Filmmaker Accuses Facebook Of Censorship

Facebook calls charge

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Independent filmmaker Luis Moro and his wife, producer and actress Bobbi Miller-Moro say Facebook deleted Luis’s Facebook account for political reasons. Facebook says the allegations are “absurd.”

Moro is a Cuban American known for producing indie films like “Love and Suicide,” “Anne B. Real,” and the forthcoming “Lean Like a Cholo,” and is an avid supporter of recently introduced legislation allowing Americans to travel to Cuba again. It is because of Moro’s support of this cause and his Facebook group “End the US Trade Embargo on Cuba,” his wife says, that led to Facebook censoring Moro’s account.

Bobbi Miller-Moro Bobbi told WebProNews her husband’s account was deleted Monday evening after Luis sent out word about the proposed Cuban travel bill. She says the account was deleted without notice or explanation.

“All he was doing was posting about ‘The Freedom to Travel to Cuba Act’ in Cuba-related groups, and to friends with the same interest,” she says. “ A very interesting fact,” she continued. “When I posted on my status ‘My husband’s account was deleted by Facebook’ it was erased 3 times from the main wall! I could not believe it.”

Bobbi says shortly after she also received a warning email stating Facebook’s systems indicated she’d been “misusing certain features.”

A press release the Moros issued online hints at Luis receiving repeated warnings. The sentence reads, “If he ever met his quota in adding friends in a day, Facebook would send a warning to stop, and he would.”

Barry Schnitt, speaking on behalf Facebook, noted that sentence in his response. “In the press release the user acknowledges receiving warnings from our automated system,” said Schnitt.

“That system is designed to keep spammers and and potential harassers from abusing Facebook.  It is triggered by a user sending too many messages or friending too many people who ignore their requests.  In this case, the user ignored at least one of the warnings when he was spamming people with messages and friend requests to promote his cause and was automatically disabled.  The suggestion that our automated system has been programmed with a certain political agenda is absurd.”

As for Bobbi’s warning? “If [Luis’s] wife was exhibiting the same behavior, I’m sure she was served a warning from our automated system.  Again, the assertion that any of this is politically motivated is ridiculous.”

Luis Moro Luis’s account has since been restored, and an email apology was sent saying the deletion was due to Facebook’s automated systems. Bobbi still isn’t so sure her husband wasn’t targeted though. She cited Facebook’s alleged history of censorship involving words and phrases like “anti-war,” “Gaza,” and “Palestine,” as well as the much publicized row with breastfeeding mothers.

“Innocent people have had their accounts deleted, they call it ‘Black Death’ or something like it to what it is like for them, that is what happened to us. No notice, or warning.” She also cited past problems with pro-embargo editors of Wikipedia.

When asked what stake Facebook would have in the Cuba embargo issue, Bobbi denied it was direct political action from Facebook itself, but was in response to bogus abuse/harassment complaints.

“I do believe all it takes is one pro-embargo person to say Luis was harassing and that’s it. So no, I don’t think Facebook is totally at fault here. But they have to have a better system than auto deletion of an account. Especially one that is being active in a social network. I do believe they take it upon themselves to decide what is okay and what is not okay by their own terms, which they are entitled to.”

But, she says, one her friends was scared to post anything in support for fear of losing her Facebook account. “That’s the problem. We should not live in fear of losing our voices.”

As to criticism this could be a kind of publicity stunt to promote the cause or their films, Bobbi said, “We are way past that,” she said, intimating that earlier in their career that might have been considered. “I wish I was smart enough to think of this one—i.e. get my account cancelled and then make a big deal about it. Funny.”

She didn’t hesitate drop their next film title, though, a joint production with Sir Ben Kingsley entitled “Whispers Like Thunder,” a true Native American story.

Filmmaker Accuses Facebook Of Censorship
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  • Guest

    There’s no way the left wing baby phuquers would censor some Latino crap. THEY WOULD censor anything that stood up for real American values. This guy just wants to whine and moan, like so many minorities. He’s full of s hit, just looking for publicity. You want to get censored on Facebook? List some right wing subject and you’re get deleted in about two hours. Screw this weasel boy and his whining. Hey, make your OWN web site, Luis, you lazy prick.

    • Guest

      Ok. So you just hurled racial slurs, vomited profanity, and called names. Nice.

      I am sure your parents are proud. As far as the Latino bit-I am white (look at picture) and I wrote the press release. As far as ‘whining’ and ‘moaning’ (sounds painful). We call it in the liberal world: Standing up for freedom of speech. Standing up for relentless censorship. Sorry for the big words.

      As far as the ‘weasel boy’ part-I have to add this: Luis was a strong safety for Rutgers U. And he is standing up against pro-embargo hardliners head on, with his five kids behind him. (sorry, I had to do it). ‘Weasel boy’ is um….not really him. but it’s cute.

      And by the way, we have a host of sites, if you would like to check some of them out we can start you off with this one: EverythingCuba.com”.

      As far as the lazy part…well I’m sure maybe when he’s 102 he might take that on. Cute comment though ‘guest’.

  • http://dofollow001.com/ AndyW

    Best of luck Luis and Bobbi in taking on the Man

  • http://www.lexolutionit.com Maneet Puri

    Wow.. great pot. I don’t know which side to believe. But if the couple’s claims are really true, then I guess Facebook is hampering freedom of expression and speech.

    • http://www.mysolopop.com Solopop

      Yes i totally second to that if what the couple is claiming to be true, that means facebook doesnt want us to speak our mind!!!

