Flickr Takes A Shine To Twitter

    June 30, 2009

It may have taken the Yahoo property a little while, but Flickr’s now fully embracing Twitter.  Today, a "Flickr 2 Twitter" feature launched, and Flickr also committed itself to keeping and updating a Twitter account.

Let’s start with the Flickr 2 Twitter development.  As a Flickr representative explained in an email to WebProNews, Flickr 2 Twitter is "a new way for Flickr members to easily post images to Twitter."

The representative then provided some instructions, continuing, "To use Flickr 2 Twitter, members need to first authorize Flickr to post to their Twitter accounts.  Once authorized, members will be able to tweet photos from the ‘Blog This’ button on their photo page or from their mobile devices.  Mobile uploading is possible once members enable their Upload by Email settings (unique Flickr email upload address + ‘2twitter’)."

The sort of tweet that will result can be seen below.  Insert your own "worth 1,000 words vs. 140 characters" joke here.

Twitter to Flickr Feature

Then there’s the matter of Flickr’s new Twitter account, which as you might have guessed, is @Flickr.  Although its first tweet appeared on the 17th, Flickr only officially committed to the account today.