Flock 2.0 Has Arrived

    October 15, 2008

Flock, the social Web browser built on Mozilla Firefox is now out of beta and can be integrated with the MySpace Data Availability platform.

Flock 2.0 includes support for Media RSS and offers access to any social network with a Media RSS feed.

Social networking users can have access to MySpace, Facebook, Digg, YouTube, Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket and Twitter via Flock’s sidebar. Flock’s Media Bar feature, at the top of the browser allows users to drag and drop pictures and videos into a MySpace user’s profile.


MySpace was the most requested service from the Flock community while it was in beta so it makes sense that Flock 2.0 would integrate the popular social network into its new launch.

"The MySpace integration in Flock is a great example of an application that helps users stay connected with their life on MySpace and easily share content with their friends throughout the Web," said Max Engel, product lead for the MySpace Data Availability Platform.

Flock 2.0 also has added themes allow users to customize the look of the browser. Currently there are two themes available to users. The "Dublin Theme" described as "calm grays, dark blues and gently pulsing notifications," and "MyBlue Theme" which looks fairly similar to the Dublin Theme. There will be more new themes released in the coming weeks and months.

"As the browser market and the social space mature we’re seeing a natural evolution toward better options for consumers," said Shawn Hardin, CEO of Flock.

"Many users now belong to two or more social networks in addition to juggling multiple email, news feeds and numerous web-based applications.  People who value keeping up with friends on the Web are migrating to Flock, because we let them cut through the clutter and focus on what’s important to them-the friends, media, information and events they care about."