Florida Execution: Juan Carlos Chavez Is Dead

    February 13, 2014
    Val Powell
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Juan Carlos Chavez was executed in Florida on Wednesday night for a crime he committed 18 years ago. Chavez remained silent as he approached the death chamber. The execution was delayed two hours due to a reconsideration appeal to the Supreme Court for a request for stay, which was denied. Chavez was found guilty of kidnapping, sexual battery, and the murder of a young boy.

On September 11, 1995, 9-year-old Jimmy Ryce went missing. The child’s disappearance sparked  an investigation across South Florida that spanned months. Police finally caught up with Chavez, who confessed to abducting, raping, and killing Ryce.

Three months after the boy’s abduction, Chavez’s landlady found evidence in a trailer where Chavez was staying. She discovered Ryce’s bag and her own revolver, which Chavez has stolen from her home and used as the murder weapon. Police interrogated Chavez, which led to his confession. Chavez then led the police to the location of Ryce’s remains, which were placed in planters and sealed with concrete.

Since the murder, Ryce’s parents have focused their attention on turning the death of their son into something positive. They started a foundation geared towards implementing stronger rulings and procedures when it comes to missing child cases. The foundation has also contributed canines to assist officers when looking for children who are missing.

Hours before the execution, a spiritual advisor visited Chavez who was reported to appear calm. His last meal consisted of French fries, a ribeye steak, strawberry ice cream, mango juice, and a fruit cup.

At 8:02 p.m. on Wednesday, Chavez lay on the gurney in the death chamber awaiting his execution with his ankles and wrists strapped and a sheet covering his body. Chavez refused to make a final statement. The drugs were then injected into his arms, and he was dead within a few minutes. The corrections official announced Chavez’s official time of death at 8:17 p.m.

Execution press conference

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  • allenrs

    Goodbye you murderous piece of crap.

    • http://www.kmanthie.wordpress.com/ Kent Manthie

      You sound just as bloodthirsty as the person who's going to be executed. It's no wonder that Americans are seen as self-centered, ignorant hypocrites by most of the modern world. (the free world that is. You'd fit right in in Nigeria).

      • Dolly Ward Paice

        So be it, I have to say, as a parent, and a Florida resident that clearly remembers this, I too would wish death on the person who took the life of my innocent child. Perhaps if our crimes and punishment matched (eye for an eye) things would not be the way they are.

        • zer0nonsense

          "an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind".

          • Jason Kilgore

            leaving cold blooded killers alive makes the ENTIRE world less safe! Fact!

        • Janet Lurker

          I have witnessed first hand the murder of another person. Unless you have gone through it you will never understand. You can have all the opinions you want, however please put yourself in the parents shoes and your views may change.

          • Dolly Ward Paice

            The parent of WHO? The killer? I am a parent of a sexually molested child, fortunately not as severe as this poor child, I hope Chavez suffered.

          • Janet Lurker

            We are on the same page Dolly. I hope the monster suffered too

        • Deb Mavrick

          Perhaps if you were Christian and believe in things like forgiveness, mercy, redemption, charity things would not be the way they are….

          • Jerry Thomas

            skip us with your christian bull shit!!! he killed a little boy!! hopefully it wont happen to your child deb!!

          • Crystal Duna

            Jerry, I agree with you. I am christian too, but I think God is going to really deal with that guy now. A child is innocent and for anyone to ever do what this man has done, well now he is going to pay the price. I don't agree with Deb at all. I know forgiveness comes in many forms, but that guy needed to pay for what he did to the victim and the families.

          • rosa

            perhaps if someone rape, torture you you will feel differently.

          • croixscout

            Christian- you mean like these "rapture" folks who want to screw up the country and people's lives so we can all ascend somewhere…Christianity has nothing to do with this.

