Firefox Delays 1.1 Update, Discusses 2.0

    February 1, 2005

Mozilla’s increasingly popular Firefox browser has been making quite a few waves since its official launch.

As popularity and use continues, especially with software, the need to release updates and fixes becomes a priority. Certainly not immune to this syndrome, Mozilla recently announced an update to Firefox, which would make it Firefox 1.1, would be available in March. However, when Google hired him, Ben Goodger revealed in his weblog that the 1.1 update would be delayed.

According to BetaNews, “Among the major changes and fixes expected in Firefox 1.1 are a fix to the bug that causes the browser not to retain the scroll position when going back and forward through Web pages. The update will also ensure certain Web sites and text display properly within the Mozilla-based browser.”

Firefox’s update is expected around the middle of 2005. However, updating version 1 is not the only step for Mozilla. According to DarkVision Hardware, Mozilla will be releasing an alpha version of Firefox 2.0, in March, with an official beta release coming shortly after that.

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