Firefox Hits 25 Million Downloads – Extended Coverage

    February 17, 2005

I know I’m late on this but I honestly didn’t haveDownload Firefox Now! time to post it yesterday at all. I wanted to post the email I received from SpreadFirefox’s Blake Ross regarding the good news

Oh yeah, you can also see some other posts I’ve written about Firefox vs. IE in the past as well.

“We’re pleased to announce that in celebration of 25 million Firefox downloads, the Mozilla Store will be offering a 25% discount on certain items through 11:59 PM EST on February 17th. Furthermore, the kind people over at CoinsForAnything have agreed to supply us with 100 free commemorative Firefox coins.

We will be awarding a quarter of these to the 25 most active SpreadFirefox members, and will distribute the other 75 in the coming weeks according to a different set of criteria.

As usual, has all the information.

Thanks everyone for your continued support…onward to 50 million!


That’s some pretty exciting stuff.

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