  • http://www.lukewestberg.com/blog/ Guest

    I highly doubt Facebook has any vested interest in keeping the trade embargo intact. (I would think the opposite if anything)

    It’s not to hard to trigger the spam filter. I tried posting a youtube video on my friend’s wall but it kept messing. So after my third attempt it gave me a spammer warning that my account would be deleted if I continued. They must not like Canadians (Jon LaJoie) either.

  • http://MoroFilms.com Bobbi Miller-Moro

    We have been getting some interviews from some ‘techie’ blogs making fun of us, and mocking us. They obviously haven’t done their research. And of course Facebook denies what we are saying, do you think they would admit to it?

    What never ceases to amaze me is this: no matter how much you stand for truth and stand for freedom of speech; there are those who need to bash and mock them.

    The facts are incorrect and taken out of context for the humor-ment of the authors of these article. ha-ha, funny. I never said Facebook doesn’t want people to travel to Cuba. I said that Facebook is under scrutiny from thousands of people for random censorship, including mentioning the Gaza strip, anti-war messages, Islam, Muslem, and a breast feeding photo that got hundreds and thousands of protests from Facebook’s users.

    Don’t take my word for it, check it out. Luis was not spamming, but he was talking about the Travel bill for Cuba. And he was deleted. We were not quiet about it-and they reinstated him. And one person does not matter to Facebook.

  • Guest

    Soliciting unknown friends, sending uninvited messages and generally being a nuisance is callled SPAM everywhere else on the Internet and if all spammers could be rounded up and sent to Guantanamo (speaking of Cuba) not many email users would complain.

    Having a politcal agenda instead of a commercial one is not an excuse to harass — because ultimately that’s what any undesired attention from someone amounts to: harassment. When I receive messages that are obviously not related to my network of friends I always report the sender. This is not hindering freedom of speech, this is preserving my right to privacy. You can say whatever you’d like to anyone willing to listen. You may NOT force your message down my throat.

    • http://MoroFilms.com Bobbi Miller-Moro

      I agree completely. I do not accept spammers either.

  • http://www.snerdey.com/templatemonster.html Snerdey

    When visiting the home page of a facebook user. Maybe there should be a level indicator.. This user has 3 warnings.. etc.. :)

    Some kind of guide that would allow visitors to know that this user is not listening to the man! You know what I mean!

    Not only good luck to the family but to the all of us to have our freedom of speech.

    Just keep in mind that Facebook belongs to Facebook and the terms and service are there. You agree to many things and the freedom is already trimmed down somewhat to content, actions you take.

    Fuzzy logic tends to feel like personal attacks maybe we don’t have all the info but seams to be Facebook is taking the right actions to fix the problem.

    Rules are Rules.. looks like a good lesson was learned by all involved 😉

  • http://www.leds-consulting.com Lori D

    I thought this was an interesting article, and I also think much ado is being made over nothing. When mass e-mails spamming people with messages and friend requests happens, systems are set up to protect users from this type of e-mail dumping. It doesn’t matter what the subject matters is or who sent it. My husband and I have a computer repair business, and we have seen all types of precautions taken on the part of networking sites, like Facebook, that set up certain rules for e-mail distributions and solicitations. I think the Moro’s are barking up the wrong tree and should just move on.

  • http://www.firmalatter.dk Ejvind

    As always, when someone doesn’t tell you why they do what they do, you are left with a feeling of a kid being punished, for something they don’t know what was wrong. But mom or dad punished you anyway, and now it is up to you to find out why.

    This is such a bad policy from facebook, that it is quite impossible to understand what is driving them. Maybe an experience like the one above.

    Get your act together facebook. Let people know WHY you do what you do, so they have a chance to correct it. anything less than that is not worthy of a place for adults.

  • Pluschap

    Facebook owns the site. It’s theirs to do with as they wish. Their behaviour is not governed by the constitution, so they can censor anyone they like, for any reason they like, or for no reason at all. Those who don’t like this harsh reality are welcome to go elsewhere, or even start their own competing product. Just quit whingeing and get a life.

    • http://MoroFilms.com Bobbi Miller-Moro

      The whining? Well that is subject to interpretation. We call it standing up for our beliefs. Just like you did. Are you whining?

      And your right, we belong to many sites, and have many websites-so thank you very much for the tip.

  • Elena Starta

    Deleting accounts is like terminating someone without a fair trial. Why not to have a jury to decide – guilty or not. And it should be an appeal in place too. That would be more civilized medium.

    • Guest

      Facebook can censor any type of speech at any time. I would bet if you or this guy that is crying, took the time to read the terms of service for the site you would see that stated in print.

      If this guy wants to promote his opinion, let him start his own site!
      You might also try to read and understand the constitution.

      • Guest

        oops! Sorry to scare you. Facebook CAN’T put you in jail.

      • http://MoroFilms.com Bobbi Miller-Moro

        You think Facebook is the only site we belong too? LOL
        What is your point? You think protesting equals ‘crying’. Ok go tell that to Lily Ledbetter. Google her name if you have too.

  • http://officialsafetyandsecurity.com/pepperspray Debbie Morgan

    I’m typically on FaceBook to socially market my safety and security web site as well as raise awareness for it’s products so I’m always interested in anything going on there.

    FaceBook isn’t the only site I’m on for that purpose and a couple of sites blocked me because I left a link to my site when commenting on a forum or discussion board but I wasn’t told why I was blocked. I had to figure it out myself. It was very frustrating.

    The terms of use are published for everyone to see but these terms are so long and wrapped in legal jargon that I don’t think most people even read them. I skimmed the material but wasn’t sure if leaving my link was a problem. I wasn’t even warned.

