortuous punishment.

  • AnonymouseIsAWoman

    Oregon is paroling Scott William Cox, a nascent serial killer arrested and convicted for two slayings, and suspected in more. He will be released in Yamhill County, where he was convicted before serving 20 years or so of his 25 year sentence. He wished to be paroled to Douglas County, but that release plan was denied.
    Expect the dead women to start turning up.

  • AnonymouseIsAWoman

    Richard Marquette murdered Joan Caudle in 1961. He served eleven years and was paroled in 1973. He then murdered Betty Wilson in 1975 after murdering another woman whose body has never been identified in 1974.
    He is now allegedly in prison for life without possibility of parole.

    Psychiatrists working with Marquette came to the conclusion that he was a perfectly normal, socially adjusted individual unless women turned him down.

  • AnonymouseIsAWoman

    Cox after release told a hotdog cart vendor that he had done everyone a favor by killing his first two victims.
    This has not pleased local residents.

  • fuekemee

    A VERY LARGE fine and restitution to the family would have been a better punishment. Along with a public apology. All you "eye for an eye" people don't understand forgiveness and grace.
    MY SUGGESTION is righteous!! Of course, the "restitution" should be electrocution until dead.