FIFA World Cup: U.S. Draws ‘Group Of Death’

    December 7, 2013
    Val Powell
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The U.S team will face tough competition in the first round of the 2014 World Cup. The team wound up in the ‘group of death‘, comprising of Ghana, Portugal and Germany. Soccer analysts say it would be a big accomplishment if the U.S. progress to the next level.  Ghana had eliminated the U.S. in the last two World Cups while Germany and Portugal are composed of the world’s top soccer stars – namely Ronaldo Cristiano of Portugal.

Adding to the U.S. team’s challenge is the ridiculous amount of travelling they will need to do. They will have to cover about 9,000 miles to compete in all their group matches. The U.S. team, however, may be the best equipped to handle the hectic travel schedule because their level of fitness is said to be superior to that of other teams. In 2010, the team lacked depth. They had the heart but not the endurance, which caused them to claw their way into the second round — that should not be the case this year. The team’s exceptional fitness will also serve them well when playing in the harsh rainforest conditions in Brazil. Many of the matches will not just be about skill but also be a real test of endurance.

“It’s going to be difficult for them to advance, but not impossible,” said Steve Sampson, former U.S coach.

However, U.S. captain Clint Dempsey is refusing to dampen team spirit by saying, “I think we have the quality, if we play our best ball, to get out of the group”.

Dempsey further stressed the importance of self believe, “You can’t think about, am I the favorite? Am I the underdog? What’s it going to be like playing in the heat? What’s it going to be like with the travel?” Those are factors that come into it, but at the end of the day both teams have to deal with it.”

U.S. Head Coach Says Draw Is Tough, But They Are Prepared.

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  • Wow

    In a word, no. No they can’t unless they start taking steroids now.

    America does this every time before a World Cup…. the win some ball games …. and everyone thinks they can beat the world….. then they fail miserably.

    Seen it my whole life.

  • Benjamin Ghansah

    Ghana will by all means get through the group stage and i bet fifa, after the hard strip from the group and African Mandela death, the world cup will surelly be in bafana baghana.