Firefox Market Share Shuffles Forward Again

    July 2, 2008

Firefox hit a new high point last month as it continues to enjoy a rise in popularity.  Although not yet at the nice, round number of 20 percent, the Web browser now has a market share of over 19 percent.

Once various versions are taken into consideration, the total comes to exactly 19.03 percent, according to new data from the Market Share research firm.  Since the same company arrived at 18.41 percent in May, the new figure represents a nice growth spurt.  Firefox can sort of thank Download Day 2008 for that rise.

Browser Market Shares
 Web Browser Market Shares
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However, Market Share points out, "Firefox 3.0 share gains came mostly from users upgrading from Firefox 2.0," so the event may not have drawn many real newcomers.

There’s also the problem of 20 percent to consider.  When May’s statistics were released, Firefox appeared capable of hitting the mark in July.  Since the month including all the Firefox 3.0 hoopla only saw an increase of 0.62 percent, that goal’s looking less achievable.

Firefox hasn’t been pitted against any do-or-die schedules, though, so maybe fans can just enjoy slow ride.