Fixing Yahoo, The Internet Way

Yang and Filo may hold the key already

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Lots of ideas float through the maze of sites and blogs online, some of them aimed at fixing Yahoo. Here are some of the suggestions we found.

Sell it to Microsoft or take it private? Bring back the dolphin or fire everyone with a marketing degree who’s been there longer than a year?

First suggestion: take better meeting minutes. Jeremy Zawodny may have figured it out, but he can’t remember what he said, and he didn’t mention a topic so maybe it was something related to MySQL anyway.

Henry Blodget has ideas at Silicon Alley Insider, collected from various anonymous readers. Our favorite so far: “Figure out what services people really like and shoot everything else.”

We think that would leave Yahoo Search, Finance, Answers, Email, Messenger, Fantasy Sports, Flickr, and Delicious. That’s not only cutting to the bone, it’s slashing nearly all the meat from the skeleton. It also turns Yahoo into a Google with a good fantasy football league.

How about this idea – think long term investment? National Post cited Odlum Brown Ltd. analyst Felix Narhi, who sees opportunity with a cheap Yahoo stock price while others see near-term ills.

Maybe we can record Narhi doing a ‘leave Yahoo alone’ bit in the spirit of Leave Britney Alone. Nothing like a good viral video to boost your profile.

Investor impatience may demand quicker fixes that boost the stock, but we wonder how much that would help. If Yahoo suddenly climbed to the $30s, we imagine a lot of people would lock that in and dump shares as fast as they could click the right buttons for their online brokers.

Perhaps Jerry Yang and David Filo need to do something completely different. Take Yahoo private, bid farewell to joyless quarterly earnings calls, and be a company that worries more about a great customer experience than the rollercoaster ride on Wall Street.

Fixing Yahoo, The Internet Way
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  • http://www.abrahamharrison.com Katie

    About two years ago, I was an adamant Yahoo user.  Everybody seemed to be raving about Google and I was staying faithful to my search engine.  Then one day I noticed that during my last few presentations for a couple college courses, my research just was not as interesting as it used to be.  I prided myself on great keyword searches and material to subject relevance but something was different.  People that were so-so researchers and would never be caught in the library when giving out some great factoids and interesting finds.  When the competition gets better, find out what there doing, and I did.  Started to use Google and it was like everything was back to normal.  I chalked it up to better algorithms search results.  One day it hit me that I only use yahoo for music or movies and decided I’m going use the search engine again, for old times sake.  Start typing in, and match words start popping up below.  Distracting features that stalls the keyword I am typing in because half of the time none of the words or key phrases is what Im looking for.  I don’t even think about Yahoo Messenger anymore.  I use Gtalk for work and ooVoo (a client of mine) for video messaging. And don’t even get me started about the delayed Yahoo Maps!  Yahoo needs to step up their game and go back to basics. 

  • Google User

    Yeah, you’re right.  Yahoo is great for teens and alike.

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