Fired Walmart Worker Offered Job Back

By: Lindsay McCane - October 19, 2013

Kristopher Oswald, an employee at a Michigan Walmart, was fired from his job after defending a woman who was apparently being attacked in the parking lot. Now, after reviewing the case and realizing his intentions were good, the company has offered Oswald his job back.

“The last thing I expected was to not have a job,” Oswald said. “I don’t even know what to put on an application about all of this. How do I say this ended?”

Oswald described the incident saying he was taking his break at around 2:30 a.m. in his car when he heard a woman screaming. He saw a man hanging onto the hood of the woman’s car. He first thought they were simply goofing off, but then realized the woman was actually in danger when the man turned on him, began attacking him, and said “I’m going to kill you!”. Just as he thought he may have things under control, two other men jumped him from behind. Luckily, the Livingston County Sheriff deputies made it in time to break the fight up before it escalated more than it already had.

Oswald never expected to lose his job for being a good Samaritan. However, that is exactly what happened. He received termination papers that read: “after a violation of company policy on his lunch break, it was determined to end his temporary assignment”.

After the story gained national attention, Walmart has offered Oswald his job back, saying his intentions “were good”.

Now, Oswald has to make the decision of whether or not to take his job back. When asked if he was going to accept the offer, he sighed and said he wasn’t sure. However, he is sure about one thing, and that is that he “will always do the right thing”.

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  • Tom Robinson

    I like Christopher Oswald’s attitude. I’m glad Wal-Mart could think out of the box enough to offer him his job back, but did they do it because of media pressure, or because it was the right thing to do? Second, is Wal-Mart going to review its policy which led to Oswald’s dismissal in the first place? Perhaps it needs re-writing.

  • J DeFord

    Normal WalMart…..this is a corporation who cares NOTHING for its employees. Its just a corporate giant treating the little guy as a number….and just replace him, there are 150 others waiting behind him we can hire cheaper and offer no benefits. Personally, Wal-Mart was a great company WHEN Sam Walton was alive…ever since his kids took over, all it pertains to is MONEY! The rich get richer and the poor get screwed just for working there. People should boycott Wal-Mart for 30 days….thats all it would take and they would be virtually bankrupt. Maybe then it will send a message that this corporate giant needs to change its ways, or like everything else…Go the fuck out of business and disappear. No one wants them these days anyway!

    • http://N/A El J

      Great idea! Force Walmart into bandruptcy! That would teach them a thing or three! Of course, that would put another 2.2 million workers into the unemployment lines–but what the heck, who cares?
      Teaching them a lesson is much more important! Oh, BTW, as for “No one wants them these days anyway!”… have you been into a Walmart parking lot on Friday or Saturday afternoon, or on a holiday–they’re PACKED! I’m guessing that not everyone believes or agrees that “No one wants them…”! One more thing… @Tom Robinson (below)–it’s Kristopher Oswald–not Christopher.

  • FiredWorker2

    That’s how Walmart works. I was fired recently for being on Worker’s Comp. They push employees and the laws to see how far they can go and get away with.

  • John

    The ONLY reason why companies have these policies so they do not get in trouble, protecting themselves from being legally responsible if something happened to the person committing the crime or the person trying to stop the crime. Circle K has the same policy, when I worked there someone did a beer run and one of the clerks tripped them with a broom while sweeping the floor. The guy was arrested, beer saved but the employee who tripped the criminal was laid off. This issue at Walmart was different though, a woman’s life appeared to be at risk, if I was as courageous as this person, I would of done the same. But if someone is stealing 30 bucks worth of beer, not worth doing anything about it.

    • scales

      You’re right John. It’s about CYA(cover your azz) from legal liability. The guy who was tripped could’ve sued the company and what if the clerk had been hurt or killed? Too much potential liability in that situation. I agree the Walmart situation was different because someone’s life may have been at stake and one would hope the instinct would be to try and help in that scenario.

  • missy

    my ex got fired from chevron because a women left her purse in the bathroom and by the time she realized it, it was gone. later when he went to clean the bathroom he found her purse and the contents in the trash. he called the woman and everything was returned to her, he was let go for not wearing gloves while going through the trash

  • scamuel

    MORAL OF THIS STORY: If you work for Walmart, DoO NOT help a customer that is in trouble!

  • tim

    I was fired from walmart.Found not guilty , was put on do not rehire list. Now cant fined job because of it.There is nothing fair about them.

  • Farrah

    I’d tell Walmart to kiss my hiny and go look for another job.

  • Kaley Wills

    I live in a state that requires if you are hurt on the job,you
    must file worker’s comp. I did not know this when I went for
    treatment of a fall from a 10 foot ladder on the job. Once the
    receptionist told me this of course I did. When my district manager
    found out, he had a fit. Why didn’t you use the company’s ins.
    I told him about the state law. He said that did not matter I should of filed under the company ins. only. I had to be off work for awhile.
    When I came back to work I had a doctor slip saying what type work
    I could do. They insisted I unload merchandise from trucks. I refused. I continued to refuse until the doctor agreed. Soon after
    I was able to return to my regular duties, an absolutely false complaint was supposedly filed by a customer and I was fired.
    I got a lawyer. I did not get as much as we sued for, but I got
    enough to upset them!

  • Land of Morons

    Lets see, in America this week:

    1. A jobless, hungry woman got arrested over $2.87.
    2. A Walmart employee was fired because he helped a woman who was being assaulted.
    3. A elementary school banned “tag” to protect its students.
    4. A elementary school traumatized children with a fake shooting drill.
    5. A elementary school banned balls at recess in order to protect students.
    6. Our government lost $24 billion dollars because our leaders simply couldn’t get along.
    7. A high school girl was expelled and arrested after she picked up her drunk girlfriend at a party to make sure her friend was safe.

    Ladies and gentleman — I submit to you that our country is dumb as hell. We are a nation of morons and have lost all sight of what is right and wrong. My evidence is listed above. There is a conspiracy theory out there that says the Illuminati is trying to dumb down society. I never believed in conspiracy theories before but I just might start believing now.

    Things are getting ridiculous in this nation. Our country is in rapid decline. The handwriting is on the wall for us.