Firefox Gaining Ground on IE in Europe

    May 13, 2009
    Chris Crum

The AT Internet Institute has shared some interesting findings regarding web browser use across Europe. To make a long story short, Firefox use is growing, and Internet Explorer use is shrinking.

IE still has the lead by a wide margin, but if this keeps up, who knows how long that will last. The AT Internet Institute measured traffic distribution registered on sites websites for 23 countries.

IE dropped by nearly four points, while Firefox grew by about two. This data reflects a time period from November to April. In addition, Chrome’s share doubled, though that share remained below 2% to IE and Firefox’s 64% and 28% respectively. Take a look at these charts:

AT Browser Study

AT Browser Study

AT Browser Study

On another interesting note, the study found that IE is actually more popular on weekdays, while Firefox is more popular on weekends. Could this be a reflection of IE being more commonly used in the workplace by people who prefer Firefox and use that when they are at home?

On average, in April, IE visit share dropped by 4 points on weekends for websites in Europe compared with weekdays visit share (60.1% on weekends vs. 64.4% on weekdays), according to AT. Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, and Netscape all saw higher usage on weekends.