Find Me Some Google Videos

    June 27, 2005

The search is on for good videos through the now living-up-to-some-of-its-potential Google Video Search. So, what have you found so far?

A good start is the “video_interesting” page at Google Video, which features selected, “recently found” clips, including:

* A Google recruiting video for women I blogged about a little while ago, with at least one unfortunate, random thumbnail:

When you have an algorithm choosing thumbnails based on what is being said, you wind up catching people in mid-sentence, which is never a pretty picture. Sorry, Leora.

* A 25-minute MOSAIC news report showing the toppling of the Saddam statue in Baghdad on June 16, a great example of how Google Video can deliver historic (albeit recent) footage.

* How a “tummy tuck” is performed. Doesn’t she look excited?

* Breakdancing!

Searching for actual video is difficult, since it is mixed in with all the television content that, while just as relevant, is not viewable. How about a setting to just show viewable results? Still, I found one of my favorite clips, Matrix ping pong:

* Matrix ping pong

* Footage from Halo mashed with a song called “I’m an a**hole” (contains cursing)

* A portly Dutch man miming and dancing to some dance song

Okay, ladies and gents. Time to have some fun. Put links to some good videos in the comments.

UPDATE: Oh my f-ing god. Its Grant Shellen, dressed as a firetruck, chasing a poor youngster around the yard.

Best one yet! Via Jason Shellen, who’s son is the one getting chased around.

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