    I contacted the sites and asked what happened and when I was told what I did, I wrote an apology which was accepted and I was reinstated but had I not gone the extra mile to find out, I would still be in the dark.

    I think any social site that is going to block it’s members for any reason should not only warn them at least once but send them an email or some other communication letting them know why the action was taken.

    Thanks, Jason, for this great article.

  • http://www.exaltron.com/blog exaltron

    Querido Sr. Moro:
    I’m sure the citizens of Cuba, who are the victims of actual oppression, bona-fide censorship and witch hunts, would love to hear your story. There is no doubt that the “censorship” you experienced on Facebook, where your account was brutally revoked and your freedom to harass strangers was ruthlessly curtailed, certainly this is on a par with the censorship and oppression experienced daily on that island prison. Routinely when expressing myself on Facebook, I fear that one of my “friends” might betray me, turning me in to the authorities and virtually guaranteeing that I will disappear indefinitely, never to utter an incendiary word again.
    Viva el Che, Libertad o Muerte, etc.

    • Guest

      excellent point.

    • http://MoroFilms.com Bobbi Miller-Moro

      Need I say more? Sit with this a while.

      Then you might get why it is SO important that we ‘complain’ and ‘stand-up’, step-up’, and support our ‘dumb political causes’ and ‘political drama’…so that human beings do not have to live under what ‘exaltron’ just spoke of.

      It’s time to grow up people.

    • http://www.GangStalkingWorld.com gangstalking

      You know what’s hypocritical? People and the fake freedoms that they talk about in some countries that are an illusion. These so called democratic countries, pull as much bs as other countries, or worst but don’t get called on it. We have people right now in democratic countries being tortured, harassed, and drivin to their deaths and having their lives placed under 24/7 surveillance, but no one talks about that. That is true hypocracy. We are no where near as free as we like to falsly believe. If you don’t believe me, google the term Gang Stalking.

  • http://mattchip.blogspot.com matthew w faulkner

    Well I think they set out to do what they wanted. They got their accounts deleted,sent out a press release about it and received
    publicity from the news media. Now you can call that genius or
    dumb luck. I think him being a film maker he would of benefited
    more by just making a video and submit it youtube and other video sites. Hey you have to take responsability for your own actions.
    Step up and quit crying.” For political reasons” thats abunch bull.

    • Michael Forbus

      I got my Facebook acoount deleted because I tried to make friends in the areas I am interested in. Buddhism, Toaism, Vegan lifestyle, traveling, photography, digital manipulation, etc. I guess perhaps I was too active, but never having been vulgar, treating it like a hook up place like most clandestine Facebook folks do and do all that forwarding and sending bullshit non-gifts to people you don’t even know is more important them using it as a Social Network source. Those jack boot censorists should have Facebook taken down and they will when people find out they are collecting your information and using it for their benefit. I think they are as trashy as a trailer park. And making jillions doing it. If those who had any doubts about their facists ways before now is when to delete. My regards to all ex-Farcebook people.


    • http://MoroFilms.com Bobbi Miller-Moro

      Where are these people coming from? lol

      How do we go out and get our account deleted?

      We open an account. We find our friends. We talk to them. We share stories, and our life. We support causes. We enjoy the social networking. Then our account gets deleted.

      We *protest* due to the fact that Luis was talking about ending the Cuban Travel Ban. He is an administrator on a group. He was doing nothing else.

      Stepping up? To do what?
      Crying? The only one crying here is you. Wow. I guess freedom of speech is not important to you-but, wait you just exercised it.

  • Guest


    • http://MoroFilms.com Bobbi Miller-Moro

      See this is where things get screwy.

      Facebook doesn’t even tell you why they delete your account in most cases. They give vague answers, and deny every accusation made against them-of course.

      Right now Google: ‘Facebook censorship’. you will open a menagerie of complaints, protests, bans, blocks, and censorship concerns at the hands of Facebook. That is how I discovered all this.

      We just wanted our site back up due to all the friends we have connected with-and sorry guys, we have a lot of friends (should we apologize?)

      And I discovered that we are not the only one’s with this experience, many ‘innocent Facebookers’ have had their accounts deleted for searching too many times, accepting too many friendships, posting a legal video, saying too much about Gaza, belonging to too many groups, posting a breastfeeding photo…I can go on and on.

      People have blogged it, wrote stories, opened blogs only on this topic, have gone legal. This is about a private company who is hosting millions of people to socially network the way they want them to. Say what they want them to say. Post what they say is ok or not ok. And until it happens to you-it is easy to balk. Rules are one thing. Censorship is another.

      • Guest

        my girlfriend posted some images I took of her that were very classy sensous. NOT violating their image policy since there was nothing actually showing – it was her in a fishnet with dramatic lighting so shadows were covering the “vital” parts – people pay good money to get these types of professional shots taken, its not pornographic –

        however, her pictures were taken off and she received a notice saying that they were flagged as innapropriate –

        so we posted them again – they haven’t been flagged yet.

        what happens doesn’t happen because facebook wants to manipulate what you say or show or do on facebook. It happens because you have to establish rules in order for the site to work properly otherwise people get out of hand and make the whole experience not worth it ( look at what happened to the Yahoo Chat rooms ) If your users break the rules, then you take them out, that simple.

        The issue here is WHO is doing the monitoring. Well, its not Facebook, its other users like you and me. So perhaps what Facebook needs to do is establish a second layer of monitoring where someone will look at the flagg messages and determine whether or not its fair, or politically correct. – so who’s going to pay for that??? remember, this is a FREE service provided to you by a company and business is about making money not losing it, so how do you expect them to pay for everything and have it YOUR way?

