Felicity Jones Is Dropping "Spiderman 2" Spoilers Everywhere

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Felicity Jones recently opened up about her role in the newest "Spiderman" film, and whereas fans were thinking she'd be playing Black Cat in the sequel, it's looking more and more like she'll be going head to head with Spidey as yet another villain: Menace.

"It’s all quite shrouded in secrecy, but I’m the Goblin’s girlfriend - I’m in a relationship with him, and his accomplice. I’m on the dark side," Jones said in a recent interview.

The Green Goblin wasn't announced as a villain for the sequel, so fans are reeling from that news alone. As those who love the comics will know, Lily Hollister is the girlfriend of Harry Osborne and comes into contact with the serum his father made to become the Goblin, giving her powers which she uses to become Menace. Jones wouldn't say for sure who she's playing, though, teasing those who are ready for the new film.

It’s all in the vaults of Marvel. I love all that secrecy, I think it’s great. It builds anticipation, there’s too much transparency in everything these days," she said.

"The Amazing Spiderman 2" also stars Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Chris Cooper, Sally Field, Jamie Foxx, and Paul Giamatti and will be released sometime next year.

Amanda Crum
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