Flash Player 11.9 Updated, Improves Safari With Safe Mode


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It's that time of the month again where Adobe releases another update for Flash Player and AIR. This month's update includes a number of fixes and new features for Windows and Mac platforms.

To start off, here are all the fixes that are in the latest versions of Flash Player and AIR:

  • [3650590] [OSX] - App Updater Crashes on MacOS with Air 3.9
  • [3648442] [iOS7] - Leftmost part of the text in spark TextArea and stageText get clipped when mulitline property is true.
  • [3640207] [Android] [Captive Application] - orientationChange event handler fetches wrong stage.orientation values.
  • [3624280] Sound now plays correctly in both channels on the Logitech G35/G930 Surround Sound headset
  • [3648273] [EaseScreen] - Corrects redraw issue affecting applications that embed the ActiveX control, introduced in Flash Player 11.9.900.92
  • [3646576] [Win 8.x] - Full-Screen Flash video now rescales correctly when switching between Portrait and Landscape modes multiple times
  • [3646574] [Win 8.x] - Clicking on an embedded "Watch on Youtube" link no longer triggers the Internet Explorer pop-up blocker
  • [3646574] [Win 8.1] - FileReference - Filtering by supported filetype now works as expected
  • [3632276] [HTTP Live Streaming] - Apple segmented playlists containing i-frames no longer cause streams to pause in Trickplay mode
  • [3631874] [Mac] - Content using enhanced license chaining now works as expected
  • As for new features, the big improvement is Safari with Safe Mode. Starting with Safari 6.1 and up, there are now "new security restrictions on the operation of browser plug-ins." Adobe says it has "adapted Flash Player to transparently handle these changes."

    For more information on the latest fixes and features in Adobe Flash Player and AIR, check out Adobe's documentation.

    [Image: Adobe]