Firefox 2 Beta 2 Available To You

    August 31, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

The obligatory notice about the Firefox 2 Beta 2 browser being a developer preview release made available for testing purposes only has been duly noted.

Now start those FTP clients and grab that development milestone, if you’re brave enough (and are on your personal system) and give the Bon Echo release a try.

The Spread Firefox website announced the posting of the new beta 2 download, replacing beta 1 of Bon Echo. As noted, this version is for testing, and extensions and themes may not work with it.

The Mozilla team noted some new features that they would like to receive feedback on from users. The theme and user interface have been updated; now buttons “glow” when one does a mouseover on them.

An early version of the phishing protection feature is turned on by default. Right now the dev team only has a limited list of phishing sites in place to detect during the test, and they warn users to be aware of this.

Auto-completion of search terms for Google, Yahoo, and searches will appear in the top right search box. Search fans will have a new management tool to add, remove, or reorder the search engines they use in Firefox.

Their update to tabbed browsing behavior looks a lot like what Opera has been doing with tabs for some time. This new version of Firefox opens links in new tabs instead of new windows by default, and places a ‘close tab’ button on each tab.

Other features and notes may be viewed on the Beta 2 website.


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