Finding Keywords the will Explode Traffic

    August 5, 2004

I’m number one! Yup, I’m number one for a bunch of keywords. I’ll bet your site is too.

For instance, I am number one for: Kevin Bidwell.

Pretty cool, huh? The only problem is this-no one (except my mother) is searching for “Kevin Bidwell”. At least, almost no one. (You probably just typed it in to see…)

I’ll bet your site might be number one for a bundle of keywords no one is searching for. No searches, no traffic.

On the other hand, there are probably a ton of keywords loaded with traffic where you have NO listing. Here’s how you can begin to change that…

1. Choose a Bunch of Keywords to target

Let’s say your selling dog supplies. So, an obvious keyword phrase would be “dog supplies”. But there are also many other options:

Dog supplies Dog grooming supplies

You also have related terms:

Puppy collars German shepherd supplies

To choose the best keywords, I use this tool:

This allows me to type in one word-like “dog”-and see what other searches containing the word dog are being done on Overture.

Then, I can also type in obviously related words-like “puppy” and “cocker spaniel”-and see what related words are also being searched.

While this tool presents itself as an “accurate” representation of the number of searches, it is actually quite high for Overture numbers. (There are a number of reasons why this is true, but it’s too much to go into now.)

What those numbers will tell you is that “dog supply” gets around 40 times as many searches as “dog grooming supply.”

Once you have a bunch of keywords to evaluate, you are ready for the next step…

2. Look for moderate to high volume keywords

You want to be in the top 10 on Google and the other search engines for highly used keyword phrases. So, taking your list, look for those having the highest numbers.

Again, these numbers may not reflect the “true” searches, but they will give you a relative idea of the number of searches, one against the other.

For example:

“Cocker Spaniel” shows a rating of just under 40,000 while “Golden Retriever” got almost 80,000. You are likely to see twice as much traffic from being number 1 for “Golden Retriever” than you are from number 1 for “Cocker Spaniel”.

You want to choose the top traffic highly related keywords for your site.

3. Check out the Competition

The next step is to see how competitive the top 10 positions are.

A great tool to use for this is Prog. It’s free, it’s fast and it’s all in one place.

Search for the phrase using this tool, then look at the individual search results “incoming links.” By looking at the quantity of links as well as the page rank of the links, you can get a good idea of how competitive a particular search term is.

5 page rank 4 links-no problem. 1,432 links-likely tough to beat.

Using these three steps, you can identify keywords you can easily target and grab tons of traffic.

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