Flickr Offers Photo Printing

    October 27, 2005

Photo portal Flickr now offers printing services for the however many zillions of photos they have on their site. The service is available either through mail or for pickup at Target with one-hour printing.

Flickr commented on their blog they’ve received 15,381 times, “How about printing?” And they officially announced today, printing services are available. They did mention you get ten free 4×6″ prints with the initial purchase.

They did request for folks to set their printing preferences now, even if one lives outside the U.S. because one could arrange to have friends or family receive the photos and it would allow Flickr to notify people who’ve already set up their accounts when they get started in a particular country.

They also announced they’re rolling out a new program to allow other businesses access to their commercial APIs. These would include the QOOP service for photo books and posters, DVD backups of photos from Englaze and real printing of U.S. stamps from Zazzle.

This is nice addition for the adopted child of Sunnyvale based Yahoo. This gives Flickr customers more options for their photos including the development. This also could provide some new minor revenue streams for Flickr as well as they look for new ways to expand their offerings.

John Stith is a staff writer for WebProNews covering technology and business.