          • Deb Mavrick

            Christianity has everything to do with this and btw I lost family to a DWI perpetrator, we forgave maybe all of you should too.
            Forgiving is different than forgetting, no one says the man should not be punished for his crimes but a fact of justice is that it costs 4X the amount to put a murderer to death than life w/o parole and it seems to many that life w/o parole is more of a punishment than letting out via death penalty.
            If you are a Christian; than you better believe if this man repented, confessed his sins and ask for Jesus’s forgiveness and mercy he has more of chance at redemption than any of you.

          • croixscout

            When you deny someone’s existence, you forfeit you own. Has nothing to do with god or justice. It is what it is….

          • Dolly Ward Paice

            LOL, I’d love to see your mercy if what he did happened to a child of yours….

      • Leigh

        Right, we are self-centered for wanting to dispose of a monster. You're an idiot. Let's hear you say that when it's your child who gets raped and murdered.

        • Dolly Ward Paice

          You should move down and see some of the other things this pedophile lover entered…..

      • Farva55

        You act like Americans give 2 shits what other countries think. Stay where you are, you wouldn't fit here.

      • Timmy C

        I really wonder what you would say if it were your son or daughter. Put your self in the fathers shoes as much as you can. And then tell me how you would feel and what you would want done

      • Jason Kilgore

        Joe . This ANIMAL, kidnapped, RAPED AND KILLED a 9 year old boy. He should have been killed the second HE SHOWED them where the body PARTS were. Had this been my son, you can bet your ass, he and ANYONE protecting him would be as dead as Elvis! Bloodthirsty, you better believe it cherry boy!

      • Jim Boyle

        You would feel different if the victim was in your family..

      • lovmytruck ford

        Needs to get back to the days of the old West.

      • Al

        I strongly believe that if our punishments were more harsh as in some other countries these type of people might think twice before doing it. If one of my children were take from me like that I would want to be the one to pull the switch or administer the lethal injection.

        • http://www.kmanthie.wordpress.com/ Kent Manthie

          You’d think so, wouldn’t you? That capital punishment (CP) would act as a deterrent for would-be killers. But that has proved to be a joke. For millennia, people have murdered one another for various reasons and CP has been around for millennia-killers got hanged or shot or beheaded or whatnot, but that was only a spectacle, for public enjoyment. It never deterred any murders. The only thing it does is to keep defense attys. in biz. Plus, in these days of crowded court dockets, ADAs want to clear their calendars ASAP, so, to forestall trials, they will, oftentimes do plea deals, wherein (depending on the crime, of course) a defendant pleads guilty in exchange for a lighter sentence, etc.or if it’s for a heinous murder, they might make a plea to get out of a CP threat by pleading guilty and getting a life sentence. So, since there IS no deterrent factor in CP, the only purpose one can reasonably attribute to it is for revenge. It gives the victim’s family/friends a feeling of vengeance, as well as the public too – as evidenced by all the bloodthirsty comments here, on Yahoo.

    • zer0nonsense

      Condescending much?

      • http://www.kmanthie.wordpress.com/ Kent Manthie

        Only to backwards, brainless hicks who have no reasoning capability. Yes,I can be very condescending,when it’s warranted. Some people are just so far-gone due to the worthlessness of religion that turns one into an automaton that gives up all critical thinking capabilities and basic logic and/or outright stupidity, a basic inability to learn. So, yes, in cases where there’s no hope of reaching someone w/reason, logic and sanity, you just have to write ’em off and can only treat them like golden retrievers.

        • zer0nonsense

          I was actually talking about they guy before you that said “Goodbye you murderous piece of crap”.

    • kenneth kimbell

      all you people in florida quit drinking the water…or do you have some kind of a money deal with cnn….I mean damn….

  • Hervie

    So if I was supposed to feel sorry for this Chavez freak your news item failed.

