FeedXS Does Syndication Without A Site

    January 19, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Users of FeedXS can create RSS feeds to populate with content by directly posting an article to a feed without needing an existing website or blog.

For bloggers, RSS feed syndication comes as part of the package. Without comments or a RSS feed, it’s just not a blog. FeedXS fill a niche that current bloggers will be surprised to learn exists: publishing content directly to RSS.

Odd concept, isn’t it?

The Netherlands-based company Trilab constructed FeedXS for its creator, Jeroen Bertrams. The service is presently offered for free, with a simple signup and activation process to get started. FeedXS hosts the feed for users.

Users create a feed title and description (a default one is provided for starters) and select the language and category for the RSS feed. An article posting section offers a straightforward form to place a title and content, and to do some basic formatting of the article.

From there, a click adds it to the feed. Anyone subscribed to the feed gets the article the next time the reader checks the feed.

One issue becomes apparent immediately: publicizing the feed. If one doesn’t have a website, preferably one found reliably by the major search engines, the publisher has to notify potential readers somehow, either by email, word of mouth, Super Bowl advertisement, something.

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David Utter is a staff writer for WebProNews covering technology and business.