Flickr, Library Of Congress Launch “The Commons”

    January 16, 2008

Every so often, we get to write about Google teaming up with some important entity (such as Columbia University or the U.N.).  Yet now it’s (sort of) Yahoo’s turn, as Flickr has partnered with the Library of Congress.

In a project known as The Commons, the Library of Congress is asking Flickr’s members to tag and comment on old photos.  The Library’s entire collection is not up for grabs – it’s only made 3,000 out of 14 million pictures available in a sort of test run – but there’s some fascinating stuff out there, nonetheless.Flickr, Library Of Congress Launch "The Commons"

In an obvious sense, The Commons will make these photos more accessible – just the click of a mouse will show you images captured 95 years ago.  The process of tagging and commenting is supposed to make the photos more accessible in a search-and-tech sense, as well.

As for the future, no timeline is given in regards to The Commons’s expansion.  But in an email to WebProNews, a spokesperson wrote, "Flickr hopes to expand the project with other cultural institutions in the future, allowing members to explore more abundant collections of cultural and historic photos and truly following its vision to be the ‘eyes of the world.’"

Sounds promising.