  • kevin boult

    He deserved to be executed no doubt about it. But still I pray that he found Jesus these last eighteen years and ask for forgiveness. But as evil as he was he probably didn't, and is in special place reserved for people that do harm to children, and never repent of their sin

    • http://www.kmanthie.wordpress.com/ Kent Manthie

      get over it…don't waste your time praying to some imaginary god. THERE IS NO GOD!!! No heaven, no hell, nothing. That is a silly fairy tale that people like to delude themselves into thinking because people are scared of death. That fear leads people to make up these dumb religions that "promise" us an afterlife and all that crap, when any intelligent person knows that is an anachronistic way of thinking. People may have bought into that BS thousands of years ago, but it just is not relevant today and has been thought of as illusory at best for the past 300 years.

      • veelalynne@sbcglobal.net

        What do you care? Let the man have his belief. He wasn't trashing yours. Don't trash his.

        • http://www.kmanthie.wordpress.com/ Kent Manthie

          I don’t trash the brainwashed people who actually believe in this nonsense. It’s the people who continue to spread this BS that’s to blame. Anyone can believe whatever they want. ANYONE. But if you want to have the truth on your side you’d stop blindly following this nonsensical dogma and start thinking critically-start questioning the leaders of whatever church you go to (and if it’s Catholic-I’d leave my kids as far away from those priests as possible!)

      • Les

        I AGREE

      • WesO

        Ah. An atheist. Well that begins to explain some of it. Who's the ignorant one again? Though religion plays nothing here…it does help me understand a little more why you have such ignorant views on child killers and cold blooded murders. Still wonder how you would feel if this happened to someone close to you…that is if anyone is silly enough to BE close to you. Wow

        • Oliverfist

          He said nothing about the child killer stupid. He plainly said that there is no god. You are the ignorant one. Atheists don't defend murderers. Atheist defend rational thought which you clearly don't have.

          • http://www.kmanthie.wordpress.com/ Kent Manthie

            You are the one who is ignorant, since you make snap judgments about people you know nothing about, The so-called “child killer” is one thing and I didn’t, in any way, defend him. Name one thing I wrote that defended this guy in any way. You can’t because I didn’t. Right-wing reactionaries like you are the scourge of mankind. I am very rational and I will always defend any rational thought, but so far, I haven’t read any. You’ve shown the limits of your rationality by making snap judgments about individuals about whom you know nothing. I think it’s you who don’t have a clue as to what a rational thought is. Is that what Glenn Beck told you to say? When was the last time you had an original thought? Not repeating over and over, some BS that you read in a right-wing rag or on AM talk radio.

      • Farva55

        No one cares what you think. Go back to your cave.

        • http://www.kmanthie.wordpress.com/ Kent Manthie

          I live like a human, not like the animal you obviously are. I suppose you thought of “cave” because that’s what you think of as typical. Your stupidity shines right through your inane comment. Wow, there are so many retarded, inbred morons that comment to just about every Yahoo article. Don’t you morons have anything better to do? Why don’t you get off your lazy butt & find a job?

      • peter norton

        Hey, Joe Bob, I thought you hillbillies believed in God?

        • http://www.kmanthie.wordpress.com/ Kent Manthie

          I’m not a hillbilly. If I was, I would’ve killed myself a long time ago. christians & hillbillies are practically indistinguishable – at least in their lack of logic and poor thinking capabilities!

      • Timmy C

        Sad I think your view is why we have men putting thier penises in a hole ised for deficating. Makes about as much sence as what you said.

        • oliverfist

          Priests believe in god and like little boys. You may want to rethink your position on who's view it is that creates the monsters.

          • Timmy C

            Your right about that. They should receive the same as the child rapest. But they don't because the so called catholics are a country of thier own. Like immunity. And like homosexuals same thing.

        • yldcatz

          As Steve Martin said “what is that you’re saying?”

      • Deardra Brown

        There is a God and one day you will see

        • http://www.kmanthie.wordpress.com/ Kent Manthie

          No, I won’t “see” because it’s foolish to the extreme to believe in that nonsense. When I (and everyone else too) die, my heart stops beating. etc. and then I can be cremated or buried or whatever – it doesn’t really matter what you do w/a corpse. Once you are dead, that is the end. It’s called “nothingness”.

