Firefox Jumps In Browser Market Share

    November 1, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

After a couple of steps back over the summer, Mozilla’s Firefox browser now holds 11.51% of the market in browsers used.

Web analytics firm OneStat posted its most recent numbers on browser popularity, and Firefox has made some gains on the most popular kid in the class, Internet Explorer.

While Microsoft’s IE browser still holds 85.45 percent of the world market, thanks to its bundling with thousands of OEM machines as part of the Windows operating system, more people have sought out Firefox as an alternative.

“The global usage share of Mozilla’s browsers is still growing and it seems that Netscape users and some Internet Explorer users are switching to the Firefox version. It also looks like that browser users of Internet Explorer for Apple’s Mac are switching to Safari because the global usage share is still growing,” co-founder Niels Brinkman said in the report.

Mozilla had planned to make a full release of Firefox 1.5 available by the end of last week, but some late-breaking bugs and other issues have caused the developers to push back the scheduled release until they are fixed.

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