First Guy to Buy an iPhone 6 Is a Huge Butterfingers

Josh WolfordTechnology

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Today's the day for Apple fanatics. Those who chose not to pre-order the new iPhones are have been standing in lines across the world for hours – oftentimes overnight – just to get their hands on the coveted devices on launch day.

In Perth, a man named Jack Cooksey was the first person in the city to buy one. And when interviewed about it on live television, Jack got nervous. Jack got clumsy. And Jack dropped his brand new iPhone on the ground.

Oh shit indeed!

Luckily for Jack, it appears the phone survived.

"As soon as I knew I'd dropped it I thought someone was going to make a meme or something out of this but I didn't expect it to go as big as it's gone I mean, it's in the UK now," he told Australia's 9NEWS.

Sorry man. When you spend the whole night waiting to buy a phone and subsequently drop said phone on the sidewalk, well, you're going to make the internet rounds.

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