• Hmm

    You guys ever see some of the freedom information act documents. The ones were they mark out all the page with black magic marker, so you have no clue about what is on the document, but technically they did release it to the public.

    Well something tells me this release of information will be like that. They wont use black magic marker of course. They will just lose a whole lot of information. I can see the paper shredders getting a lot of use before October rolls around.

    Sorry, I just can’t get the image of Clapper blatantly lying about all of this out of mind. My trust is permanently broken. All of these is like me catching my girlfriend screwing another guy, then after the fact, sitting her down and asking her if she is cheating on me. It is the most pointless exercise in the history of mankind.

  • Really

    Wouldn’t it suck to find your phone number on that list or in those documents? I place no faith in the accuracy of any of the documents though. How can we trust anything that comes from them. It really is like the person said in the post below this one. It is like a cheating spouse. Once you cheat, all trust is gone.

    What is weird is that I have no problems going after terrorists, but everything we have done since 9/11 has not impacted terrorists at all. The only people that have really been effected are the people of the US.

    If I am 100% honest with myself, I have to say I think most of this terrorist talk is simply made up. I can walk out of my door right now and walk around my community and see so many unguarded high value targets. If there were really terrorists in the US, we would be having attacks every day.

    Honestly, why would terrorists even need to attack us? We are destroying our own way of life and our economy. We are singlehandedly doing what the terrorists wanted in the first place. Everything we used to complain that the Soviets were doing to its people back in the 80s — we are doing now.

    In fact — I think that gives the terrorists even greater satisfaction. We are doing this all to ourselves now and it will get nothing but worse. Not sure how many of you have actually read the Patriot Acts — but this is really only the beginning.

  • Conran

    This means nothing.
    How can anyone trust a group of people who 1. Lied under oath, 2. Breached the Constitution, 3. “Encouraged transparency” only after they were caught and exposed…?

    This is all bullsh*t, designed to delay, placate, confuse and distract the idiot masses until it’s pushed off the headlines and replaced with something else.

    If anyone trusts these people to act in accordance with the US Constitution and believes that anything will change for the better, you’re freakin delusional.

  • http://Mabuzi.com Kevin

    Which President cried they hate us for our freedoms well looks like the terrorists won.

    Can help feel this was all an evil plan.