Flock Works With MySpace On OpenID

    December 2, 2008

Good news for those who are users of the Flock browser, the company announced today that it now supports OpenID.

Flock worked with MySpace and Vidoop to develop OpenID in the browser. Flock says that it now offers the most comprehensive discovery and management capabilities for OpenID currently available.

OpenID for Flock is now available to all Flock 2.0 users as an alpha extension. It’s available for download at https://extensions.flock.com and http://vidoop.com/labs/.

"We are three companies dedicated to helping people better share their content and experiences online, and we saw an opportunity to collaborate to quickly create a way for users to more easily manage their online identity," said Max Engel, product lead for the MySpace Data Availability Platform. 

"Our goal was to eliminate some of the work involved in jumping between social experiences on the Web. The extension we jointly developed will give the community an easier way to seamlessly carry their identity and preferences in their browser."

OpenID for Flock senses when a user visits a site that will accept an OpenID login. Users are able to choose which of their OpenIDs they want to login for each site and view the login history.

MySpace’s role in working with Flock to develop OpenID is part of its strategy to compete with rival social network Facebook, which recently launched Facebook Connect that allows users to sign into accounts on a variety of partner sites with Facebook Ids.

IDIB OpenID for Flock from phatbuddhaz on Vimeo.