Filmmaker Accuses Facebook Of Censorship

Facebook calls charge

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Independent filmmaker Luis Moro and his wife, producer and actress Bobbi Miller-Moro say Facebook deleted Luis’s Facebook account for political reasons. Facebook says the allegations are “absurd.”

Moro is a Cuban American known for producing indie films like “Love and Suicide,” “Anne B. Real,” and the forthcoming “Lean Like a Cholo,” and is an avid supporter of recently introduced legislation allowing Americans to travel to Cuba again. It is because of Moro’s support of this cause and his Facebook group “End the US Trade Embargo on Cuba,” his wife says, that led to Facebook censoring Moro’s account.

Bobbi Miller-Moro Bobbi told WebProNews her husband’s account was deleted Monday evening after Luis sent out word about the proposed Cuban travel bill. She says the account was deleted without notice or explanation.

“All he was doing was posting about ‘The Freedom to Travel to Cuba Act’ in Cuba-related groups, and to friends with the same interest,” she says. “ A very interesting fact,” she continued. “When I posted on my status ‘My husband’s account was deleted by Facebook’ it was erased 3 times from the main wall! I could not believe it.”

Bobbi says shortly after she also received a warning email stating Facebook’s systems indicated she’d been “misusing certain features.”

A press release the Moros issued online hints at Luis receiving repeated warnings. The sentence reads, “If he ever met his quota in adding friends in a day, Facebook would send a warning to stop, and he would.”

Barry Schnitt, speaking on behalf Facebook, noted that sentence in his response. “In the press release the user acknowledges receiving warnings from our automated system,” said Schnitt.

“That system is designed to keep spammers and and potential harassers from abusing Facebook.  It is triggered by a user sending too many messages or friending too many people who ignore their requests.  In this case, the user ignored at least one of the warnings when he was spamming people with messages and friend requests to promote his cause and was automatically disabled.  The suggestion that our automated system has been programmed with a certain political agenda is absurd.”

As for Bobbi’s warning? “If [Luis’s] wife was exhibiting the same behavior, I’m sure she was served a warning from our automated system.  Again, the assertion that any of this is politically motivated is ridiculous.”

Luis Moro Luis’s account has since been restored, and an email apology was sent saying the deletion was due to Facebook’s automated systems. Bobbi still isn’t so sure her husband wasn’t targeted though. She cited Facebook’s alleged history of censorship involving words and phrases like “anti-war,” “Gaza,” and “Palestine,” as well as the much publicized row with breastfeeding mothers.

“Innocent people have had their accounts deleted, they call it ‘Black Death’ or something like it to what it is like for them, that is what happened to us. No notice, or warning.” She also cited past problems with pro-embargo editors of Wikipedia.

When asked what stake Facebook would have in the Cuba embargo issue, Bobbi denied it was direct political action from Facebook itself, but was in response to bogus abuse/harassment complaints.

“I do believe all it takes is one pro-embargo person to say Luis was harassing and that’s it. So no, I don’t think Facebook is totally at fault here. But they have to have a better system than auto deletion of an account. Especially one that is being active in a social network. I do believe they take it upon themselves to decide what is okay and what is not okay by their own terms, which they are entitled to.”

But, she says, one her friends was scared to post anything in support for fear of losing her Facebook account. “That’s the problem. We should not live in fear of losing our voices.”

As to criticism this could be a kind of publicity stunt to promote the cause or their films, Bobbi said, “We are way past that,” she said, intimating that earlier in their career that might have been considered. “I wish I was smart enough to think of this one—i.e. get my account cancelled and then make a big deal about it. Funny.”

She didn’t hesitate drop their next film title, though, a joint production with Sir Ben Kingsley entitled “Whispers Like Thunder,” a true Native American story.

Filmmaker Accuses Facebook Of Censorship
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    Sounds more likely that her Facebook account got hacked or something like that.

  • J.C.

    Well done! That S.O.B. deserves to be shipped back to Cuba, taken all his damn money, put in prison and feed him only bread and water for being just that, a royal HIJO DE PUTA!! God damn these freaking traitors! Communist lovers!

    You tell them Roy!

    Jesus C.

  • Roy

    So how does it feel Luis? You are being very naive man. Luis is getting a taste of his own medicine. God damn it man, that and worse is what’s happening in your freaking country and you keep defending Castro and the lifting of the embargo? Get to Miami and apologize to your people man! La negra carida y el viejo San Lazaro te van a cortar las patas. LOL! Me voy. Mucho que programar.