        Instead of having all those countless complaints people have, they should be offering solutions and suggestions so that we can help Facebook IMPROVE their site not have them waste their money defending themselves in court and possibly pushing them out of business or to do something drastic like creating stiffer rules.

        • http://www.GangStalkingWorld.com gangstalking

          The problem is it might not be average users doing the flagging. There are agendas online, and they could do the flagging. Just like people who go out of their way to get powersellers banned on ebay. Someone wrote a comment about doing that and getting one banned per week. They need to give reasons for banning people, that would better, then people could see if the reason at least looked legit. This way there is no way to say that it’s not being done due to an agenda.

  • http://filmatist.com Greg

    interesting. good read.

  • http://www.lackawannarail.com Mike

    The editor put the comment in that said “Without clear guidelines how are social media marketers to know when they’ve crossed the line?”

    How about when they do ANY marketing. I am so sick of people turning every communication stream into a marketing program. Does anybody remember when the internet was an “information highway?” Now we’ve gotten off the highway and the whole thing is nothing but a shopping mall!

    When you google something to try to learn about it, all you can find are people selling them.

    If there is a social media, it should be social, and not marketing. If they want to advertise on the site, let them pay for it. They cross the line by their intent to market.

    Just my view.

    • Guest

      this is a social website not a social market place so if people want to be cramming the pipeline with any type of marketing they should be booted off. I don’t care to hear or know about your causes or personal vendatta’s I just want to log in and chat and play with my friends without the site being so slow due to all this marketing that is taking place.

      Aside from that, anyone who is ever in some political or religious CAUSE is always complaining about censorship and they should already know that as long as they’re choosing to stand up for a cause, they WILL get censored and judged so deal with it.

      No matter what, facebook is a private entity and deserves the right to refuse service to anyone. The last thing they need is for a bunch of religious and political movers to turn it into a stage for their drama.

      • http://Morofilms.com Bobbi Miller-Moro

        Oh I see, so you want to give people information about how to lift the Travel Ban. That is political drama. You support teaching women in Uganda to irrigate water with The Hunger Project, that’s political drama. You want to accept an invitation to ‘Fuel’ movie-that is political drama? You want to give women fair and equal pay by signing a bill for Lily Ledbetter (Thanks Obama) so you support MomsRising.org. That’s political drama? You support the protest of Facebook on removing a breastfeeding photo, so you support La Leche League. I guess that’s political drama, eh? That tells me you are the epitome of that very thing you judge-or you don’t care and wait for us to change the laws for you. We’ll let you know when you can travel to Cuba.

        …oh by the way-I am glad women ‘complained’ about censorship and got equal rights. And black people ‘complained’ about segregation, and won the civil rights act. I am glad Obama stood up to the judger’s and haters and did what was right for all of us, and he won.

        • Guest

          yeah all those things you mentioned ARE political drama. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with it and I’m not saying that people shouldn’t stand up for their beliefs. Afterall this is what this country is all about and that’s why its DRAMA, there’s always an oposition and there’s always a battle because there are people who will always disagree. Therefore all that drama needs to be taken to places where it will make a difference and where people WANT to be included. the last thing I want is to log into facebook and get tons of emails on matters that don’t really concern me. I personally have never been involved in politics because I find it a worthless cause, I really could care less what goes on because I know that the people in power are the ones who get what they want – but that’s another subject.

          We’re talking about facebook here, your FREE service to keep in touch with friends and possibly make new ones. The one place in my day that I can get away from the daily pains of life and just have fun.

          By the way, we ARE allowed to talk about ANYTHING we want, our albums we made, our business ventures, our political and religious views and anything we want. There’s a big difference between discussing a subject and plastering a bunch of people with emails. When I get emails from anyone offering their services for their business I tag them as spam, i don’t care what you’re into, i don’t want to be advertised to. This is what facebook owners are doing. They’ve provided a way for people to advertise, anything outside of that is a violation of their TOS and therefore they can vanish you from their servers. People say that Facebook should do things manually and not automatically. People are too ignorant to realize that Facebook could not possibly afford the man hours required to manually oversee millions of postings or flaggings a day. That’s why they figure out rules and scripts to enforce them. You speed, you get a ticket right??? well, if you send a ton of requests and most of them flag you as spam – DUH! what else do you expect them to do???

          It’s not a matter of facebook having some hidden agenda or some intent to censor you, its the people getting the invites being annoyed and flagging the message as spam. That’s what is going to get you spammed.

          The guy would be smarter and achieve MORE if he were to build an app on Facebook specifically for providing information to people about his cause. This would allow him exposure but it would be on a voluntary basis – where your friends send you invites to the cause rather than just getting spammed. I get those all the time, join this cause, join that cause – i don’t join but I don’t flag as spam, THAT is the proper way to use facebook for your “marketing”. Learn to use the tools provided for free and don’t start crying prejudism when you’re breaking the rules.

          I’ll skip my travels to Cuba thank you – there’s plenty of places I wan to visit on the mainland before I go risking my neck in some country I have no interest in. I wasn’t born here, I was brought here by my parents and I have family in other countries I would like to see but frankly, my father lost everything at his country in order to provide us a better future and I’m here now – exercising my rights as given to me by this constitution – INCLUDING the right not to vote or become politically affiliated. But I think you people who have strong opinions about things need to learn that not ALL agree with you and that its not right for you to try to impose things on me just as I won’t try to impose things on you.

