Firefox Readies New Beta Release Process

    March 16, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

A more measured process to releasing these updates should help Mozilla avoid issues with rolling out an update to its entire userbase in one shot.

Last year’s participants in the beta release program for the Firefox browser will receive invitations to the new advance release process.

The Mozilla Foundation has decided to apply the Community Beta Program to the release process for Firefox 2. Those uses who signed up for the pre-Firefox 2 release automatically received updates to the final Firefox 2 release.

This program will be in operation up through the final release of Firefox Current beta testers need do nothing to continue being part of the process.

If a beta user wishes to be excluded from the beta releases, Mozilla said in its statement about the program that they can download and install the current production version of the browser from GetFirefox.

That will change the config entry for from beta to reflect the update.

Everyone who stays in the program should receive an offer to grab the latest pre-release version to test. The program is not currently accepting new entrants, but should reopen for additional people in the near future.