  • Joe

    I wonder how much welfare money and government grants Luis is sucking up from the taxpayers? Luis the American Constitution was written for AMERICANS not every sleazy illegal immigrant swine who crosses the border. Why don’t you “sue” the people who step on yoru civil rights? Hmm? That seems to be the way illegals and their allies do it in Arizona. A rancher stopped illegals on HIS property and now HE is being sued by the scum and the American Communist Loonies Union (ACLU). Here’s the story:


    Pretty soon there won’t be any stopping the illegals, just shooting them on site and leaving the bodies to rot.

    And, really Luis, WHERE DO YOU GET YOUR FUNDING? WHICH organization? Got the balls to let someone go thru your books or are you HIDING THAT?


    Got an answer?

  • Joe

    SO, Luis, will you let me audit your books to discover where your funding for your “films” come from? If not, you must be hiding something. I’ll audit your books for free. I’ll pay my own way, do it all at my own expense.

    OR are you getting money from anti American and off shore organizations? Are you getting taxpayer money, or money for “minority” set asides? You COULD just post your funding sources online with a signed affidavit. To make sure it’s not fake, you could film it (hey you are a film maker) at the lawyers office with a known lawyer in your home state. OR are you hiding the fact your funding comes form people who want to destroy America?

    I won’t hold my breath for you to be honest about this.

  • Anonymous Coward

    So much for Facebook. The worst censorship I’ve ever seen anywhere is on the social networking website, Netlog. They censor anything and everything that is political in nature. It would seem that because they are headquartered in Europe; they don’t have any tolerance for freedom of speech. If I didn’t know better, I’d swear they were a pawn of the Communist Party.

    • (Rachel) ICanCClearlyNow

      You’re right about Europe. There are laws AGAINST freedom of speech in Europe, and they are preparing to pass the same laws in the US–so get ready….all thanks to the Commi Zionists…

  • http://www.hughzebeez.blogspot.com hughze

    What I know of Facebook and their non SPAM policies, I highly doubt the deletion was political. The Facebook community is not interested in turning Facebook into a play ground for marketers or politicians pushing their products or beliefs. I agree with face book, the charge is absurd.

  • http://www.hughzebeezlaughs.blogspot.com hughze

    What I know of Facebook and their non SPAM policies, I highly doubt the deletion was political. The Facebook community is not interested in turning Facebook into a play ground for marketers or politicians pushing their products or beliefs. I agree with face book, the charge is absurd.

  • http://repsonwheels.com/ Mawe

    I don’t think that Facebook’s actions were political at all. On the other hand, they seemed to insinuate by their actions that they do not welcome any political agenda being promoted on their site, especially ones which have the huge potential to offend a lot of people.

  • Fraank

    I don’t think this is working out like Luis wanted it to work out, he’s not getting much sympathy for his cause here no is he? Guess the idea of MORE illegal swine coming over from yet ANOTHER border doesn’t much appeal to anyone other than the anti American slime who want to destroy the country. Hey, Luis here’s an idea: Why don’t YOU got to CUBA and stay. I’m sure you can make ALL THE FILMS you want there saying anything you want…………..oh, wait…………..guess not……

    • Dan

      If Luis was spamming, he deserves to be cut off. I have no sympathy for spammers.

      However, lifting the trade embargo with Cuba will be the worst thing to happen to the country. One of Cuba’s biggest attributes is that America has been banned from going there for over 50 years.

      It’s one of the few vacation destinations one can go to get away from people like Fraank.

      Dan from Canada

  • Tom

    You don’t own FB, I don’t own FB. If I did, I would control what went on my blog. If you don’t like it, don’t write on my blog. Get your own blog and you can write whatever opinion you care to write about.

  • http://www.americais.us 0_o

    So if me and my generous gang of friends decide to flood you with complains that seems to be ok for some people here and should lead to your account deletion
    I shall look some of you up on facebook then
    kidding, but i could

    I thought a penalty should be the outcome of a PROVEN fact against some regulations

    What happens when Facebook promises something and breaks that promise by abusing its own rules?

    How about if they wrongfully delete an account and that’s deleting an important message that could change someone’s life in a good way?