          Leave facebook alone, you’re all lucky they didn’t stick to just being a college based networking site. Maybe that’s what they should go back to and avoid all these stupid people claiming they’re being unfair.

          Those breastfeeding people – ugh … they will complain if some chic is wearing a little bikini cause they don’t want their kids seeing that but they want to plaster themselves with their tits out. Well .. you don’t get banned from facebook UNLESS you offend someone enough to flag you. its not FACEBOOK … IT’S THE MEMBERS!

    • http://MOroFilms.com Bobbi Miller-Moro

      ooops. Well your right!
      It’s a ‘social networking’ site, BUT you cannot ask a friend how their book is coming along, or answer a question about how your yoga studio is doing? Oh God forbid that you mention your son’s new chiropractic business! But, wait what about letting your girlfriend know about the sale at Nordstrom’s? Can we talk about our jobs? Our professions? What about the (gasp-)Entrepreneurs? They don’t have a boring old job to talk about, they want to talk about their new non-profit Animal Rescue, or their new Photography book they made while in Africa. What happens when someone ASKS to see it? What happens then?

      “Sorry guys, Facebook does not allow us to talk about our professions. We are here to strictly talk about the big studio movie we just saw, or the college frat party we are going to, or the cute boy across the street. But, I cannot talk about what I believe in, the causes I support or the actual way I make a living. Nope. I have to wait until I get a blog at a nifty little Techie site, then I can put photo’s, and bash and judge and exploit whichever people all to MY OWN DISCRETION.”

      Mike, this is just my view. Where do YOU draw the line? What about if someone who pays your bills says, ‘Mike, sorry you cannot talk about your personal life and what you believe in, your views, or your opinions. You cannot share ideas or support any groups or organizations. Or you cannot write for us anymore.” What happens then Mike?

  • http://www.coverbonanza.com/ Sam

    This guy is almost certainly a spammer. Regardless of the cause, he’s got to find a more subtle and creative way to get his message out. As far as the post complaining that every communication medium gets turned into a marketing channel, well, the real question is whether people are willing to go with a subscription-based service rather than a free one. Google exists because it is good at helping people find stuff to buy. Facebook wishes it could say the same thing. Found a social networking site that explicitly outlines any commerical use. You’ll have to charge people to use it. Good luck.

    • http://MoroFilms.com Bobbi Miller-Moro

      “This guy is almost certainly a spammer.”

      See this? This is how people get sent to jail for a lifetime then find out later they were innocent. These are the type of people who put them there.

      Sam has no idea what he is talking about. Before I waste my time on this comment, I sent enough reply’s to comments here to clear this ‘articles’ presentation. You can be right blindly Sam, or you can find out the truth below. Let me guess. You most certainly want to be right blindly.

  • Guest

    Facebook should manually delete when an account gets tagged instead of automatically deleting. I’m not sure why Facebook would care what people post on their walls because those are personal to the people they socialize with in their own accounts, no one else can see it, and if they do and don’t like it they should just MOVE ON! If some one is listed as a friend, that person can easily remove their name from the list or remove that friend from their list.

    However, there are those folks that go into places like this just because they don’t have anything better to do but start up a new inquisition every time they see some thing that may offend their alleged “morality.”

    Some people just want to create negative energy when they see people fighting for freedom or something that say’s free this or free that. Freedom is what America is about, and those against freedom, well that speaks for itself.

    Sounds like it’s not harming anyone, it’s actually educating people on facts about what is really going on because we can’t always rely on the news media to tell us the truth. We need real sources!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gerard-Nicol/655771724 Gerard Nicol

    As a big Facebook user the prospect of having my account deleted is a scary one.

    In the real world there are anti-social people and these people eventually end up in jail, perhaps this is the Facebook equivalent of being deleted.

    But in any decent society there is an independent judiciary. there is natural justice and there penalties for false accusations.

    The answer to this problem is simple, by all means collect complaints of harassment from Facebook users. If a user exceeds their quota of complaints by all means suspend their ability to post, but once someone is blocked give them the ability to appeal.

    If their appeal is upheld and it is found that their complaints were unjustified then warn the complainant that they may have their ability to complain revoked if they continue to lodge vexation complaints.

  • Mike Ashworth

    having accounts disabled or deleted happens to lots of people especially if ur behaviour is one of spamming. to be hoenst if you want to have a campaign take it off facebook.

    the system belongs to them not you. get a well crafted blog / website. optimised for search etc. and post their instead.

    also, and here is the thing that they didnt do. when my account was disabled i got in touch with facebook, politely apologised for breaking the rules and guess what, i got my account back in a cpl of days. no fuss, got the outcome i wanted.

    often ppl assume there is some sort of conspiracy theory or believe the situation is worse than it is. they dont have ppl sitting their watching what you do, its all automated, break the rules re spamming and this is the sort of thing that happens.

  • http://wordsforhirellc.com/blog Karen D. Swim

    I mean no disrespect to the the Moros but this brings up a great discussion about “freedom.” In this country we enjoy freedom, but freedom with responsibility. We are free to speak out on causes, issues and beliefs but not free to do so whenever we choose. We cannot yell “Fire” in a crowded movie theater because we felt like it, we cannot make racist or terrorist threats because we believe in them. Freedom has checks and balances. Every company has a right to set their own operating principles. Facebook is not public property. It is a free service, and as such do we have a “right” to demand that they allow us to do whatever we choose. While we may not agree with every policy, Facebook certainly has a right to have them. Of course, if discrimination were the issue they would be breaking the law and we would all be outraged. Facebook has evolved into what many view as a free marketing channel. The lesson I have taken away from the plight of others, is by all means create relationships and engage others but don’t rely on it as a primary marketing channel.

