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Update: After several weeks of pubic preview, the new photo pages are now being rolled out to everyone.

Original Article: Flickr has launched a new photo page. Some elements of the page have been enlarged, or "embiggened" as Flickr puts it. Photos are now displayed in a bigger 640 pixel width and the photo page itself is wider.

"As you can imagine, this is the most trafficked page on Flickr, with our 85+ million visitors spending a good deal of time looking at the various images and videos posted by our members," Flickr tells WebProNews. " With the new photo page, we have made the experience Bigger (images are 30% bigger, Faster (on average 50% faster for users), Cleaner (hidden a variety of the actions under two simple tabs) while helping the Flickr member tell a more complete story." 

Photo titles have been moved closer to the description. "Photos represent a lot of information about the moment of capture – what, who, when, how and where. We’ve moved the photo title closer to the description to surface the ‘what’ better," says Flickr's Josh Nguyen. "The photo owner, dates taken, camera, and location of the photo are all within easy reach to the right of the image. The clustering of story elements has sparked many serendipitous discoveries around FlickrHQ – we hope you’ll find them a useful way to dig deeper into photos too."

New Flickr Photo Page

"When you share your photos on Flickr, one of the more magical moments for your viewers comes when they explore all the rest of what you have on Flickr – your photostream, sets, groups, etc. So we’ve improved the navigation controls and performance on the photo page," adds Nguyen. "Getting from one photo to the next is fast, just a click away with the Newer / Older buttons above the photo. We’ve also rebuilt the film strip from the ground up to preview the photos surrounding the image that you’re viewing. The film strip is a great tool to dip into sets, groups, favorites and all the awesome rabbit holes that you can find on Flickr."

There is a new actions menu and a new light box view to spotlight photos. Also, when someone favorites your photo, that will now appear in the comments and favorites section.

Flickr says these are just a few of the changes it has made, and it will be rolling out the new page to all users over the coming weeks. However, signed-in members can preview the new page starting today.

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