          • Deardra Brown

            Yes your body goes back to dust but your spirit does not. I hope one day you will experience God’s love

      • Casey

        That's a belief like any other belief, you're arrogant to assume otherwise.

      • Rita Robinson

        Belief in a higher power brings purpose to some peoples lives. It gives them hope and there is nothing wrong with that. I am not a religious person but to condemn those that choose to have faith is the act of the narrow minded and uneducated.

        • Crystal Duna

          Rita you bring up some great points thank you.

    • Les


      • http://www.kmanthie.wordpress.com/ Kent Manthie

        I most certainly do NOT want to believe in some man-made superstitious nonsense that has been the scourge of mankind of thousands of years. Looks like you are just another uneducated hick – you can’t even spell “hypocrite” correctly. Idiot.

        • Les

          I actually agree with u called the other guy hypocrite did not spell checked
          I am Hispanic and by the way have a masters and the bible can kiss my ass

    • zer0nonsense

      I agree. I hope that Jimmy's family is okay and that Juan Carlos is at peace with God. Jesus taught us to forgive and to love our enemies.

      • Jason Kilgore

        And what happened to Jesus again?

        • ProEm

          He forgave his enemies and returned after his death. Next question?

        • Rita Robinson

          LoL Jason. Just LOL!

      • Brian

        Half of Jimmy’s close family died. His sister killed herself not too long ago and his mom died in 2009.

  • Alan Rubin

    And while this guy got to live another 18 years for his crime, the father not only lost his son, his wife died in 2009 (cause of death unknown) and his daughter committed suicide in the past year, probably all because of this Cuban immigrant. That to me is the worst part of this crime. Unless the father still has other children, he has no family left.

  • who_earn_it

    I say they should die as soon as possible

  • Donald McCoy

    To bad So sad, I only wish they'd have used a Black& Decker 1/2 hp drill motor and maybe a 1/2 carbide drill bit on his knees and maybe his elbows before they stuck him with a needle and syringe filled with concentrated Hydrochloric acid.
    Why don't we make these animals suffer.
    Guess I'm just to sympathetic to the victims.
    Semper Fi

    • rick griffin

      No one forced him to torture and kill this child who would now be 27 years old. He did something evil and got to live for 18 years at our expense .


    heres hoping he suffered.

    • Jason Kilgore

      best post all day Roy!

  • Brian

    They should have executed him the day he admitted to the crime.

    • Rita Robinson

      And if he confessed under duress and was innocent? Not applicable to this case after the jury convicted him but you can't just go around executing people that makes one no better than the murderer.

      • Brian

        I agree that it would be bad to kill the innocent, but like you said he isnt.
        So, why are you sticking up for pedo killers?
        The kid died, his mom and his sister.

  • Sophie

    Have fun rotten in HELL you loser. You was a waste of life and didnt deserve to be here.

  • Thomas

    Well deserved punishment. What is the problem?

  • Robert David Kanter

    With so many good people around me passing why should I care about a murderous piece of s++t like this

  • scopedope

    Justice in the U.S. sucks. He should have been executed 18 years ago!

    • Charlie

      I totally agree!

  • Daniel Didonna

    why do morons talk about cruel punishment for killer? and forget about rights of victims? what about family of 9 year old boy raped and murdered? this scumbag had it coming! many are too quick to defends rights of these evil, usless, scumbag humans, yet forget about victims!

    • Farva55

      Simple. Liberals are idiots.

  • Denise

    It is just sad that so much of Florida's tax payers money was used to keep him alive for all these years. That is money that should of gone to the victim's family. Controversy needs to cease. Death penalty should be punishment in all states.

  • CO-I Missouri

    Line them up lets get bunk beds and start doing them two at a time.

  • jyladvik

    I support the death penalty for cases like this.

  • 8grandma

    I think he should have been put in solitary confinement, naked, and left to starve.

  • George Santana

    What happened with the electric chair? 18 years is too long. Why the tax payers have to use our money to support that kind of people for such a long time?

