Fergie and Josh Duhamel Get Baby Baptized

By: Alexandria Sardam - December 14, 2013

Thursday, Dec.12 was a very special day for Fergie and Josh Duhamel. The happy couple had their beautiful baby son Axl baptized.

Axl Jack got baptized at a local church in Los Angeles sometime in the morning.

While all the attention was on the newborn baby, we couldn’t help but notice how lovely the joyous couple looked. Josh was looking dapper as ever in a dark suit. While he looked stylish, he didn’t overdo it or outshine his musically-inclined wife. Fergie chose an off-white suit that hung gently on her petite frame.

And of course Axl himself looked handsome in a precious, white christening gown complete with matching booties.

Fergie opened up to E! about motherhood saying, “He’s starting to try to talk to me and sing with me.”

Does this mean we have a little musician in the making?

“I’ll sit there and I’ll sing songs to him and he’ll just look at me and he’ll laugh and he’ll try to chime in. He makes these really weird sounds! And I’ll just clap like the proud mama I am,” Fergie said.

Check out pics of their happy day here.

Photo Credit: YouTube

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