Feedster Rises From Dead, Kicks Technorati

    February 22, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

After Microsoft’s Robert Scoble instructed his blog readers to place the word “brrreeeport” on their own blogs to test the various blog engines, the blogosphere reacted quickly and Technorati was quick to toot its own horn as the winner. Feedster begs to differ and thinks Yahoo should kiss its…

As Feedster was late getting into the game due to server upgrades, they nearly missed their chance. Two days after the brrreeeport test, though, Technorati’s Dave Sifry didn’t miss a beat posting his search engine’s results score up against Google’s Blog Search.

“So I just wanted to keep y’all updated. Technorati: 422. Google Blog Search: 337,” wrote Sifry.

As Scoble had unintentionally directed everyone to Technorati while Feedster was sleeping, nobody really paid attention to how the recently controversial Feedster measured up (well, one guy mentioned it).

Feedster’s Alan Graham joined the horn-tooting, complete with screen shots and slide show that put Technorati way behind Google and both relatively far behind Feedster.

Graham’s final score (there were two) on February 18th: Feedster: 921; Google: 623; Technorati: 200 (reduced from 970).

“Yes, I’ve knocked Technorati down to 200,” writes Graham. “Although they state they have 970 posts, I can’t view beyond 200 results. If I can’t count them, I can’twellcount them.”

Yahoo, whose employee blogger Jeremy Zawadony coincidentally had predicted Feedster’s death in 2006, reported an abysmal 80 returns for brrreeeport, according to Graham.

Graham also gives a nice tutorial on duplicate results, result number fluctuations, servers and queries in his initial report. As of today, in the initial results, Feedster still reports more finds. Today’s score: Feedster: 1,455; Technorati: 1,178; Google: 893.

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