  • locem lee

    I'm glad there is still Capital Punishment in Florida.
    Rot in hell Chavez.

  • http://www.kmanthie.wordpress.com/ Kent Manthie

    The way that state-sanctioned revenge killings are done these days is really creepy. This so-called "humane" way of wreaking vengeance by strapping the prisoner down and injecting him/her w/3 different drugs -a "sedative", actually a barbiturate, usually Nembutal (pentobarbitol)or sodium thiopental (don't know what, if any, brand name that has); then there is administered a "muscle relaxant": pancuronium bromide -enough is injected to cause "complete, fast and sustained paralysis…", which, by itself, would cause death by asphyxiation, but that's not enough – on top of that the "condemned" gets a big shot of potassium chloride, in order to cause cardiac arrest. I suppose that, to the executioners and the cheerleaders of the killing, execution by lethal injection is seen to be a "humane"(?) way of ridding the world of murderers sentenced to death. But – "humane" is quite a relative term. What about the agony that the person on the receiving end of a lethal injection? Not to mention, with the exception of stone cold, sociopathic killers who feel nothing, the awful fear they must be experiencing-whether they show it or not. This whole change in capital punishment, from hanging to the electric chair to the gas chamber and now, to appease death penalty supporters (the bloodlust they must feel), we've changed it to lethal injection and, the way I see it, it isn't for the benefit of the condemned but, rather, a way to relieve the consciences of the executioners and their cheerleaders, by not having to watch a person dying in a locked chamber, with the same thing that the Nazis killed millions of Jews and other "undesirables" in 1940s Germany, or watching as a person is killed by shooting massive amounts of electricity in them until they expire from electrocution (i.e., their heart stops) and the gruesome unintended effects that pop up, like the prisoner catching on fire, the prisoner not dying after the first try so they have to keep pulling the switch until he is dead. And, of course, hanging-that was fraught w/all sorts of awful effects-decapitations, people not getting their necks broken as per what hanging is supposed to be, but rather, dangling from the rope and -if their head doesn't rip off-slowly being asphyxiated from the tight rope from which they hang. All capital punishment is bad and just because of a heinous murder/rape/robbery or some horrendous murder which is considered a "capital crime", why does that justify the government killing them? The only way it can still, logically, be happening is that it is done out of vengeance. It's certainly not a deterrent of any kind. People will always continue to murder others, for various reasons. The only other countries in the world that have the death penalty are places that are run w/an iron fist by ruthless, selfish dictators-N.Korea, China, Iran, Nigeria, and I think S. Africa still has it -I know they were 2nd only to the US in terms of #s of executions when whites were the ruling class. The above countries are not ones that the US should be emulating. Capitol punishment is nothing but a revenge-catharsis for the family/friends of the person or people that were killed by the condemned. How does the dehumanization of even the worst sort of person by these victim's families make them any better than the person who's being executed? Life in prison w/no parole should be enough. That's what all other democratic countries (real democracies, not ones in name only, like Russia or Afghanistan (that's a joke!), etc) abolished their death penalties a long time ago. It's time the US do the same. We're seen as barbaric for this, by other "first-world" democratic countries. I guess, though, Americans don't care what others think of their actions.

    • veelalynne@sbcglobal.net

      Blah blah blah. Go boo-hoo for pedophile child-killers on mangina.com.

    • WesO

      Are you freaking serious? How on Earth could you possible have any empathetic feelings whatsoever for human trash like this? Kidnapping, raping and killing of a child? What is wrong with you!!?? Anyone who could possible have these feelings for a killer like this is almost just as sick as the killer themselves. I think you need help. Sounds like you may have some issues you need worked out. I wish you could say these words you've written directly to the family of this CHILD who was raped and murdered. You are just as sick as this waste of a human life. Sicko

      • Jason Kilgore

        this guy is a pathetic ape… Anyone that would defend this animal is nothing more than a POS that simply DOES NOT MATTER in the world!

