Ferguson Decision: Celebs React On Twitter


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Everyone has an opinion about the Ferguson decision.

Many of the people in Ferguson, who were upset about the verdict, are rioting, looting and destroying the very town where they live with their families.

Some people are calling the Ferguson decision a racist verdict and think that the cop was not prosecuted because he was white and the teen he shot was black.

After the verdict was read, people in many other cities rioted as well.

Many celebrities are also upset about the verdict, but are choosing to voice their opinions on Twitter.

Some have even criticized the violent rioters in Ferguson and have asked them to reconsider their actions.

Other celebrities voiced their opinions as well, including Lebron James, Olivia Dunn, Magic Johnson and Russell Simmons.

Hopefully the city of Ferguson can come together to help each other during this time, instead of rioting and causing more heartache and chaos.