FIFA World Cup 2014: Will Brazil Be Ready?

    March 16, 2014
    Val Powell
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Brazil will be hosting the next FIFA World Cup, but many are wondering if they will be ready in time, as there are less than 3 months left before the event is scheduled to begin.

Cuiaba, the capital city of Brazil’s Mato Grosso state, is filled with unfinished structures that were supposed to be done last December. Reports also say that construction is behind schedule in 11 other host cities. Six of the 12 World Cup stadiums have been finished last summer in time for the Confederations Cup, but the other six stadiums missed their deadline. To date, four stadiums remain to be under construction.

In 2007, after Brazil got the World Cup, politicians stated that an $8 billion budget would be spent on nationwide projects for the renovation and construction in preparation for the 2014 World Cup. However, some of the infrastructures have not yet been completed, with only a few months remaining.

Sports economist, Victor Matheson, said, “They started late and have boxed themselves in.” Now, efforts have to be doubled in order to make sure that the stadiums get finished on time. The delays in construction have been embarrassing for a lot of Brazilians, and many are even angered by it. A number of Brazilians also say that the country has lost, even if they win the World Cup. According to local businessman, Atilio Martinelli, there is a slim chance that all the other projects will be finished in time for the World Cup. “It’s going to be a great humiliation for us.” Martinelli runs a locksmith business located near one of the building sites. Brazil seemed like the ideal location to hold a soccer event. However, things are looking bleak with all the debris and unfinished infrastructures. There were also anti-government protests that happened during the World Cup pre-tournament, which happened last year.

Brazil Works Hard To Complete Venues For World Cup 2014


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  • Marcos Souza

    Its incredible that this kind of news never reaches the world. In the city that is to host many FIFA games, Rio de Janeiro, the police is caught on camera pulling the body of a woman that was hit in a cross-fire with drugdealers. Tottaly groce.

    viewer discretion is advised.


  • PlayLiveStream

    I don’t think Brazil is fully ready for the 2014 FIFA World Cup as there are some stadiums still under construction. One thing is always flying on my mind, why is FIFA supporting Brazil? There is NO reason to support. It will be much better, If FIFA takes a strong decision about the completion of the stadiums and preparedness of Brazil for the world cup.

    You can check my site where I talked a couple of times about the issue

    • Giovanna Gomes

      FIFA is not supporting Brazil, FIFA is supporting the profit they will make because of the World Cup. FIFA is getting more than the double they got in Germany and 40% more profit than in South Africa in 2010. It is all about the money!