Flickr Will Now Post to Your Facebook Feed

Upload Photos, Flickr Will Automatically Update Facebook

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Yahoo has been integrating Facebook into its properties more deeply, and Flickr is no exception. The company announced that it is launching a new and improved way to share Flickr photos on Facebook.

Users can simply connect their Flickr and Facebook accounts, and Flickr will automatically send updates to your Facebook feed every time a new photo (or video) is uploaded).

Flickr, Facebook integration

"As always, you have control over who sees your Flickr images," says Flickr’s Denise Leung. "Once you enable Facebook sharing, updates are only automatically sent to your Facebook feed when you upload them as public (or when you set a photo to public)."

"We’re using the Yahoo! Updates platform to power this integration," adds Leung. "Yahoo! Updates lets you share and view activity across multiple social networks, including on Yahoo!. Your Flickr updates are private on Yahoo! Updates by default and you can easily manage your settings there."

More information about Flickr’s Facebook integration can be found here.

Flickr Will Now Post to Your Facebook Feed
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  • http://www.topseo.in Rocking_Kaps

    Facebook is booming day by day with such associations.

  • http://detector-ym.blogspot.com/ Invisible Detector

    well,, very nice :) :-p

  • http://www.MinaDesignAndTailoring.com johnnlog

    Hmmmmmmmmm v.nice sharing keep sharing with us.. Thanks….

  • http://chinayahoo.fotopages.com/ Fed Up 2

    Just so that everyone here knows, Flickr is actually a porn site pretending to be a family friendly place. Please keep this in mind when connecting to that Yahoo site. There are countless predators and pedophiles allowed to stalk people and groom kids while trading their hardcore and child porn on Flickr. Most of you probably don’t care or believe this, but it’s true. Sorry if that bothers any of you. That is what America is all about though, right? Thoughtlessly feeding our children to perverts while exposing them to tons of unlabeled smut is called freedom here in the US. We obviously love porn.

    • Mike

      Well, considering that Safe Search is on by default, and you have to go into the account settings and turn them off, you obviously have experience looking for porn on flickr. Yes, Americans love porn, as does the rest of the world. Sex is healthy. Try it sometime.

  • http://upsidedown-status.blogspot.com/ UPSIDE DOWN

    Nice informations


  • http://venturevancouver.net/ Venture Vancouver

    When you upload more than one photo, say 30 at a time, this new feature now updates your facebook news feed 30 times with ‘Venture has uploaded a photo’ that’s right, A PHOTO, a single photo. This is stupid. It used to be a lot simpler and better as described here http://www.flickr.com/photos/danielgreene/3493715353/.

    Unless there is a way for this new feature to update your facebook status once, (not 30 times) with one post simply saying ‘Venture has uploaded 30 new photos to Flickr'; that I don’t know about, please tell me.

    Until then, I’ve disabled this new feature and will continue to be in search for a simple app to update facebook status once when lots of new photos are uploaded to Flickr.

    Why do companies need to change things for the worse when they already work fine and call it ‘improvement’.

    From Annoyed Venture Vancouver.

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