  • http://www.ssrichardmontgomery.com ron

    Regardless of the rights & wrongs of what happened here there is one important lesson for everybody that uses a computer to learn.
    BACKUP all your pictures and information address and everything else
    on your own computer where you have complete control.(and backup the information as well incase the computer fails!…
    In the case of facebook if you had done this then regardless of who or why all that would have to be done is upload to a new account or account on a different system or better still buy a website name & put all your stuff on your OWN site, where you decide what is what…
    remembering to keep copy’s in case “somebody” removes it.

  • http://www.auto-ak-seeds.com jj

    just one of the problems having automated everything it misses things humans wouldnt!!

  • http://niche-traffic-sale.blogspot.com Niche

    Sounds like a simple misunderstanding which has been ironed out
    I think we may be making a mountain out of a molehill

  • http://www.earringsforever.com EarRings

    Well, Facebook in my book can do anything they want since they own your account and you didn’t pay them squat. If they think that your content is not good for them, then too bad.

  • James D

    I can see this as a problem. If you have ever tried to post on Craigs List, the same thing happens. They allow a few people the power to rule the roost so to say.

    • http://www.GangStalkingWorld.com gangstalking

      They are just doing online, what they already do offline, most people are just not aware that an agenda exists, or the level of state control being excercised.

  • http://www.bearbrooks.com Bear Brooks

    The problem I have found is not with the website administrators, it is with the people who do not agree with your opinion or statements. I, along with several others I know have been banned from Facebook. They had an “out” with me because they said I was using a “fake” name, even though it is my published pen name. If that was their argument, then all authors with pen names would have to be banned also. This tells me that this was not the reason I was “turned in” or “flagged.” The others were banned for other nonsensical reasons and/or they did not receive a reply as to why. The only common denominator is that they are all conservative.

    I see this happen every day all over the internet from Facebook, StumbleUpon, YouTube, and many others. For instance, when anyone makes a comment on a conservative YouTube video the attacks start flying. I see it with Israel. I see it with Cuba. I see it on abortion. All opinions and feelings are open for attack. There are people all over the internet trying to get people banned from all of these websites. There are people who spend all of their time giving bad reviews and trying to basically trash other people who do not agree with them because they cannot create a rational argument for their opinions. I equate this to the 35 year old website hackers who work their evil from their mother’s basements.

    It does not matter what reason they used for banning you, there was someone out there with a differing opinion who abused the system and you will not be able to stop it unless you are in full control of the information. Social networking administrators have to try to appease the majority and the only way they can do that is to play the “politically correct” game. So, you have to either be a bland, politically correct person on these types of sites or start your own. Websites are very inexpensive now and are not difficult to operate. Get your own and speak your mind. Good Luck.

    • http://MoroFilms.com Bobbi Miller-Moro

      Perfect explanation.

    • http://www.GangStalkingWorld.com gangstalking

      What people do not realise is that on just about every website on the internet you have government agents, or hires posting as average people, but they have an agenda many times, be it to just monitor people, or in many cases to squash dissidence, and this means that they are willing to destroy people’s accounts, and start attacks to get them banned.

      There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes that you just don’t see.
      Check out this article about this.


      You can also read this free ebook to find out more about what is going on.

  • http://www.amazinggypsybazaar.com.au/ Hilda

    This is strange indeed. I wonder why facebook allows fascist comments to stay on it’s site about Gypsies and yet doesn’t let the film makers to express their opinion. I wonder who owns facebook?

    • http://www.GangStalkingWorld.com gangstalking

      It’s rumoured to be a CIA government opperation. The data mining that they wanted to do, but could not do legally, they do it here, and look at how many people have willing gone into the net. By being on face book adding friends, jobs, etc, you willing provide more information than could be gleamed with months of covert investigations.

  • http://www.melbourneonline.com.au Mark

    What are they bitching and moaning about? I have a band I’d like to promote on facebook, but if Facebook deleted me for adding too many people or sending too many messages I wouldn’t accuse them of having and anti-music agenda.
    The fact is that Facebook administrators have a duty to keep the experience relatively spam-free, or people will migrate to another social networking site.
    Facebook has a way to reach its entire usership: It’s their advertising function. And it’s cheap.

    Spam with good intentions and a moral message is still spam.

  • Gil

    It was an automated deletion, which as a Facebook member, I am happy to have. If you are trying to friends thousands of people who do not know you to promote your cause, you obviously are not doing it right.

    Many people that he wanted to friend clicked the option that it was spam. I agree with allowing us to travel to Cuba, but I also agree with the automated deletion process that Facebook enables to stop spammers, which is exactly what this guy did.

    There was no political agenda and if you think there is, you are just too stupid to understand how facebook works and how it is intended to stop the spammers.

    Maybe you should just move on to myspace if you want free reign to spam millions of people.

    For the comments below mine, don’t leave information out about why you were banned and act like it was some evil agenda to silence you. You know, as well as this guy, what it was for.

    If you need to get it out, try other outlets and let them find you. Go to chat rooms, start web site and tell them where to find you on Facebook. Then you do not have to worry about spamming people who do not share or care about your ideas and will only get the ones who either do care or what to mess with you.

    • http://MoroFilms.com Bobbi Miller-Moro

      *Sigh* this is getting boring. For all of the ‘Spamming’ assumptions going on here: let’s keep the record strait.

