Feds Concerned About Airborne Cellphone Use

    May 27, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

They’re worried that allowing in-flight cellphone use could lead to a bomb detonation or a coordinated terrorist attack.

The Federal Communications Commission heard the opinions of several law enforcement agencies on Thursday about in-flight cellphone usage. The FBI, Homeland Security, and Justice all detailed potential problems, according to a Reuters report.

As cellphone users who fly already know, cellphones must be turned off before the plane takes off, and can’t be turned back on until after it lands. The FCC has proposed removing this rule, provided security concerns can be addressed.

Flight attendants have worries as well, citing the potential that cellphone usage could disrupt attempts to maintain order in an emergency. They also noted the potential for more air rage incidents stemming from their use.

The agencies have requested some measures be put into place should cellphone usage be allowed. They want wireless users to register their locations on a plane, and that law enforcement have fast access to caller identification data.

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