'Fighter Within' Kinect Game Revealed at Gamescom


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In the midst of all the FIFA-related news at Microsoft's Gamescom, Ubisoft slipped in the announcement of a new Kinect game for the Xbox One. A game that isn't a Just Dance title.

Titled Fighter Within, the game will use the new Kinect to pit players against each other in virtual fights. Players can use punches and kicks against opponents, using the real motions in front of their TV. Counters and combos are also included in the combat system. The game's visuals, previewed in the teaser trailer seen below, will include brutal facial impacts, blood, and sweat, making Fighter Within a bit more mature than Wii Boxing.

Despite the Kinect currently being viewed as a casual gameplay device, Ubisoft and Microsoft seem convinced that the new version of the Kinect in included with the Xbox One will actually deliver on the promise of interactive gaming. The new Kinect is reported to read player movements with lower latency, making the prospect of online boxing matches between players a possibility.

“With more precise and responsive voice, vision and motion technology, the new Kinect for Xbox One will immerse players into games and entertainment like never before,” said George Peckham, GM of the Global Publishing Group at Microsoft. “Ubisoft has delivered a wide variety of innovative, exclusive titles for Kinect for Xbox 360 and will no doubt give gamers another one-of-a-kind experience with Fighter Within on Xbox One.”