      1. We know the difference between spamming or not.

      2. We belong to a few social networks, so what? We like Facebook because you can connect with most of our friends there.

      3. We have four websites.

      4. We have our own server.

      5. We are not whining, complaining, bitching, moaning, or whatever bodily functions you all think we have.

      6. There are so many ‘groups’ on Facebook, there’s too many too count. From every nature imaginable. Some people like some groups, some don’t. Then there’s the administrators who run those groups. That’s what he was. (And still is now). People came to his group and joined on their free-will.

      7. If he added too many people in a day that reached out to him, or supported what he believes in and he received a Facebook warning-he would stop. It’s not brain surgery.

      8. If you don’t like a group-you don’t join.

      9. He was fine until he started speaking about ‘Ending The Travel Ban on Cuba.’ That’s when they booted him off.

      10. 1 + 1 = 2. It is not that hard. Now if we were wrong, and according to Facebook they apologized and put his site back up saying it was a ‘mistake’ then we go back to life as usual.

      The assumption that we are spamming and the idea we are forcing our agenda is plain ludicrous. We are doing what every other thousands of groups on Facebook are doing, we just called Facebook out for deleting him without warning or explanation. (which we see we are not alone)

      The most interesting of this entire conversation is the amount of Piranha’s jumping in the water for blood. Hate! Hate! Hate!

      And Gil, your assumption: “which is exactly what this guy did.”
      is pretty presumptuous on your part, considering Facebook apologized for their mistake and reinstated him. So you were wrong. All of your assumptions are wrong.

      So go force your opinion on some other outlet.

      • http://www.GangStalkingWorld.com gangstalking

        It’s good that you got your account back, after being very public about it, but the fact that they are emailing your wife as well, sounds like it might have been political.

        You should keep in mind that Facebook is rumoured to be a CIA opperation.


        Also many people do not realise what is on going in the U.S. the CIA have allegidly embedded themselves into every level of government.


        So why are we really surprised. Do you know how truly controlled so called democratic countries are?

      • Guest

        If you are so worried about being censored. Get your own server.

    • cgbutton

      I agree with Gil.

      Facebook was designed as a social network and as such its perfectly within its rights to limit the number of friends you can make with anyone day. Good on yoiu facebook and I think it was very generous and kind of you to even considering allowing thsi account back up again. The fact that this facebook user is referring not only to “this issue” and “the issue of facebook making a mistake” by turning this into some sort of political debate just shows you what kind of a facebook user we are dealing with here.

      If I was facebook I would not have reinstated the account at all. Very dangerous and in my opinion this facebook account users should move their politics to myspace.


    Unfortunately when dealing with Facebook, eBay, Craigslist etc. It’s not that unusual to have posts removed or accounts canceled. At least Facebook reinstated this guy (hopefully in a timely manner).

    The rules are often vague and difficult for the user to understand. These companies should do a better job of defining and communicating what constitutes a violation of the rules.

    A more difficult task is managing people who game the system and have posts they don’t agree with canceled. Perhaps more attention needs to be directed toward them as well?

  • http://bossy-girls.net Lila S.

    Not receiving specific information for cancellation is bad. Telling me to read the FAQ to know what I did wrong is like me telling you “You have sinned. To understand what sins you committed read the Holy Bible and the Torah” Now do you have any idea about your sin and what you have tio do to avoid sinning?

    What is needed is segregation of adult material like mine from family oriented material. I have no clear way to indicate that


    is for adults and not for 9-year-old people. At my site, I have code to indicate that the pages are for adults and I tell parents that is their duty to filter access to the Internet See my message to parents at


    My most recent femdom facebook has not been erased. I posted no nudity. Maybe that is what bothered them.

    • Guest

      well done Brilliant page to put a free plug for your site I would bet a few people got a shock when they clicked on your link. poor girl having to force that man into giving her back her underwear by standing on him.

  • IU Facebook User

    Like it or not, Facebook pays for the bandwidth and storage, and it is their property. They can allow or not allow anything they want.

    I had my profile on Classmates.com edited a few years ago simply because it included the URL of my personal home page. I wrote support and told them that while I respect their property rights, I would not be renewing my paid subscription.

  • http://www.mysolopop.com Smiley

    This is facebook saying if you love me keep my commandments. So thats about that!

  • Dave

    I also had my facebook deleted and when i sent in a message asking why all they said was for security reason they couldnt tell me. and that it is not reversible. its not right that they can just delete it without cause or warning. I finally got ahold of people that i havent seen in 15 years across the world. and now i lost them and cant find them again. that is so sick.

  • http://www.hophunt.com Free PPC Traffic

    It is hard to tell from available facts that facebook is a political bias social media.

    If the account was restored then facebook is working it out or manually over ride the automated system.

    You should balance your views unfairly and treat every nation or race respectfully.

    You can say what you want to say without hatred and you can express what you want to express in peaceful manner.


  • deturner91961@aol.com

    Was there any rules that state a user can not express themselves in any politcital way? if not then there should not be a problem.

    People on face book exploit all kinds of services, comments about others. Are there any rules about making comments about others or their political issues? if not then there should not be a problem.

    I think if you don’t want users to express themselves then facebook should be shut down for violating ll users freedom of speech.

  • http://www.attorneyservicesetc.com PosterGal

    If its true then this is a serious accusation. Facebook should explain. On the other hand, Facebook, as the owner, has the power to regulate its site.