  • http://urksoutpost.blogspot.com/ Kenny

    Facebook is not a government agency. They have the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason they want. The right to free expression does not extend to private business. If Facebook feels that your content does not satisfy the online experience they want to create they have the right to remove it. Your right to free expression does not trump theirs.

    • (Rachel) ICanCclearlyNow

      No-one said Facebook is a government agency, and they are guilty of censorship. Facebook established itself as a social networking site where it expected that individuals would join who would post information–it’s because they don’t agree with what’s being posted…is the issue, and more importantly, WHY they removed the user’s content.

      As the user’s wife explained, there was NOTHING in Moro’s post that did not follow their user-terms, and he sent his posts to his contacts. There is no argument here, and if Jewish-owned Facebook is that threatened by anyone who wants the right to travel to Cuba and actually has the audacity to speak it, then Facebook should shut down its services because America is a nation of free-speakers; however, if you are correct, then we should suppose your argument applies to Jew-owned Starbucks as well: Please, everyone, be careful not to discuss your right to travel to Cuba in any of their shops, or to send this message to your contacts while surfing the net using their free wifi because they WILL request you turn off your lap-tops and leave the premises…

      And the TRUE discussion that arises from this is: when you finally realize that they are buying up virtually EVERY major company that involves our right to free speech and the internet providers are next (not to mention the destruction of our economy), WHO will you find to stand up for your right to discuss whatever you want to discuss over the phone? Through the mail? From a podium? In a classroom? In a restaurant? On public transit? ANYWHERE…do you realize that these Zionists are about to pass the same anti-hate speech bill HERE that they have passed in Europe and Canada that makes it a CRIMINAL ACT to deny the holocaust!! A CRIMINAL ACT to say to someone of a different sexual orientation (if you happen to be discussing the topic) that you feel that the homosexual lifestyle is wrong! (If you feel that way you have the RIGHT to say it.)

      A CRIMINAL ACT to say that the Pharisees (an ancient Jewish religious sect) had a hand in the death of Jesus of Nazareth….and much much more… Who was it that said: “When the Nazis came for the Communists, I did not speak out because I was not a Communist. When they came for the trade unionists, I did not speak out because I was not a trade unionist. When they came for the Catholics, I did not speak out because I was not a Catholic. …And then they came for me…but there was no one left to speak for me!” So it must be true that since whatever it was that Mr. Moro was posting doesn’t pertain to you (even though what he posted followed their user-terms), then his right to speak about it is irrelevant. So what happens when it’s YOUR turn to speak your two-cents and all those who fought for your right to speak your say…have been silenced. WHO will speak for you…

      They begin by taking away your right to speak on a small scale by taking advantage of an American law that allows freedom of speech, which means they can create a site that allows users to…ironically, speak. After that, and because they have control of the nation’s government, they use that platform of freedom to monitor what you say–and then they censor it so no one else will hear it!

      Do you get your news from the mainstream media? Do you realize that Jews own the mainstream media as well as what news gets reported via it? John Meyer, the Jewish singer/songwriter is PRO-American and PRO freedom. And in one of his songs he writes: “When you trust your television, what you get is what you got. ‘Cuz when they own the information, they can bend it all they want!” I hope you have nothing important to say in the near future they wont like because the only person who will hear about is… you. )

      Open your eyes….

      • Guest

        Nobody said you can’t speak out. You are welcome to present whatever crackpot ideas you want in whatever venues care to indulge it.

        But Facebook is a private company. They are not obligated to present your ideas if they don’t want to regardless of their TOS. If they don’t want you on their network, they have every right to delete your account. They’re paying the bills. They get to decide what get’s presented and what doesn’t.

        I will fight to the death for your right to say your peace, even though I consider you a total whack job. And when guys in jackboots kick in your door and haul you into the night I will cry foul and bear witness.

        I will stand with you for your right to be a complete moron.

        But that’s not what’s happening here. An website owner has decided to pull content that they don’t want on their site. As a property owner that is their right.

      • Mat

        Ur the one who needs to open their eyes. The constant comments about Jews in your essay shows that u r biased because the ussue at hand has nothing to do with jews whatsoever. get a life.

  • http://www.indiesurf.com Darren Tan

    Facebook has gotten to a point where they think it’s time to control what should be and what shouldn’t be published on the website.

  • http://www.amazinggypsybazaar.id.au/ Amazing

    I don’t understand how can they forbid a film maker when they let racist comments to appear? Sounds selective to me..

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