Fish Oil Supplements: Three Reasons To Try Them


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Many people rely on vitamins and supplements to get the nutrients they need to feel and stay healthy.

One of the more popular supplements on the market is fish oil.

Fish oil supplements have numerous benefits that range from making your heart stronger to making your hair shinier.

Some people do not like taking fish oil because of the unpleasant scent of the capsules or the bad taste they leave behind.

There are numerous reasons you should consider taking fish oil supplements, here are the top three.

Prevents Brain Shrinkage, Promotes Memory
Fish oil supplements have recently been found to help prevent brain shrinkage and promote cognitive memory in adults. A study recently found that the supplements could be the best weapon available to treat and prevent Alzheimer's disease. Results showed that adults taking fish oil, who had not yet developed Alzheimer’s, experienced significantly less cognitive decline and brain shrinkage than adults not taking fish oil. More studies are underway, but the results of current studies look promising.

Fights Depression
You might not think that fish oil would have an impact on your feelings, but taking the supplements could help you fight off depression. According to Dr. Andrew Stoll, cell membranes are partially comprised of omega-3s, increasing the levels of omega-3 in the blood allows serotonin, an antidepressant chemical produced by the body, to more easily transport between cells, thus explaining the benefits, higher levels of omega-3s and connection to lower rates of depression.

Reduces Inflammation And Relieves Joint Pain
Anyone suffering from arthritis or joint pain knows how hard it can be to find relief. Fish oil supplements have been proven to prevent inflammation in the body and help relieve joint pain. The Albany Medical College conducted a research study that confirms fish oil may be used in place of pharmaceuticals for pain relief from Rheumatoid arthritis.

You can get fish oil naturally by consuming fish, but if you don't like eating fish or need to consume more fish oil than the fish provides, fish oil supplements are your best option.

Image via Wikimedia Commons