First Look At Google OS or A Photoshopped Hoax?

    September 1, 2005

Has an Italian blog stumbled across the first images of the much-discussed Google OS or are they showing the work of someone else’s Photoshop skills…?

This is the question to be answered ever since the Italian blog (Google translated version) posted what they are calling the first look at Google’s non-confirmed operating system.

Take a look at the screenshots, courtesy of, and decide for yourselves:

The post itself claims these pictures are of the real, perhaps remote Google OS. However, most will take these images with a grain of salt (and rightfully so). Could it be just a Linux UI someone made to look like a Google OS? Or could it be someone’s Photoshop skills at work? The person who pointed this out to me (courtesy of Gizmodo) seems to think its a Linux UI because the blog post mentions the program being embedded or capable of being run from a USB drive.

Whatever the verdict, it’s still nice to see imaginations at work while addressing one of the hotter rumors floating around the Internet. However, if this is indeed the real thing, I will alter the previous statement to say, it’s a good start Google, but your interface needs some visual work. For what it’s worth, offers the following description of the purported Google OS:

Based on GNU and with kernel HURD [Google OS] is available in 3 versions: Embedded , Portable and Corporate. [Each version is substantially different] for the type of support and methodology of the job.

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