Find Me, Call Me; Google Maps and Talk Mash-up?

    October 31, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

Imagine the value of an Internet service that starts with a search, continues with a detailed map location, and ends with a phone call directly to an advertiser through a VoIP connection. This is the train of thought that leads one to an API mash-up of Google Maps and Google Talk.

“It wouldn’t be far fetched to presume that Google talk would be integrated with Google search, Google Maps etc at some point in time in the future, providing users the facility to call at the click of a button,” writes Venkatesh Rangarajan, imagining the high-priced pay-per-call value of such a service.

This type of mash-up not only would put a ton of information at the customer’s fingertips, but also makes it simple to make the phone call-which is something the lazier or shyer consumer may fail to do between print and phone pad.

“I’ll do it later (but I’ll probably forget).”


“The phone’s (in the other room, being used, dead).”

An application that allows the click-ease functionality of Internet surfing to contact a vendor is a brilliant idea. Om Malik agrees and thinks it shouldn’t be that difficult to achieve.

“That would be equivalent of eBay-Skype mash-up. It can’t be that difficult? Adding a script that fires up the Google Talk client, and having some voice gateways available to complete PSTN-destined calls,” writes Malik.