        • Timmy C

          Maybe farva55 is a pedifile

    • Farva55

      Go cry elsewhere.

    • Janette Miller

      WaWaWA. You want us to support these savages for ever. No thanks. I think we should expand the reasons for death penalty to cover any murder and any abuse of a child . I have no sympathy for the murderer or child abuser. Kill them how ever you want but get them gone. That one will not do it again.

    • Bobby Litwin

      I never had any sympathy for a creep on Death Row who raped and murdered a child, but I sure have feelings for the little boy or girl whose life was cut short by a vicious, depraved person who has no human value. And none of us has to deal with the deep hurt this child's family will probably feel forever, for there can never be closure. Ask Lt. Joe Kenda.
      So call me names, but I agree with the writers who want a full measure of revenge imposed by the State.
      Some thugs broke into a home close to my parents' and robbed an elderly couple. They were not satisfied leaving them tied up. So they slaughtered them, to get rid of any witnesses.
      I believe one of these killers still resides on Maryland's Death Row, all but
      forgotten by the State's Criminal Justice System. Fed and watered, safe from other inmates, day after day. He will surely die in prison, like the guy – Mumia, I think – who shot and killed a Philadelphia policeman from behind while the policeman was arresting his buddy. It's been so long, the State has given up efforts to have this Cop Killer executed. He, too, will die in his Cell. I recall the policeman left behind a wife and young kids, who probably think of him often, and with much sadness.

    • claude

      Very well said. We need to end the death penalty.

  • WesO

    Oh how do I wish they could have somehow sent him here to Texas. We have an express lane to the death chamber, thanks Ron White for that one. No way in HELL we would have let this waste of human DNA live for 18 years. There would have been nothing left but bones after 18 years had he been here. So here's to hoping Florida speeds up their process for disgusting humans like this. I hope he spends eternity being tortured in HELL! Sometimes I wish people like this were put to death in the EXACT same mannor in which they killed. this guy should have been raped and tortured then shot. I bet that would make some sick people think twice. His death was way too peaceful. He should have gotten what he dished out! Sick

  • ZZ


    • WesO

      COULD NOT AGREE MORE! Horrible!

    • Timmy C

      It's the *%#* lawyers. There not keeping thier client alive for love but for money. Lawyers are like tit's on a boar. Just useless :0)

  • http://www.kmanthie.wordpress.com/ Kent Manthie

    Looks like the only people that post comments on Yahoo are unemployed, redneck, angry white guys who never finished high school and channel their self-hatred at whatever news story on which they're commenting. What a bunch of pathetic boors. Anyone who is a cheerleader for executions is, morally, no better than the killers who are sentenced to death. What an anti-intellectual class of ignorant slobs!!

    • Lunatic

      You are insane. We should put them all on a deserted island with you as their president!

    • WesO

      unemployed redneck, huh? Ok JOE BOB. Are you kidding? I happend to have a 6 figure job and have a MASTERS DEGREE. I wonder how you would feel about the death penaly if someone raped, tortured and killed one of your children. Or someone very close to you if you have no kids. Man i sure feel sorry for your kids if you have any. Anyone who could show empathy for a child killer is just sick. To think we are similar to this piece of trash if funny…..your support to keep them alive makes you more like them. You are one twisted individual

    • Farva55

      I'm smarter than you, have more money, a better job, a better education, and was an athlete.

      Farva 1
      Trailertrash Bob 0.

      • Timmy C

        Then tell us truthfully. What would you have done to this perp if he sodamized your son or raped your daughter. If your the man you say you are tell us the truth. Do you know what a child gose through when tht happens. You couldn't possably want that person to live.

    • Timmy C

      Come-on Joe Bob (I think I saw a gu named Joe Bob on the movie Diliverence) tell us, if it was your child. What then

  • visitor

    Rot in hell

  • Les


  • Annie

    Good riddance. This should be the path for all the child abductors, child rapists, child killers out there. They deserve to be executed. The little boy didn't get any strawberry ice cream, fries, steak, he was probably screaming and crying for his mommy. Protecting our children should be of the highest priority. Severe punishment or death is ok by me.

