Flash-Based Web Chat System

    September 29, 2004

AOSpine.org has deployed Userplane Web Chat — a new multi-user Web text chat room system.

AOSpine.org’s online community focuses on improving the quality of medical service provided to spine patients through education, research, documentation and communication. The community connects medical and research professionals from around the world, enabling them to share wisdom and the development of new tools and techniques that improve the outcome and effectiveness of spinal surgery.

Userplane Web Chat capabilities enable AOSpine.org members to interact with each other easily in live text conversations in a multi-room chat environment. Developed in Macromedia Flash MX, the multi-user chat requires no client-side installation. Complete multi-stream audio/video integration will be released later this year.

“Information-sharing is so critical within the medical community, and Userplane Web Chat lets us offer our members an online environment where they can interact with each other in a compelling and realistic way, sharing knowledge and learning from each other,” said Prof. Max Aebi, chairman of AOSpine International. “The system is easy to use and completely seamless for us.”

Like Userplane’s other tools in its Community Suite — Instant Communicator and Web Recorder — the Userplane Web Chat system allows full website administrative control, integration via XML with a website’s user database, and customization for each deployment to match the business model and branding of the site.

“The Userplane Web Chat capabilities help AOSpine.org members meet online to discuss case studies, research, best practices and the latest advancements in spine surgery,” said Michael Jones, president, Userplane. “Our entire Community Suite of applications can turn any website into an online community, enabling true interaction among participants, no matter where they’re located.”

Userplane Web Chat capabilities are ideal for websites providing business or social networking opportunities, as well as corporate meeting environments, online audio/video classrooms and organizations that need multimedia presentation capabilities. Userplane Web Chat integrates seamlessly with companies’ current websites and user databases, with users’ existing logins and buddy lists, and with any Web scripting language (PHP, ASP, .NET, ColdFusion, XML, JSP, etc.).

The primary advantage of Flash-based Userplane Web Chat over traditional Java-based chat solutions is its cross-platform functionality, performing with ease on virtually all operating systems. Flash comes pre-installed in Windows XP, works on the Macintosh and Linux platforms, and is currently installed on more than 98 percent of Internet browsers — translating into instantaneous, one-click operation for most Internet users.

Other Userplane Web Chat features include user and administrative room creation, and the ability to display user photos and profile details while communicating. When released, the audio/video component will enable selected A/V reception, A/V universal broadcast and the option to initiate private A/V sessions with users.

AOSpine International is part of the non-profit Swiss-based AO Foundation. The organization is focused on improving the quality of medical service provided to spine patients through education, research, documentation, and communication. Its aim is to foster a global community of spine specialists, who share the same values and desire: that medicine needs to be science-, academic- and patient-driven.

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