Flickr Adds Nofollow Tags

    February 22, 2008

Love ’em or hate ’em, you can expect to see fewer links throughout Flickr.  The photo-sharing site recently added nofollow tags to most external links, making them pointless as part of an SEO strategy.

Flickr Adds Nofollow Tags Adds No Follow Tags     To Site

Of course, links can still direct traffic, so some strategists are bound to continue the practice.  Also, Jeff Muendel notes, "While links embedded in individual photo descriptions are nofollowed, so far, links in Set and Collection descriptions continue to be free of them."

Perhaps Flickr’s tech guys missed something there; perhaps they’re leaving a bit of wiggle room.  But, whether that allowance is a mistake or not, it looks like Flickr is taking a small stand.

Flickr didn’t bother to make a blog post about the nofollow tags, so they don’t appear to be up for discussion.  Also, their introduction may actually please the more mainstream Flickr users; anything that should reduce the amount of spam on the site isn’t all bad.

Other people are likely to be less happy – see Gab Goldenberg‘s post and some of the comments following it if you want proof – but it’s hard to blame a site for siding with the well-intentioned majority.