    • Timmy C

      Ditto big time

  • John Davis


  • True Justice

    This guy should have died the day after the sentence was delivered. Too bad we don't have public hangings no more. I personally think we need to take everyone on death row and get it done. Just start 24 hours per day straight and get death row cleaned out. Would be a hell of a lot cheaper than the current process.

  • p kaye

    good riddance bastard; burn in hell

  • Fred Brown

    The way I see it… The state saved him from the poor kids relatives. I would of killed this animal with my bare hands after I tortured him. The state did a good job of protecting this beast from people like me.

  • jreeders

    The headline should read, Jimmy Ryce still dead. This mutt got to live a other 18 years.

  • dave049

    Good thing Mr. Chavez's landlady had a gun he could steal — not

  • Robin Watson Gillespie

    I too remember this well, being a mother of 2 living in South-Dade County, Florida and going through the loss of Adam Walsh. A child should never have to worry about this type of vile being. I now have a 9 year old grandson and can not even imagine THE FEAR, THE PAIN, THE CONFUSION AND TERROR OF A YOUNG BOY GOING THROUGH THIS TYPE OF ASSULT! I'm glad the bastard is dead, and has it been a member of my family, I would have gladly pulled the plug!

  • amyf

    He is a monster and confessed to it. Our tax dollars shouldn't of had to pay for him for 18 years!! he killed he confessed he should be dead long before 18 damn years!!!!! Best believe if someone did this to my child your tax dollars would be paying for my prison stay not theirs!!!!

  • rameyers

    If he confessed and even shown the cops where he hid the body why would he get to stay alive for 18 years at out tax dollar expense , they should have executed him right there, cut off his junk and let him bleed out.

  • Jim Boyle


  • D.m. Hamilton

    Good riddance to bad rubbish, sorry it had to take so long to get it done.

  • Dennis Ratcliff

    Shame on Florida! They should have tortured the piece of dung every day for the past 18 years! Anyone who goes out and rapes and murders our children should get a million times worse than this!

  • David Perry

    This piece of crap was allowed to live twice as long as his victim was allowed to. This justice system is all screwed up!!!

  • steelerbeam

    good news – let's stick a few more and not waste 18 yrs and a sh#tload of money in the process…


    I think the BASTARD should have suffered. I'm all for the death penalty, just not the needle. They should have poured water over him, and lite his ass up with 480 volts, 5 minutes after they shot battery acid in his veins!!!!! Hope the Bastard and all other child molesters burn in hell l!!!!!!!!

  • rosa

    well, he lived 18 more years after he was caught, look how many other little boys and girls lives were saved. only god knows how many other children he did the same thing to before he was caught. so, will never get out on a technicality and kill again,

  • lovmytruck ford

    Fantastic another piece of Crap is gone. Only problem is they waited to long, he should have been toast a week after he was proven guilty

  • Rita Robinson

    The death of this man will not bring back the child but I do hope it brings some closure or peace to the family.

  • croixscout

    Now that we have DNA and cameras everywhere, do we really have to house killers for decades when all the evidence is in… I think when you purposely end the existence of the innocent, do you not sacrifice your right to existence? This question has nothing to do with religion…

  • donny lee

    I hope all the child molesters were paying attention

  • Michael

    Kill the scumbags…………

  • Mesquite Duro

    Funny thing about Athiests, put them in a life threatening situation and you will see how quickly they call out for GOD. It happened in Combat in Viet Nam during my two tours there. Same as C.O's, who did not believe in killing. During a firefight one was scrambling looking for a sweet 16. Funny how those attitudes change so quickly. That was comical to say the least. If my child was raped and murdered, exection by injection would be to humane for me. And that is my viewpoint, like it or not!

  • kenneth kimbell

    oh joe…you would fit in anywhere but the usa….take your kid murdering loveing ass and leave…