Firefox: Bigger Than AOL?

    February 6, 2005

Firefox is the energizer bunny of web browsers. I just keeps going and going and going.

Asa noticed this and began to wonder if Firefox has supoassed AOL’s 22.2 million users.

We don’t have solid usage stats and I’ve been mostly going on the numbers I see from OneStat, TheCounter, and WebSideStory. The only problem there is that while they all generally agree that Gecko is somewhere between 7% and 8% of the market, neither say how large that market is. I suspect that they’re assuming a global share of between 500 million and 800 million users (though this is nothing more than a guess.)

If that’s anywhere close to reality, then there should be between 35 million and 60 million Gecko users. Assuming that a bit more than half of those are Firefox users (and the rest are legacy Seamonkey users or Netscape users) then there’s a very real chance that Firefox usage is very close to or already past the size of AOL’s user base.

The adoption rate of Firefox is nothing short of amazing. The IE team at Microsoft has to be busting their butts on the next version of IE.

Expect to see lots more good Firefox stuff coming.

Let’s just hope this get patched in a hurry.

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