Firefox Browser Targets Microsoft

    October 29, 2004

Up and coming web browser Firefox is looking to secure allies as it prepares to challenge Microsoft’s Internet Explorer for browser dominance. One of the potential partners being spoken of is search engine Google.

Speculation about Google launching their own browser began when people learned of the domain registration. However, this speculation changed when an article by Mozilla News revealed that a Google-branded Firefox browser may be in the cards. According to the article:

“The overlap is looking like a Google branded and customized Firefox based browser. To help set it apart from the rest of the browser crowd, they’re integrating a lot of their own technologies. Since Firefox does not contain a mail app, they’re integrating Gmail for email access, with a built in new-mail notifier. Interestingly, mailto: URLs will work with Gmail, allowing people to click email links in pages and have Gmail open a new mail to that address, as well as IE-like buttons on the toolbar for composing new mail from scratch.”

In an article that appeared in USAToday via Reuters, Mozilla marketing chief Bart Decrem said, “It makes a ton of sense for them to be looking at a browser. It would be a smart thing for Google to do.” As of now, there as been no confirmation or denial from either party concerning this potential partnership.

Firefox, which has been available as a free download from Mozilla for some time now, is expected to officially launch on November 9th.

Chris Richardson is a search engine writer and editor for WebProNews. Visit WebProNews for the latest search news.