Florida Daycare Crash: 1 Child Dead, Motorist Flees

By: Toni Matthews-El - April 10, 2014

The hunt is on for a Florida driver that fled the scene of a major car accident which left one child dead and at least a dozen others seriously injured.

It is being reported that on Wednesday afternoon an SUV that was described as gray or silver slammed into a dark-colored convertible. The car is said to have jumped the curb after being hit and crashed directly into the side of the KinderCare center in Winter Park, Fla.

It’s uncertain how many individuals were injured, but most reports put the number as high as fifteen. At least one child was pinned by the car when it crashed into the building.

The SUV, described as a Dodge Durango, sped away from the scene shortly after the incident occurred.

Evette Rivera, parent to one of the children at the daycare, said that she saw a “huge hole” in the side of the daycare center.

Following the car accident, the injured were rushed to area hospitals. One young girl, whose name and age have been withheld, died at the hospital. Several other children are said to be in serious condition.

Hours after the event, investigators have made public the name of the man thought to be responsible for causing the deadly crash.

Authorities are seeking 28-year-old Robert Alex Corchado as a “person of interest”.

According to Florida Highway Patrol spokeswoman Wanda Diaz, Corchado has been arrested eight times since 2000. Some of the charges were drug-related charges, but most interesting is that Corchado has been arrested in the past for having fled the scene of a crash he caused.

Corchado is now the subject of a state-wide manhunt as authorities believe that he is trying to or has already fled Orlando, Fla.

Anyone with information regarding Corchado and his whereabouts is encouraged to contact Florida law enforcement officials immediately.

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