  • Grandma

    I’m not particularly into ‘conspiracy theories’ but I do have a gut feeling that some human entity quietly sets up sites such as Facebook for the purpose of collecting personal information about individuals. They are clever enough to make it sound friendly, safe and useful to us and little by little collect information such as who our relatives are, where we have worked or lived, when and where we were born including birthdates, schools we attended and when and other data that makes it simple to “find” or trace people. This is useful for collection agencies, law enforcement, child support enforcement or violations of any kind. It is also very useful to anyone selling anything as they can learn about our hobbies, travel and tastes. It is so simple to steal someone’s identity through the information highway or at the least stalk them. The WWW is a valuable tool but so easy to abuse! The days are long gone when you can trust people’s motives. Personally, I have nothing to hide and no known enemies, but I know that posting my data on the internet makes me vulnerable.

  • Stephan Noreiga

    Great job Moros on getting your respect !! regardless of the whys and whats. Continue doing what you do :)

    cheers !!

  • http://potpolitics.com John Sullivan

    I know for a fact because I was recently contacted by a childhood friend who asked me NOT to friend him that he crossed the line contacting me etc He works for the CIA no shit

  • http://underworld-domianted.org N2KMaster

    Ive had my account stalled for an evening because im a fast typer. Yes that what i said, my account was locked and i was issued a warning when i emailed them and asked why. Apparently talking in their chatbox to a friend i grew up with is considered spam somehow. With no proof of anything they claimed of that i was doing, they issued a slap on the wrists for nothing and left me alone. The site is exactly as everyone says, a gossip mill with idiots with no technical know how running a stolen script.

    • http://www.aegeanturkishproperty.co.uk/index.htm Guest

      Had my account cancelled as well without warning. When i asked them why they said that there had been some complaints. So i asked what the complaints were about and they said they couldn’t tell me as it was against their policy !!!!!!!!!!!! Didn’t even get any automated warnings and they wouldn’t re-instate my account lol.
      Got to agree with you that they are a bunch of idiots that you can’t even talk to.

  • http://www.americais.us Obvious

    It’s already agreed that facebook is too much of a friend for the US Government and censorship is big there.
    The even banned George Orwell: http://prozacforangels.ning.com/profiles/blogs/1984-25-years-after-the

    If you get there understand what are exposing yourself to!

  • Guest

    Social websites like this have every right to set restrictions on the people that use them. Frankly, having been on a number of the social sites over the year, it is frustrating to have people contact me when I have zero interest in their programs or agendas. If I had an interest, I would contact them.

    It sounds as if this filmmaker was spamming people and I say KUDOS to facebook for putting a stop to it! Unfortunately, when facebook suspended the account, once again, the filmmaker used facebook for his political agenda . . . which is fine as long as he is not irritating other users and is adhering to facebook policies.

    As for the accusation that this filmaker was targeted for political reasons, that is simply absurd. Frankly, I think the freedom of speech right is taken too far on the internet. I would not be allowed to go into a restaurant and begin spouting my own political beliefs when it offended other patrons. Why? Because they can excercise the right to refuse service to anyone. So why should the internet be any different?

    Before anyone gets up in arms, I am not saying you should be censored; rather that you should move on to another FREE board if you cannot constrain yourself to the rules and policies (that you agree with when you join).

  • Stymie

    Why is it when someone disagrees with your opinion it is hatemongering. I personally disagree with lifting the travel ban to Cuba. Does this make me a hatemonger? I think not.

    • Stymie

      I am sorry. My last comment was directed at Debbie Miller-Moros in her replay of Dicktard

      • http://MoroFilms.com Bobbi Miller-Moro

        And it’s Bobbi Miller-Moro.

    • http://MoroFilms.com Bobbi Miller-Moro

      No, see that’s the beauty of it. Notice how you spoke your mind like a civil decent person? You didn’t hurl racial slurs, you didn’t vomit profanity and call us every name in the book?

      You didn’t even tell us to die.

      See, you are not hate mongering.
      Can you tell the difference Stymie? Sorry I had to point it out this way-but I guess it wasn’t that obvious to you.

      People can have different view points and still go out to dinner. People can disagree-doesn’t mean you have to threaten each other’s life. Do you get Hate-Mongering now?

      And you are right, you are not hate-mongering Stymie.

  • Parapet

    I had a client whose account was deleted for adding friends too fast. He’s in entertainment and somewhat known in his area of residence, so he knows a lot of people and many contacted him first. What bugs me most is not that Facebook chooses to delete accounts–they have the right to do that–but that they won’t tell you why, won’t give you a second chance, and most of all won’t give you the rules by which you must abide. How can you stay within the rules when they won’t tell you what they are?!?!? Because by not posting rules they can “change” them arbitrarily to pull people off they don’t like for whatever reason or no reason. And they can get away with it because the rules are never posted, so no one can call them on it through legal recourse. Personally, Facebook leaves a bad taste with me. I’ve never signed up for one of their accounts and have no intention of doing so.

  • http://www.innatemediagroup.com Will

    I’ve used facebook for nearly three years. i had one site i used to spam all the time and they’d send me these warnings saying “if you continue to misuse facebook your account will be disabled” – I ignored their messages and continued everyday for about a month spamming. I’d get the messages a few times a week and nothing happened. My site had nothing to do with politics but I believe that is a political biased on facebooks part.

  • http://www.makingmoneywithaffiliates.com/wordpress Judy Jones

    It’s great when a online business magazines would cover a story regarding possible censorship. As long as a we are not using our social media accounts for spam. We should be able to express our ideas with fear of retilation.

    To your success and happiness,

    Judy S. Jones

  • http://www.7161.com Guest

    i just laugh frankly – everyone rushes like lemmings to join these beheamoth corporate sites, then cry when they exhibit corporate behaviour – faceless censoring etc – there’s a simple solution! – just dont use crappy sites like facebook and get a life instead – Facebook is dull dull dull

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